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Energetic Maintenance for the Sensitive Soul

Energetic Maintenance

Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

When it comes to those of us that identify as empaths, lightworkers, Highly Sensitive People, and the like, intentional, meaningful self-care and energetic maintenance is simply non-negotiable.

A strong nervous system is the foundation upon which a nourishing life, radiant health, emotional fluidity, fulfilling relationships, and inner peace are built.

Sensitive Souls, Empaths, Intuitives, Clairs, Lightworkers, Highly Sensitive People

These are terms used to describe a sliver of the population that is incredibly sensitive and tuned in, like little antennae.  While they are all slightly different and many have spent lots of time debating them and then proudly adopting a label, for the sake of simplicity, there’s something all of these people have in common and that’s a delicate nervous system that is more easily impacted by the effects of stress and trauma than others.  This makes it imperative for their physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health to love on their systems like it’s their job.

Stress & The Nervous System

Stress and trauma are compounding.  Think of a bucket collecting water droplets from a leak.  It can take a little bit for a really, really long time until finally, it’s full and it begins to leak.

Stress and trauma, when left to lay in our system and create stagnation, end up serving as the root of any dis-ease we experience in our physical lives.  This is what I refer to as the “Subtle creating the gross.”  Many of the sensitives, and I use that as kind of an umbrella term for this group of people, developed these abilities as a result of enduring trauma.

But let me back up quick, we ALL have these abilities to some degree.  For those of us who have been through trauma, particularly in the childhood years when we’re still quite open to our abilities, we really hone in on these skills and take them with us into adulthood.

The shadow side of this is when we continue to use these abilities out of the fear and hyper-vigilance we used them for during childhood, rather than putting them to use elsewhere and transmuting this trauma and the residual impacts thereof, as discussed in Why Letting Go is BS. This way of being is also the hallmark of a lightworker and serves as the way to come into right relationship with your power.

Self-Care, Grounding, & Energetic Maintenance for the Sensitive

Many people who fall into this sensitive category aren’t even aware of this part of themselves.  They shun it and feel ashamed of their perceived differences and “weirdness.”  Once we become aware of how special we are and how these are all sacred gifts, we can begin to take the power back, reclaim ourselves, and get out of this state of chaos, fatigue, anxiety, and the like that is nothing more than a worn-out nervous system that is running energy improperly.

Like I said, these gifts have become shadows in many who aren’t yet consciously aware of them or are just coming to terms with their authentic selves under layers of trauma.When these gifts are used as gifts and not as survival mechanisms, nervous systems relax, many health problems disappear, physical bodies change, relationships improve, and work and purpose become clearer.  It’s like someone turning the lights on for the first time!

Once engaged fully on the path of higher consciousness and healing, more stability and self-soothing is required as the system unwinds and arrives.  Ever notice how the “healing crises” occur after the threat?  Like, when I quit drinking, that’s when the work actually began!  Quitting drinking was easy – just don’t drink.  It’s what’s underneath it all when we finally decide to look. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming “more sensitive”
– you’re finally allowing your authentic essence to live in truth.

HSPs, empaths, lightworkers, anyone dedicated to this level of consciousness and internal wilderness backpacking requires extra self-care, self-love, and gentleness.  Many sensitives actually have a variety of physical health problems as a result of living with a misuse of power and improperly running energy.  Specifically, things like chronic fatigue, chronic pain, adrenal problems, thyroid issueshormonal imbalances, insomnia, many environmental and food allergies and sensitivities, and more. Supporting the physical body while working with the energetics is crucial, however, physical healing CAN happen.

The Best Resources for Sensitive Souls

  • Safeguard your senses
    • What is your most sensitive sense? This may be how your intuition speaks to you, as well.  How are you nourishing and protecting it?  For me, it’s eyes and ears.  I detest screens after so many hours and I wear protective ear muffs while I am trying to concentrate.  Get past the “weirdness” and honor your needs. Check out this class on Sensorial Nourishment.
  • Daily rituals and routines
  • Nature daily
    • You are Nature.  Nature is you.  Reconnect, remember, reclaim, and allow the elements to reconfigure what’s out whack within. Check out this post for your ultimate connection to Nature.
  • Flower Essences & Oils & all the plant medicines
  • Yoga
    • Yoga has been simply life-changing for me.  I’ve been a practitioner of yoga for the better part of two decades and have taught it, loved it, and practiced it with many beautiful souls.
  • Ample alone time
    • Most sensitives are introverted, which means they recharge and replenish alone, as opposed to in a crowd.  Many extroverts are the opposite.  Honor wherever you are on the spectrum and release the need to feel like you “have to show up” or that taking alone time is “selfish” or “anti-social.”  Trust me, your loved ones would rather a stable, whole you than the inauthentic, frazzled version.
  • Lay on the ground
    • Seriously.  Nothing “fancy” or elaborate is needed.  Simply lay on the Earth, inside or outside, and feel your physical body being supported.  Allow yourself to melt and receive.  Earthing and grounding are beautiful practices, too.  Here’s an article I wrote.

The over-extension of a strength becomes a weakness. 

Where are you out of alignment with your gifts and your power?  Where have they become worn out and used in a way that is causing dis-ease?  How can you soften into the other side of this gift through allowing your nervous system to unwind? 

When our nervous system is allowed to unwind, we are able to finally see things clearly and to come into a felt understanding (as opposed to an intellectual one).  When the body is on board, the changes we desire may be received with ease.

Practice some or all of these resources, see what resonates, and allow your gifts to be your strengths.

December 21, 2021 – February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It’s a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

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