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Working With Your Awareness to Heal Burnout

Something I wish I would’ve known and embraced more fully back then…

The power of awareness cannot be overstated.

Your awareness serves as the container for your entire experience, and it has the power to create sustainable, lasting change.

Many of us are challenged by harnessing our awareness and sticking with things – especially challenging and uncomfortable things.

For many, when in that constant state of burnout, awareness is hijacked by the patterns, beliefs, and habits that keep you burnt out:
😩 constantly trying to avoid mistakes or ruffling feathers or being seen
😣 constantly on the lookout for the next threat
😑 constantly trying to “fix” or “heal” yourself
😱 constantly looking away from yourself, rather than inside yourself

Something I wish I would’ve known back in the day was that deep, lasting change at the core level doesn’t happen by dipping your toes in the
water a time or two…

It comes from radical self-honesty, courage, willingness, CONSISTENCY.

There has to be a willingness to call your own bullshit (and even better if there’s a willingness to have a trusted, unbiased outsider to support
you in calling your own bullshit).

This takes courage! All we have to do is continually show up consistently and with an open heart.

In The InnerSpark Method, we work with the mind and come into a whole new relationship with it as the container for our experience and the way to create sustainable, lasting change.

We work to befriend our mind and come into a collaborative, harmonious relationship with it. Through deep, honest self-inquiry, we come to see blind spots, contradictions, and areas for change.

Tell me: How do you work with your awareness?


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