Living in Alignment with Nature’s Wisdom: The Wheel of The Mother

The eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother, as mirrored to us through the seasons here on Earth, provide us with a map to guide our steps. They are the members of our inner wisdom council.

How to Heal Feminine Shame? Align With Nature.

InnerSpark’s unique, holistic approach to Seasonal Living supports us in re-establishing our innate alignment with Nature’s wisdom and spiral. Through tending our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with food and lifestyle practices, archetypes of The Mother as outlined on InnerSpark’s Wheel, emotional and mental tendencies during the year, and more, we find greater ease and permission to flow and not feel like we must be automatons.

Through aligning with Nature’s wisdom we also heal Feminine Shame and The Mother Wound through connecting with the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother to awaken Her within ourselves for some much-needed intense self-nurturing, which ripples into the collective.

Living In The Flow

Living in alignment with seasonal and cosmic flow is so much more than changing your wardrobe, noticing the moon is full, griping about the cold or the heat, or enjoying seasonal eats.

These literal manifestations of what we’ve come to know as “seasons” are simply tangible expressions of subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes of The Mother.

We can look to the current external season and notice the impulses that it’s creating within us. Each of the eight segments has its own flavor and invitation and can be a great place to begin and to guide us on our next steps.

These seasons exist on a spiral – as does everything in our experience. This spiral is ancient and continues to turn within, around, through, above, under, over, into, out of us forever and ever. These subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes are here to guide us. We aren’t stagnant creatures. Our souls incarnated to experience, feel, and grow.

Honoring The Spiral to Heal Ourselves + The Collective

In our modern world, we try our best to sustain a high level of output and doing; we resist change and we resist periods of rejuvenation. We demand so much from ourselves and from the Earth and simultaneously we’re witnessing the rapid decline in our health and that of the environment’s.

This is an unnatural way of living that is a willful disregard of the spiral essence of life. This way of living is also a gross misuse and abuse of our sacred triangle essence, which is our ability to contain, create structure, and hold space.

We’re severely misaligned and it’s reaching a breaking point.

What’s needed, what has always been needed, is to resurrect our awareness of the spiral essence of our existence through repairing our relationship with our inner triangle. This is done through redirecting our triangle essence, that is space holding, containment, structure, towards devotion for the spiral.

Check out the Feminine Shame class here to learn more and have a guided, embodied experience to unravel the legacy of Feminine Shame living in us all.

We hold space for the spiral and become utterly devoted to it. The spiral is life. It’s the cycles of life, the literal and energetic seasons, the physical body, our emotions – all of life in its most pure, raw, wild expression.

Journeying intentionally with the seasons, the many emanations of The Mother, and with the cosmos is the way to remember our innate wholeness and sovereignty. These energies provide us with a framework we can apply to any and all facets of our lives, from physical healing to relationships, to unraveling trauma, shame, and codependency. These are applicable to literally everything, everyone, at every time whatever you are experiencing, creating, healing, etc. These are the primal rhythms that animate us! Imagine if we consciously and intentionally engaged with these energies. This is our power.

We didn’t come here to do, force, and live pleasure-less lives. Nothing else in nature forces or struggles or wreaks havoc on itself as much as we do. There’s an allowance, an awareness, an agreement, a sheer unwavering presence and flow. THIS is our path, too.

The InnerSpark Method and Wheel breaks down these eight archetypes, as well as other correspondences such as with the chakras, sounds, breath parts, crystals, the associated tasks/initiations, the times of day, planetary influences, affirmations, and much more to really awaken your cellular knowing and remembrance.

Let’s go over these eight archetypes and we’ll use the Wheel of the Year here as a familiar entry point:

Yule (Winter Solstice) finds us in The Void. We are formless after our death at Samhain. We are in-between worlds and have been ushered across the veils where we receive repairs, restorations, rejuvenations before being birthed through the cosmos once more.

Reflections: Do you allow deep restoration? Do you trust that endings are actually beginnings? Do you believe the Universe/Source has your back?

“I am formless and fully surrendered, awaiting vision + direction. In the great cosmic void, the womb-tomb, the in-between, I rest and take refuge. I receive repairs, mending, healing, wholeness, resiliency, my inner reserves are refilled.”

Imbolc (Groundhog Day) moves through as the Cosmic Child. We are being birthed through the cosmos once more. We are going from formlessness back into form. From almost a grinding hault, we are being slowly animated and breathed new life into.

Reflections: Do you trust your next steps? Do you feel worthy of embodying your next iterations and evolutions? Can you surrender to a new form and co-create with the Universe/Source?

“I am the Cosmic Child. I reactivate and reemerge after my time of stillness and rejuvenation. As I reemerge, powerful codes are remembered and recognized and I am one with creation as my next iteration and journey around the sacred spiral takes form. I am safe in my body. It is safe for me to take form and create containment.”

Spring finds us new and fresh; we are The Student or The Initiate. We are fully aware of our personal will and are feeling into what new codes and directions have been received from the Divine. We begin the process of learning, creating, and merging our will with Divine will.

Reflections: How does it feel to be a student, a beginner? Do you trust Divine Will? Do you trust your own personal will?

“I am learning, new, and coalescing. I trust I am provided for and that it is safe to be here, receive, be seen, and enjoy. I initiate the process by the power of my presence and my I AM.”

Beltane (May Day) is The Lover. The fire of our passions, of being alive, of inner union, and we become one with the orgasmic current of life flowing through us.

Call upon The Lover in times of relating with others and self, alchemy, self-love journeys, releasing and healing sexual shame and trauma, creating new ways of living/loving/being/doing in the world, and more.

Reflections: How connected am I to my sexuality? Can I harness and channel my sexual life force into every facet of my life and my creations? Am I being the kind of lover to myself I most deserve?

“I embrace my innocence, my natural erotic essence, and shamelessly receive the pleasure and joy that are my birthright. I am eros and embrace fully the sweet orgasmic current of life and its full spectrum. My curiosity, innocence, and tenderness guide my explorations and evolution along my spiral journey.”

Summer brings The Blacksmith, forging, creating, channeling our will with ferocity and discipline to create, express, alchemize. Our passion and devotion are fully alive and we are allowing ourselves to begin to see outside of our immediate needs or pleasures into the bigger picture. It’s that kind of spiritual stamina and grit that continues to pursue Truth and shed away impurities.

Reflections: How do you use your sacred discipline? Do you allow yourself to go “all in” or do you give up on yourself easily? Do you allow yourself to receive energy from the Soul/Sol/Sun/Son?

“I am form and matter creator and shapeshifter. I am a conscious, active participant as I merge personal will and divine will through my sacred body. I engage in magic and alchemy through my consciousness, focus, and forging of my path.”

Lammas brings The Sacred Activist. At this time, we become very aware of the whole, seeing ourselves as more than our physical experiences, valuing intangibles, and abstract, esoteric concepts outside of our realm of experiencing or understanding. We have come to a place where we can no longer accept what isn’t serving the greatest good of all. We’re open to new ways of experiencing life, wholeness, service, and legacy. At Imbolc, we were legacy, as the cosmic child. At Lammas, we are creating the legacy.

Reflections: What am I passionate about creating and bettering? What legacy am I creating and leaving behind? Am I open to embracing new and different experiences and concepts that may contradict what I’ve been taught or have previously believed? Am I open to embodying my Queen/King/Royalty and birthing new legacies and paradigms?

“I receive the gifts of my labor so I may uplift all into their sovereignty. My service is in devotion and I sacrifice my ego’s need for all I perceived as comfortable for the greater good. My solar aspect reigns supreme as they who forges new paths, births new paradigms and rules benevolently with the fortitude to create a new, rather than upholding existing ‘legacies’ and outdated paradigms. They who forges new paths, finds new ways, remembers themself as whole and sovereign so that others may do the same all rooted in love, devotion, inclusion, celebration, honoring.”

Mabon (Fall) sees us as The High Priestesses. We have come to truly embody a skill, an art and can now teach this and pass it on. Our work and efforts become for the greater good of all. The fruits of our labor have made themselves known, and we graciously offer it to others. The shadow side can be feeling greedy or a sense of entitlement and not seeing yourself as part of the whole and that you’ve never acted alone. It’s an embodiment of the Mother.

Reflections: What’s my relationship with The Mother, my mother, and myself as mother (with or without humxn offspring)? Am I able to openly, without resentment or strings attached, share the fruits of my labor with others? Does an attachment to results, a sense of entitlement, or a feeling of fear prevent me from knowing myself as sovereign?

“I sacrifice my life force energy for the betterment of all to create legacy and lasting service and impact. My creativity serves as an avenue towards remembering the Way of Love, to seed future spirals of devotion, love, service, ease, grace, peace, and the like. The seeds for the future are in the living and so long as there’s still life force energy available to this iteration, so there shall be the intention of guiding and teaching.”

Samhain (Halloween) gives way to The Death Doulas. We’ve reached the end of something; something (a situation, a relationship, a version of ourselves, a project, etc.) has come to a point of completion and we must allow this energetic thing/entity to continue onto its next iteration – we must allow the energy transfer to take place. We are giving death to something with gratitude and reverence.

Reflections: Do I fear death? What’s my relationship with death and dying? What’s my experience with allowing things to come to their natural completions and surrendering to the ending process?

“I release fully into the sweet orgasmic current of death, giving what’s no longer needed and emptying so I may fill once more in the seasons to come. For now, I release this iteration and all attachments thereto and prepare to deeply rest in the void and to receive. My work, for now, is complete.”

When you are experiencing a situation that calls for embodying a particular archetype, remember that there’s always AMAZING medicine at its polar opposite that can influence and direct what’s needed now. While we are entering into Lammas, for example, the Sacred Activist, we can look across the circle at Imbolc, the cosmic child, for additional clarity and insight. We’re ALWAYS holding both poles – just as the Earth is in her two hemispheres.

What’s your experience with Seasonal Living? How has it supported your journey in healing Feminine Shame?

The InnerSpark Method

Timeless Wisdom to become Naturally Resilient

Transform life's storms and cultivate peace, resilience, and vitality with Nature's wisdom.

Dive deep into nature’s rhythms, unraveling from the complexities and strains of modern life, and align yourself with the ebb and flow that has sustained life for millennia.

Drawing from nature, our eternal mentor, we glean lessons of steadfastness, flow, and unity.

But as the digital age surges forward, our intimate connection to these timeless rhythms is diminishing, causing our physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual well being to teeter.

The InnerSpark Method bridges that gap, guiding you back to your innate resilience and rhythm, reigniting your zest for life and sense of purpose.

Come discover a whole-person, trauma-informed system of Nature's self-care to rekindle natural cadences across all dimensions of your being -  whether it's the physicality of daily routines, the depths of emotional resilience, the realms of mental clarity, the vibrations of energy, the art of relationships, or the ethereal world of spirituality.

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