The Magic of the Solstices: The Void/Blacksmith Axis

On InnerSpark’s Wheel of The Mother, the Solstices are represented by The Void Archetype at winter and The Blacksmith Archetype at summer. This axis is one of polar opposites, yet truly two sides of the same coin that are interdependent.

The Solstices, which occur twice each year, are times of immense power and opportunity as the sun shifts into its time of waxing or waning. These are times of transitioning into opposite energies – either of hope, renewal, growth, and relief, or of deceleration, farewells, decay, and resting.

The sun is our life-giving force here on Earth. It’s stable, fixed, predictable, relatively unchanging, and represents The Triangle Principle. At the solstices, we take time to truly honor the sun’s presence in our life – within and around us, metaphorically and literally.

The Solstices

These Solstices occur twice per year with Winter Solstice occurring around December 21-ish and Summer Solstice occurring around June 21-ish. I say “ish,” because it’s right around there; it’s an astronomical event, not so much a calendar event. These seasonal shifts are aligned with cosmic flow. And so, they’re always going to be just a little bit different.

This axis of the solstices represents a tip in the scales. Where the equinoxes bring a literal momentary event of cosmic balance between light and dark before the light waxes (at spring) or wanes (at autumn), the solstices mark the completion of that waxing or waning by honoring the sun’s journey into its most exalted or most reduced state.

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The Void Archetype

At Winter Solstice, we move into The Void. This is the time of the sun’s great rebirth and as the saying goes, “it’s always darkest before the dawn.” Life force energy is low. Nights are long and dark. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. The late autumn period of The Death Doula tends to be challenging for many as we are invited to be with the shadows, notions of mortality and death, and more silence and stillness than our culture honors anymore.

While things are dark, this time of Winter Solstice brings the rebirth of the sun and with it hope, renewal, growth, and relief. It’s a time of resting and trusting in the light to come. We find solace in the Great Cosmic Womb that is The Void and turn to The Mother.

The Blacksmith Archetype

At Summer Solstice, we move into The Blacksmith Archetype. This is the time that the sun reaches is zenith. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. Life force energy and light are abundant. There’s more clarity and focus and zest, which is the perfect vibe for The Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith Archetype is all about us finessing and fine-tuning ourselves with detail and precision. It’s about us forging our own paths and taking an honest look at how we use our precious life force energy for ourselves – AND the collective. As the sun selflessly gives of its light so we may thrive on Earth, we, too, are asked to reassess the use of our own light, our own internal fire.

Honor the Solstices

As with every seasonal junction, it’s so important to pause to notice and honor what’s alive for you. Realigning with Nature’s wisdom is the way towards optimal living and thriving on all levels. Whether taking time for a full ritual or simply sitting with yourself for five minutes, begin to track these seasonal points and notice the results in your life.

At the Winter Solstice, working with The Void is ideal. How to honor the Winter Solstice? Taking time to pause, rest, restore, replenish through meditation, breathwork, restorative or yin yoga. Have a fire ceremony to honor the return of the light and feed the fire with what you no longer with to take with you in the next cycle.

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At Summer Solstice, working with The Blacksmith can be quite revealing. How to honor the Summer Solstice? Take time to reassess your use of your precious vital life force energy. Are you in alignment with your own values? Are there places and opportunities for you to finesse aspects of your personality, to release the ego’s stronghold anywhere? Reflect on what’s transpired since Winter Solstice and where you’d like to go next.  

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Aligning with Nature’s wisdom is non-negotiable for us all. This is one of the pathways towards healing Feminine Shame.

It’s time to return to more Earth-based, gentler ways of living and relating with ourselves, each other, and the planet. How is this practice going for you? What feels rewarding about it? What feels challenging about it?

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