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  • Relationships + The Sensitive Soul

    Relationships As Cauldrons of Evolution Before we begin, for the purposes of this class, “relationships” refer to any relationship with others. Platonic, romantic, professional, and/or anything else. Relationships are truly divine gifts. Through others, we are able to develop a stronger sense of self. We can learn how we do not want to be, we […]


  • 3 Steps to Setting Boundaries

    Setting boundaries is a healthy, important part of being in relationship with ourselves and others. However, it’s not always easy for many of us. Some of us find ourselves avoiding it all together. Some of us find ourselves preparing for a battle that doesn’t happen because we think the other will meet us with hostility […]


  • Relationships as Mirrors

    Relationships as Mirrors

    Relationships are the most powerful vehicle for awakening and transformation we have available to us.


  • Shadow Work Explained

    Shadow Work Explained

    Shadow Work is a process which allows us to access deep joy, purpose, and healing through our challenges and wounds.