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  • Subtle Energy Healing: The Subtle Creates the Gross

    Energy is everything and everything is energy. Energy isn’t just this esoteric, intangible, theoretical concept. Energy exists along a spectrum from subtle to gross, that is intangible to tangible. We typically don’t think of tangible objects as energy, yet they are certainly energy. Your desk is energy, just as your thoughts are energy. While existing […]


  • Nervous System Love

    Sensitive Souls: Empaths, Intuitives, Clairs, Lightworkers, Highly Sensitive People These are terms used to describe a sliver of the population that is incredibly sensitive and tuned in, like little antennae. While they are all slightly different and many have spent lots of time debating them and then proudly adopting a label, for the sake of […]


  • Relationships + The Sensitive Soul

    Relationships As Cauldrons of Evolution Before we begin, for the purposes of this class, “relationships” refer to any relationship with others. Platonic, romantic, professional, and/or anything else. Relationships are truly divine gifts. Through others, we are able to develop a stronger sense of self. We can learn how we do not want to be, we […]


  • Your Four Bodies

    Let’s think of you as having four distinct, yet related bodies or layers. While many schools of thought, philosophies, and teachings get into even more layers and subtle nuances, let’s stick with the main four. These layers are all 100 percent inextricably linked and are interdependent. This means that whatever is happening for one, completely […]


  • Basic Energy Management For Stability and Healing

    Basic Energy Management For Stability + Healing

    Our energy is pretty much the main thing we have “control” over in our lives, and it influences everything. Our energy is our presence, our emotions, our behaviors, our choices, our thoughts, our physical health (or lack thereof), and so much more. Everything is energy, and energy is everything. The subtle is always creating the […]


  • The Mindset of Rest + Nervous System Care

    The Mindset of Rest + Nervous System Care

    Arguably every dis-ease the humxn experiences has its roots in, and/or is made worse by, stress. Stress, both long- and short-term, creates a whole range of impacts in the body – on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. The cascade of stress response hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and the like, surge, which increase […]


  • 3 Steps to Setting Boundaries

    Setting boundaries is a healthy, important part of being in relationship with ourselves and others. However, it’s not always easy for many of us. Some of us find ourselves avoiding it all together. Some of us find ourselves preparing for a battle that doesn’t happen because we think the other will meet us with hostility […]


  • “Normal” Doesn’t Mean Right + Freedom Through Cause & Effect

    There are many aspects of our culture today that we’ve normalized, however, just because something is “normal,” doesn’t mean it’s health-supporting or right for you. How to find out what is best for you? Stay tuned as we discuss the liberating and empowering principle of cause and effect, as well as a simple exercise for […]


  • The Energetics of Yoni Health

    Physical health challenges, especially those involving our yonis, are invitations to connect with ourselves and our bodies, rather than trying to fix them.


  • Empowering Womxn's Innate Wisdom

    Empowering Womxn’s Innate Wisdom

    Let’s empower women with options so they may hear their innate wisdom and trust their bodies in healing, birthing, and beyond.


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