Last updated on November 30th, 2021.

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Guiding you to align with Nature’s wisdom.


Ready to live a life of greater wholeness, ease, simplicity, magic, clarity, health, and joy – all in alignment with Nature’s wisdom?

InnerSpark’s sole purpose is to reconnect you with your Truest Self.

With a holistic, integrated approach, rooted in seasonal flow, self-awareness, trust of the body’s intelligence, and mastery of our subtle, sensitive energies, we can turn challenge into gifts, dis-ease into wellness, and create collective wholeness.

It begins within and Nature is our guide.

InnerSpark’s Offerings For You:

Whether it’s The InnerSpark Membership, private coaching and mentoring sessions with Devon, a flower essence from The Apothecary, The Frequency Quiz, The Self-Assessment Tool, or one of our free guided meditations or workshops, there’s something waiting to meet you.

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Work With Me

Holistic Life, Wellness, and Spirituality
Coaching + Consulting + Mentoring
For Highly Sensitive, Introverted Souls

Dear One, of this I know for certain: living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom is pretty much non-negotiable for us all – especially a highly sensitive soul.

Feeling nourished and supported, inspired and fulfilled, and seeing your “weirdness” as your best asset are all absolutely possible – and you deserve it all and more.

Ready to ground into something real, wild, and magical, reclaim your Truest Self, heal your body and life, have clarity around your next steps, and more?

As a Coach + Mentor, I am here to guide you in integrating and healing all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. My highest passion is holding space for and witnessing your remembrances, shifts, and awakenings as you tap into your own innate wisdom.

From there, anything is possible!

Frequency Activation Quiz

The Wheel of Frequencies represent the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother. We can see these mirrored to us literally through the seasons, yet these energies are so much more than that! They are within and around us at any given moment. They are guiding us, teaching us, and supporting us.

These are the members of your inner wisdom council.

Who’s calling to you right now? Take the quiz and find out!

Take the InnerSpark Self-Assessment

What do you envision for yourself, for your family, for the world? Do you actually believe in this vision’s ability to come into form? How are you aligning with this vision, so that each day you are taking the steps towards nourishment and wholeness?

I invite you to check out this self-assessment. This powerful exercise can help you get to know yourself in this moment, celebrate what’s working well, and feel into where you’d most like to go next.

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October 31, 2021-December 21, 2021 (The Death Doula Archetype): The Death Doula is all about completions and transmutations. They’re here to support you in releasing aspects of yourself and your life that have run their course and are no longer necessary. The Death Doula is intimately connected with the cycles of life-death-birth within and around us. What is ready to end and be surrendered? Partner with The Death Doula for guidance! Learn more about working with this frequency and receive support with the selections below.

The Apothecary


All items in The Apothecary are made with love just for you – the Sensitive Soul longing for a deeper connection with Nature’s wisdom!

Come explore our signature Flower Essences, The Frequency Collection, and more! It would be an honor to welcome you into the world of energetic plant medicine.

What are you experiencing at this time? What support is needed? There’s definitely a plant calling to you now.

InnerSpark Library

Library Logo

The InnerSpark Library is a collection of an entire lifetime of embodied experiences and educational pursuits lovingly distilled and curated for you.

There are various resources and teachings here to support you in living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom. With topics including ancestral healing, unraveling shame, developing fierce body trust, aligning with Nature and seasonal flow, shadow work, and more, come take a peek!



“I love Devon’s work in this world. She’s grounded, magically unique, and a centering pillar for us sensitive Souls. I felt incredibly nourished and clear after my coaching session with her. She creates a safe space to fully drop into what’s alive and asking for expression and a voice. I always feel very grounding in her presence and I highly recommend working with her.”



“Working with Devon is a wonderful experience. She is always 100% present during every interaction. Deep down we all know what we need, and Devon was always there to support and help me clearly see the things that my subconscious already knew. We need that person to help bring forward the beliefs, feelings, ideas that are hiding deep inside and Devon did that for me.”



“My biggest challenge when I began working with Devon was not knowing how to listen to my own body and feeling a lot of shame for being sensitive. After working with her, I have become mindful of my own needs and how I can tune in and give my body what it’s asking for without a feeling that there’s ‘something wrong with me’ or feeling guilty/worrying what others might think.

I’m accepting myself more and learning to work with and love my uniqueness.”



“With guidance and encouragement from Devon, I started to open up my world and explore who I really am. I have been going through what I like to call a ‘transitional phase,’ but kept getting stuck at the labels we are given, and indeed give ourselves. I made more progress in one week working with Devon than I have in 12 months. She is funny, honest, intuitive, inspirational and most importantly, motivational. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough. In a short time, she has become my sister, my friend and my go-to girl. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just want to learn, Devon is your girl.”



“I came to Devon with unresolved abandonment issues, emotional traumas, battered self-esteem, and feeling stuck in many areas (just the tip of the iceberg!). Our calls dealt with issues I knew I needed to tackle but also brought to light – thanks to Devon – pieces of the puzzle I wasn’t consciously aware of… Devon was not only my biggest cheerleader and supporter, she was genuinely as excited as I was when these breakthroughs occurred.”



“I am truly thankful for your guidance in showing me I am safe and I am worthy. That I matter. It has made so much of a difference for me. Just letting me know it’s okay to be me, with all my crazy thoughts and curiosities. I wished I would have known these things as a child, but now is better than never. So thank you. Thank you for teaching me tools and lessons and walking with me while I find me. I am grateful beyond words.”


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Dear One,
Thank you for visiting. I hope you’ve felt that magical stirring within beckoning you back to Nature – the source of your intuition, wisdom, and power. Back to your Truest Self. Don’t let this be the end of it. Follow that stirring, heed the call, and continue the journey with me.
All my Love,

About Devon Ray Battaglia

I’m as sensitive, intuitive, and empathic as they come and I’ve always felt deeply flawed because of it. For much of my life, I was completely afraid of and resented my innate spiral essence, my power.

Shame dictated the show and I was completely disconnected from my authentic self. I was traumatized, anxious, and doing everything I could to stay numbed.

I realized that my spiral essence, The Mother, the divine feminine force I craved had never actually left and all that I actually needed was to resurrect my awareness of it all through repairing my relationship with my own sense of containment and my inner authority through devoted discipline.

The truth is, our subtle nature is a superpower and our sensitivity is a gift. They enhance our experience of life, while also providing our unique way to be of service in the world. I am deeply passionate about cultivating the tools necessary to live authentically, vibrantly, and shamelessly as a Sensitive Soul – and sharing them with you.

I am on a mission to guide you in aligning with Nature’s wisdom, to live a life of greater wholeness, ease, simplicity, magic, clarity, health, and joy as your Truest Self!

Let’s do this.

Connect with me through social media, email, or my podcast, Subtle Medicine!