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The InnerSpark Method

Being highly sensitive is only tough when it's misunderstood & mismanaged

And high sensitivity isn't a life sentence of burnout, overwhelm, overthinking, and health challenges.

The true ROOT of challenges for sensitive, deep-feelers is twofold: unacknowledged shame and a weak, inconsistent foundation of resilience-building self-care.

Learn to understand, manage, & embrace the gifts of high sensitivity & transform it into your superpower!

Ready to turn high sensitivity from a source of shame, frustration, and overwhelm and into a source of resilience, confidence, and joy?

Come discover a whole-person, trauma-informed system of self-care that teaches sensitive, deep-feelers how to lead with the gifts of their sensitivity to confidently and joyfully thrive in body, mind, and spirit, by living from their InnerSpark.

Other ways to play…

InnerSpark Integrative Health & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

Looking to address and heal specific health challenges? Feeling overwhelmed about the many options for natural and holistic health? Want a more tailored approach to the habits and lifestyle changes you’re cultivating in the program to address your specific health needs?

InnerSpark Health & Lifestyle Consultations are a deep-dive into your current health and lifestyle habits from an Integrative Health, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Ayurvedic perspective. This session is a comprehensive overview of the current states of your 5 Elements of body, emotions and energy, mind, spirit and nature, and social and relational.

Before our session, you’ll complete an intake form, which I’ll review before our session. During our session, we’ll explore and celebrate what’s working, and I’ll offer insights into specific, individualized suggestions and practices, and more. You’ll leave feeling clear and empowered, ready to address your specific ailments from a natural, holistic approach.

75-Minute Initial Health & Lifestyle Consultation

60-Minute Follow Up Health & Lifestyle Consultation

InnerSpark Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

Use these sessions for some straight up insightful, powerful coaching and mentoring! As you build a strong foundation of self-care so you may live from your InnerSpark and embrace, safeguard, and lead with the gifts of your sensitivity, it’s natural to come up against obstacles and barriers.

We may focus on just about anything – changes you’re struggling to make, your relationships, big life decisions, exploring questions about your gifts and purpose and your life’s direction, and more! We may explore specific challenges as it relates to high sensitivity, learning to understand and manage your high sensitivity, establishing self-care routines, we may use various tools and resources to support your process drawing from my extensive background in breathwork, mediation, yoga, energy healing, somatic trauma therapy, and more.

For more on my unique approach to coaching and mentoring, visit here.

60-Minute Coaching & Mentoring Session

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