What A Lightworker Actually Is

“Lightworker.”  What is a lightworker? It’s certainly a title we’ve heard many times that’s increasing in popularity.  But, like, what the heck is it?  How do you know if you’re a lightworker?  What do lightworkers actually do?

Glad you asked; I’ll get into all of that and how, regardless of pretty titles, we all need to step it up now more than ever.

Plainly and simply, a lightworker is someone who works in the light – and in the shadows.  They’re fiercely dedicated to their own personal awakening and the upliftment and elevation of all beings.  They care deeply about others and have made it their mission to transmute their life’s challenges into sacred wisdom and purpose and to then walk their talk and guide others in whatever their chosen field may be.

They don’t need to be super mystical, esoteric, glam, shamanic healers… Many are the owners of the local shops, enlightened lawyers, conscious entrepreneurs, school teachers, youth mentors, or farmers.

A true hallmark of a lightworker is a deep dedication to their own path of awakening, healing, and higher consciousness and to then share and spread that with others in their chosen fields.

Are You A Lightworker?

  • Do you feel incredibly pulled and called to serve, guide, and help others?
  • Do you feel a calling to help save the planet?
  • Are you naturally drawn to a particular cause or group? Feel very strongly about environmentalism and animal rights, for example?  We tend to have that one thing or a couple of things that just seriously light a fire inside us, the kind of thing that your loved ones are like oh geez, don’t bring up x again, or she’ll go off!
  • Have you experienced a “Dark Night of the Soul” episode or episodes in your life and are committed to using the wisdom gleaned therein as medicine for others?
  • Are you incredibly sensitive? Are you very tuned into your intuitive, innate knowing?
  • Are you typically the voice of reason with incredible insight and an ability to remain the eye of the storm amidst chaos?
  • Have you experienced a massive transformation in your life? Healed some crazy shit?  Overcome tremendous hardships?  Feel naturally drawn to guiding others on their own paths? 
  • Above all else, do you accept fully and completely take responsibility for your own power, sovereignty, and creatorship and are you fiercely dedicated to growth and awakening even when it’s uncomfortable?

What Lightworkers Do

  • They truly walk their talk and lead by example. They know that the largescale shifts and healing we all desire, begin within.  They truly are the change they wish to see in the world.
  • They fiercely and continuously do their own deep dives, internal alchemy, and personal healing and see it as an offering to not only themselves, but to the collective at large.
  • They show up for themselves on the daily with a gentle discipline. They have daily practices and rituals, they love their shadows and triggers, and they embrace their weaknesses.
  • They take full responsibility for their lives and empower themselves to step out of victim mode and exercise their creatorship. They know, again, that this is in service to the collective at large and through receiving exactly what they want and need, others can see it is possible, as well.
  • They understand their own rhythms and needs and structure their work in a way that serves them AND others.
  • They take ample time for stillness, introspection, and silence.
  • They practice deep and whole embodiment daily and understand their vessels are sacred teachers, translators, and messengers and that all they need is living in these sacred meat suits.
  • They fully love, forgive, and accept themselves, their steps, and those in their lives as acts of radical love through the heart.
  • They honor and speak their truths even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • They create art from pain and create for the sake of creating and share the creations.

Why We All Need to Step It Up & Serve

All of us are connected and as the subtle creates the gross in your tangible life – your body, health, relationships – the subtle creates the gross on the planet where we’re each the subtle, building blocks on a micro level of the gross, collective macro body of beings that inhabit this Earth.

Each of us creates the collective unconscious and the state of the Earth’s physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.  We influence and create each other’s experiences on all levels day in and day out.  The decisions you make right now can and do impact those across the globe whom you’ve never (and may never) meet or lay eyes upon.

Physically, we can see how our choices are impacting the planet and the health of all beings here.  On more subtle levels, our individual emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies can drive and reinforce current paradigms when we choose to not awaken and step into our creatorship through exercising radical self-responsibility.

The harm we inflict upon ourselves is harm inflicted upon the masses.  Each time our boundaries are crossed because we don’t speak up for ourselves, reinforces the broken paradigm where that is OK.  Each time we stifle our truths, deny our desire to express and share and heal and teach, again the current status quo that may not always have the best interest of others in mind is reinforced.

We’re living in interesting times, indeed.  We have so much power and influence and what’s it being used for – is it even being used?  What are you doing with your power?  Are you in right relationship with your power?

We are all so connected it isn’t even funny!  When we change our own subtle levels and shift our own field, we influence change in the collective.  It’s that serious.  Everything you do and don’t do matters.  Everything you resist or embrace influences the collective’s current paradigm. 

Ultimately, it’s not about us and our ego’s fears and stories that keep us small and hidden. 

Share.  Serve.  Repeat.

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