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About InnerSpark

Your InnerSpark is the place within yourself that is your true, shame-free nature. The part of yourself that trusts your body’s intelligence, sources guidance from their emotions, is in a collaborative, harmonious relationship with their mind, is grounded into Nature and seasonal flow, is an empowered self-healer looking within for their answers, and consistently turns challenges into gifts.

When living from your InnerSpark, there’s a sense of confidence, safety, belonging, contentment, and joy from within. There’s greater resilience, regulation, and adaptability in your nervous system. There are healthy relationships, clear boundaries, a connection to your values, and ability to use your voice, and most of all: a great acceptance and even love of your deep-feeling, sensitive ways.

We must learn to live from our InnerSpark in order to navigate the world with confidence, safety, belonging, contentment, and joy.

In today’s world, much of the discontent and challenge we experience, especially as sensitive, deep-feelers, stems from a disconnection from this InnerSpark. And, this severance largely stems from Feminine Shame.

Since our inception in 2015, InnerSpark’s sole/soul mission has been simple, yet profound and permeating. We exist to empower sensitive, deep-feelers truly THRIVE so they may share their beautiful, heart-centered wisdom with a world in need. We exist to empower sensitive, deep-feelers to uproot and heal Feminine Shame and the many hidden, insidious ways it presents itself individually (regardless of gender identification or anatomy) and collectively.

InnerSpark’s holistic, trauma-informed system teaches sensitive, deep-feelers how to truly thrive in body, mind, and spirit for life by establishing a solid, sustainable, resilience-building lifestyle and identifying and confronting the Feminine Shame that stands in the way of doing that very vital thing.

This is done through resurrecting our collective awareness of and reverence for The Mother, the sacred Spiral Principle of existence. Through repairing our relationship with our inner containment, inner authority, and sense of devotional discipline, we may re-learn how to lovingly hold the most tender parts of ourselves hiding in the shadows of shame.

Sensitive, deep-feeling women are untapped sources of wisdom, guidance, and power who have been suppressed, oppressed, and shamed for far too long. At this pivotal turning point in humankind, they are needed more than EVER as the heart-centered, empathic, wise ones to midwife this collective rebirth.



Frequently Asked Questions About Feminine Shame

What is Feminine Shame:
InnerSpark defines Feminine Shame as an intense and deeply held resistance, aversion, resentment, and fear towards anything that is soft, transient, cyclical, fluid, passive, nurturing, intuitive, an/or emotional in nature.
It is a shame towards that which is natural in a world attempting to get us on board with what's "normal."
This learned disconnection leads us into a perpetual state of “not enough.” We feel wrong, bad, unworthy, fundamentally flawed just for existing. As a species, we’ve lost our taproot and have learned that it’s better to ignore the innate naturalness of our being, unless we wish to open ourselves to scrutiny, judgement, and more shame. What we’ve learned and emulated across many generations now, largely due to Puritanical programming, isn’t “natural,” although we’ve come to certainly view it as “normal.”
Living with Feminine Shame is a constant fight between natural and normal and an internalization that there’s something wrong with us. We are disconnected from our InnerSpark and continually seek cues and validation externally. This compartmentalized way of life makes everything harder and wreaks havoc on us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and contributes to dis-ease on a massive scale.

Why Does Feminine Shame Exist:
The root cause of feminine shame is in the programs that have taught us to shun our naturalness and to view it as wrong, bad, sinful. Since so much of our world in its natural state is meant to encompass these qualities (our physical bodies, the cycles of the Earth, the stages of life, growth, and aging, and more), it’s an unfortunate truth that we’ll all experience this feminine shame at some point our lives to varying degrees. Always striving to fit into a rigid, external measure of “normal,” willing ourselves to continue the quest when what would truly bring us back to wholeness is embracing our natural state and our Spirally essence.

Who Does Feminine Shame Impact:
Feminine Shame impacts everyone – regardless of gender or physical anatomy. It’s an abstract, permeating concept that mostly refers to shame towards that which is natural and has virtually nothing to do with gender or anatomy. While womxn do tend to experience it more directly, as a species, we’ve undoubtedly come to a place where the essence of “feminine,” or the Spiral Principle is not held with high regard. We are all impacted, as is our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and the health of our planet.

How Do We Heal Feminine Shame:
We heal Feminine Shame intentionally, compassionately, gently, and lovingly. We do so by embracing what’s natural and letting go of what’s been deemed “normal.” We heal Feminine Shame through befriending the body, managing our energy system (with resources like InnerSpark’s Energy Management Tools), connecting with our emotions, aligning with Nature’s wisdom and rhythms. We do so by reconnecting with ourselves, our InnerSpark, to see the parts of ourselves riddled with shame. We do so in community where we allow ourselves to be seen and witness each other. We come back to a state of reverent balance and holistic living and thriving.

InnerSpark’s Sacred Intentions:

First and foremost, we aim to disrupt the current, and often toxic, self-help paradigm and new age spirituality that leans towards codependency, hierarchies, and a belief that you must somehow be “fixed” through some external means.

  • To offer trauma-informed programs, coaching and mentoring that are agenda-less, empowering, grounded, and inclusive. Our communities and individual containers are rooted in love and respect of your autonomy, brilliance, wholeness, and capabilities.
  • While we believe in traversing our shadows, visiting other realms of consciousness, and consulting Spirit, we also believe in directly tending to the physical world and doing our part in ensuring it is one of justice, equality, and love. No spiritual bypassing here because what’s the point of spirituality and “downloads” if you’re not doing something with them?
  • To support you in living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom and seasonal and cosmic flow for optimal wellness, vitality, and planetary healing. Through this, we can remember the long-forgotten, yet desperately needed old ways of Earth-centered living.
  • We believe in identifying and shifting internal systems of oppression so that we may be better equipped to confront external, systemic ones. Through facilitating you in identifying and embodying your own values, you’ll live your unique flavor of sacred activism.
  • To promote deeper inner listening, body trust, and the use of one’s own innate wisdom and internal compass to no longer outsource your power, safety, or permission. As you trust yourself more fully, you’ll remember and harness the magic of your sensitivity to stop the endless quest for “healing” or “fixing” yourself.
  • To support you in coming into conscious relationship with all parts of yourself, integrating and befriending all parts to create greater harmony, acceptance, and wholeness – individually and collectively.

Are you DONE with the constant burnout, anxiety, overthinking, and health challenges?

It’s not because you’re “too sensitive” or need to “toughen up.” Let me teach you the actual twofold ROOT cause of these challenges and how to overcome them so you may confidently, joyfully, and shamelessly thrive in body, mind, and spirit – for life – with The InnerSpark Method.

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