Why Flower Essences?

What Are “Flower Essences”?

When I first heard of Flower Essences, I thought someone was using a different name for Essential Oils that I hadn’t heard before.  I then thought that the use of this provocative name for Essential Oils meant that the person was part of some MLM and I was about to get a sales pitch to join their diamond sales team or something.

Essence Bottle

Oh buddy, was I wrong.  Flower Essences have changed my life in so many ways and on so many levels!

Flower Essences are a form of energetic healing and a physical representation of working with Plant Spirit Medicine.  Before I lose some of you to eye rolls and skepticism, let me explain.

Flower Essences are made from living plants and the vibrational signature or code of the plant is stored in water1 and a preservative of brandy or apple cider vinegar. Flower Essences are an energetic healing modality, meaning that there is no plant matter in formulas, making them safe for everyone with no side effects or contraindications.  They are able to be stored indefinitely, never losing the potency of the plant’s imprint.

In simplest terms, Flower Essences are energetic herbalism. In the way that ingesting a plant works on your physical body, the essence of the plant works on your energetic, emotional, and mental levels.


How Do Flower Essences Work?

Each plant has its own signature and its own purpose and medicine that it offers.  Simply because it doesn’t speak to you in the way that a fellow human does, doesn’t mean it’s not speaking.  The way an herb interacts with the body upon ingestion is a form of communication, so why wouldn’t the way an essence interacts with your intangible systems be a form of communication, as well?

Every living thing has its own particular flavor thanks to its essence, Spirit, Soul, whatever you choose to call it.  Everything on this planet is made of the same materials.  So, you and your dog, you and a rose, you and the carrot, have way more in common than you may realize.  That being said, from a purely energetic level, each of these things are here to support a Universal balance and offer guidance and healing to one another – flower and person and animal alike.  This is where Plant Spirit Medicine and Flower Essences come into play.

You are energy and everything that has ever happened to you in your life is also stored in your body2.  When this energy is flowing smoothly, all of your systems, from the subtle and intangible to the physical, flow smoothly and with ease.  When this energy is stagnant or blocked, dis-ease on some level sets in, whether its physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Passion Flower

How Can They Support You?

While taking Flower Essences for symptoms such as occasional anxiety, for example, won’t hurt, working with an objective, passionate, and trained Flower Essence practitioner helps you get to the root of the anxiety so that you may rid yourself of it entirely.  Through gathering pertinent information about you, your struggles, your desires, etc. a custom essence blend is able to be channeled to support you bridging the gap between where you are and where you most desire to be.

Through a process that works very closely with the chakras (and if that’s too esoteric for you, the widely socially and scholastically accepted “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” is basically a rip off of the ancient system) includes peeling layers away to leave you more grounded, empowered, and in your Truth.

Every single thing, alive or inanimate, is energy.  Each creation of physical matter is the result of an unfathomable number of atoms vibrating together at a certain frequency.  They happily buzz and hum along to create a carrot, a table, a human, a pillow, and literally everything else in this physical plane.  But what dictates whether or not these tiny particles come together to form the aforementioned?

Flower Essences are ideal for helping us to shift old, outdated, and undesirable imprints, habits, or beliefs that keep us feeling stuck, frustrated, or unwell. They’ve supported people trying to make lifestyle changes, during stressful crises, to overcome fears, to deepen their connection with their intuition or the Divine, and even when physical dis-ease has manifested, as often times this signals an imbalance or blockage in the energetic, emotional, or mental levels of our being.

Why Use Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are gentle, yet powerful! They work with you to stabilize your system so that you can begin to consciously identify those subconscious patterns. From there, you’re able to rewire your mindset and your system bringing balance, vitality, clarity, greater fulfillment, improved relationships, and much more!  Some people report quick and profound changes, while others notice a subtler shift.

Flower Essences work gently and a formula, typically containing five separate essences, is custom blended for a person and three drops are generally taken three times per day for a month from a glass amber dropper bottle. In my unique approach to healing, I guide clients toward achieving Whole Being Nourishment through a combination of customized flower essence therapy, energy healing, specific rituals and practices, holistic nutrition and lifestyle counsel and coaching, and creativity and embodiment practices. The results are pure magic as they experience sustainable change and begin embodying their ideal versions of themselves from the inside out!

Plant Spirit Medicine has been used by indigenous people for millennia and as we venture further and further away from our literal roots and turn a blind eye to the basic Truth that we are of the Earth, there’s a resurgence of using such potent healing modalities for a return to wholeness and simplicity.

  1. Those doubting water’s ability to hold onto energetic frequencies should take a look at this awesome work by Dr. Emoto or watch this short video.
  2. This theory is referred to as, “Tissue Memory” or “Cellular Memory” and is fascinating. This case study provides insight and for a real scientific take on it, read this.

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