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Why Flower Essences? Part II

Why Essences Part Two

Last updated on February 26th, 2021.

In Why Flower Essences? I presented an overview of this form of Plant Spirit Medicine and now, I’d like to dive more deeply into the energetics.

Flower Essences stabilize our systems on the “etheric” levels – or the emotional and energetic levels (everything is energy, after all) and once stabilized, we’re able to finally see and deal with those things that have been taking up space and dictating our lives.  All of these stories (or “wounds” as I call them) dictate our realities – we literally live from this place and all of our beliefs, actions, decisions, reactions, etc. stem from this wound.  After time, this takes its toll on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  In addition, whether we readily admit it or not, we’ve created our entire lives around these wounds.

Living from the wound affects our physiology.  When you’re “tense” or “stressed” you may experience a tension headache, stiffness in the shoulders or knots because we carry ourselves differently in this state.

The wound creates a subconscious level of stress and we feel some level of threat when we’re attacking ourselves, thus creating a change in our physiology and body chemistry.  Stress is created through living out of the wound because we are unable to adapt to our environment, our bodies are playing catch up with their usual daily duties to compensate for all the extra stress hormones being pumped through our system.  When the physiology is affected, physical dysfunction manifests from the simple ache to overtime and with excess burden, bigger, more life altering/impacting dis-ease.  The ability to optimally digest foods and thus derive all the nutrients needed to propel proper biochemical function for everything from nail growth to hormone production and more.  The cycle is truly vicious.

Stress can be in the form of many, many things and it’s all the same to the body and wears on it tremendously.  However, our ability to adapt to and manage life’s stressors is made even more difficult when we hold onto beliefs, habits, etc. that perpetuate the behaviors that stress us out in the first place – whether it’s our inability to adopt a more health supportive diet when the one we are on hurts and stresses our digestive system, or its maintaining a positive outlook and spiritual practice, or its having a friendly inner dialogue rather than one that is just plain cruel and unusual, etc.  These things over time insidiously wear our bodies down and then voila, disease manifests.

Rather than us seeking the fix through pills, herbs, supplements, etc. we MUST bravely address the root cause of our internal landscape that contributed to the dysfunction in the first place.  THIS is where flower essences come into play.  AND, YES, seek the physical body support through said pills, herbs, supplements, etc., they’re just often not going to “fix” everything all the way, but will certainly enhance our efforts in the process.

Typically speaking, people with certain physical conditions usually have the same energetic/emotional/mental characteristics.  So, someone with adrenal fatigue, for example, is usually a type A, leader, has difficulty slowing down, having fun, and nurturing themselves, is on high alert, has a scarcity mentality, is in “fight or flight”/survival mode more than in chill mode, is running from something, etc. and these may be mostly subconscious patterns that they’ve just rolled with for decades and aren’t fully even aware of!  I wrote more about this here.

So, long story short, until the conditions within on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels are addressed and shifted, the physical body will continually be in a state of trying to heal itself while playing catch up with its regular, daily duties creating a backlog wherein disease is even more susceptible to manifesting.  Flower Essences help us to get to the root, process it, clear it out, shift our vibration and energy, and create a more hospitable home for our spirit/soul/essence/whatever word you choose to embody.  When we’re ungrounded, fearful, running old patterns or beliefs, holding onto unprocessed emotions in our bodies, etc. our spirit doesn’t feel safe, so we’re half in, so to speak, and not fully animating our vessels making them less “vital” and more likely to breakdown.

The vibrations/energy of our imprints create the compulsion to act in such a way that creates dis-ease.  The essences/EMF of the plant come into stabilize our system and wounds so the toxicity can be removed through shifting old beliefs and emotional attachments.

Soul enters at the root and builds from there as we go through the various stages of life.  Initial difficulty/trauma gets lodged in body, becomes wound, becomes the lens through which we operate and a habitual pattern, stagnant energy ensues, chronic pattern becomes our body armor, manifests as self fulfilling prophecy all around us in our life.  Traumas at various ages and stages can end up depleting some systems, creating excess/over-compensatory energy in others, and yield general imbalance that will manifest on the physical level.

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December 21, 2021 – February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It’s a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

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