When it’s Hard to be Still – Do This Instead

It’s virtually impossible to go from a hyper-aroused state, feeling overwhelmed and anxious to being completely still, yet many of us are trying to do just that…

Stillness can be a wonderful goal, however, when trying to go from 100 to 0 with the flip of a switch doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you’re “not doing something right.” It means you’re a sensitive person who’s maybe on overdrive and needs a different tactic.

For sensitive, deep-feeling folks, building resilience by focusing on cultivating a flexible nervous system is key.

Let the journey from anxiety to stillness be a rhythmic dance, and not an all-or-nothing thing. Allow for a sense of deceleration, rather than seeking to come to a screeching a halt.

As I am always inviting us to do, look to nature’s rhythms for guidance. We don’t go from summer to winter – autumn is in the middle, the deceleration. Going from hyper-aroused to stillness requires your own autumn.

Join me to discuss the hows and whys of this process.

Share with me: What helps you decelerate and come to stillness after being hyper-aroused?

The InnerSpark Method

Being highly sensitive is only tough when it's misunderstood & mismanaged

And high sensitivity isn't a life sentence of burnout, overwhelm, overthinking, and health challenges.

The true ROOT of challenges for sensitive, deep-feelers is twofold: unacknowledged shame and a weak, inconsistent foundation of resilience-building self-care.

Learn to understand, manage, & embrace the gifts of high sensitivity & transform it into your superpower!

Ready to turn high sensitivity from a source of shame, frustration, and overwhelm and into a source of resilience, confidence, and joy?

Come discover a whole-person, trauma-informed system of self-care that teaches sensitive, deep-feelers how to lead with the gifts of their sensitivity to confidently and joyfully thrive in body, mind, and spirit, by living from their InnerSpark.

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