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Last updated on January 5th, 2022.

Work With Me

Holistic Life, Wellness, and Spirituality

Coaching + Mentoring + Consulting
For Highly Sensitive, Introverted Souls

Dear One, of this I know for certain: living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom is essential for us all – especially a highly sensitive soul.

Feeling nourished and supported, inspired and fulfilled, and seeing your “weirdness” as your best asset are all absolutely possible – and you deserve it all and more.

Ready to ground into something real, wild, and magical, reclaim your Truest Self, heal your body and life, have clarity around your next steps, and more? You’re in the right place.

I’m not here to “fix” you.

You don’t need fixing.

I’m not here to give you advice or tell you what to do.

You have your own best answers and are the expert of your life.

As your guide, I am here to support you in integrating and healing all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I operate under the premise that my clients are whole, capable, and full of their own guidance and wisdom.

My role is to support you in navigating the unknown as you take steps towards creating a life that nourishes, excites, inspires, and fulfills you.

It’s time, Dearest One!

Some of what you may experience as a result of our work together:

๑ Stronger connection to your body, intuition, the Earth, and Spirit – in however that uniquely looks for you

๑ Breaking through any illusions of doubt and eliminating false starts and self-sabotage

๑ Bridging the gap between who you are and who you’re becoming through sustainable, grounded, evolutionary changes from the inside

๑ An ability to flow with the Earth and the seasons, as you draw the parallels with the cycles of your own life, body, emotions, and mind

๑ Embracing, celebrating, and applying your innate gifts as a highly sensitive, introverted soul

๑ Being held in sacred space as you reclaim your sovereignty and exercise your innate ability to become the healer in your life

๑ Improvement in your health, clarity, and vitality on all levels and aspects

Your shadows become your treasures.

Your sensitivity becomes your superpower.

Ways to Play Together:

The InnerSpark Membership

This monthly membership is your resource for living a life of greater wholeness, ease, simplicity, magic, clarity, health, and joy – all in alignment with Nature’s wisdom.

Your InnerSpark Membership includes:

  • A Monthly Theme + Lesson inspired by the energies of the current season to support you in living a simpler, more magical life in alignment with Nature’s wisdom (see description below)
  • A live monthly group Healing Circle for breath practice, meditation, sharing, and healing (see description below)
  • A live group Seasonal Journey Gathering at each of the eight Frequencies, roughly every six weeks (see description below), plus a special seasonal guide with practices and other resources to continue working with the corresponding archetype
  • Generous discounts on all Apothecary items and any new courses, products, etc. released during your membership
  • Access to a private portal (AWAY from social media) for discussion and sharing that also includes exclusive resources such as guided meditations, sound healings, and more
  • Option of adding personalized support each month with a 1-hour Individual Session (see description below), a custom flower essence formula mailed to you each month, and direct email support between sessions

Monthly Theme + Lesson

This monthly membership is a living experience of Nature's wisdom, to bring greater wholeness, ease, simplicity, magic, clarity, health, and joy to your life! Aside from our gatherings and shared virtual community space, each month brings a fresh lesson on some aspect of the archetype of The Mother currently represented by the season. From Shadow Work to meditation, holistic nutrition to herbs, menstrual health to inner child play, these topics will bring you tools and insights to practice self-awareness and create the life you most desire on an ongoing basis! While we can certainly practice any of the aforementioned resources at any time of year, by intentionally pairing them with the corresponding season and archetype, our efforts are more fruitful. These will be released in the portal and could be in the form of video, audio, and/or written materials.

Monthly Healing Circles

The intention of these 75-minute monthly circles is threefold. First, as sensitive souls, it can feel challenging to find true, aligned community and to feel safe to engage in it if we do! This is safe, sacred space to share what's alive for you in the moment and how the month's teachings have served you. We'll notice themes among the group as we draw the connections with what's happening seasonally and cosmically. Next, it's an opportunity to receive additional mentoring and clarification on the month's teachings. Finally, we'll always have a shared experience of some kind, based on the needs of the group. This could be in the form of seasonally aligned breath and movement practices, meditation, energy healing, creative explorations, and more. Allow the power of the group’s energy and collective efforts to provide healing and support as you witness and are witnessed.

Seasonal Rituals

These 75-minute gatherings occur at each of the eight seasonal changes per year and serve as a space to pause, notice, and align with the changes occurring within you and around you. We're guided by InnerSpark's Wheel of Frequencies, which represents the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother as Nature spirals through each year. We’ll set intentions, journey with the archetype that’s represented at each time, and more! A special seasonal guide is also included with journal prompts, recipes, suggested practices, and more to work with throughout each of the eight seasons.

The InnerSpark Membership Monthly Investment

The combination of the group aspect and the methods and tools I’ve cultivated just for us highly sensitive souls is truly a formula for that peace, joy, health, and all-around magic you’ve been seeking. Every aspect of this membership is thoughtfully and purposefully crafted in service to the deep nourishment and activation of the emerging highly sensitive soul.


Cancel at any time, although I imagine you'll definitely want to stick around. 😉

InnerSpark Membership With Optional Personalized Support

Includes all of the above plus:

Individual Sessions

Each one-on-one session begins with a grounding and you choosing the focus of our time together. I will deeply listen with my whole being, offer reflections, and powerful questions, and we may also use any of a variety of tools, methods, and modalities for further self-inquiry and insight.

Together we look at what may feel challenging, impossible, stuck, confusing, etc., and gently massage out your omnipresent wisdom, confidence, and clarity so that you feel empowered and able to confidently move forward.

We will co-create sustainable, calculated, yet intuitively-led change from the inside out to support your visions and goals. And guess what? It gets to be fun!

Drawing on my training background and various areas of expertise, I can put on my consulting hat if/when specific input or answers to questions regarding an action step, learning and implementing a new resource, etc. is necessary. Learn more about me and my background here.

Flower Essence Formula

A custom flower essence formula is specially crafted and mailed to you each month to enhance the work we're doing together. As my most favorite modality, I have witnessed firsthand the profound healing and rapid changes that come from incorporating this energetic healing resource into our lives. Learn more about flower essences here.

Feeling called to the InnerSpark Membership with the option of personal support each month? Awesome! I currently have openings! Reach out to me and let's discuss your next steps.

$250/month with monthly single private session

$400/month with two monthly private sessions

Other Ways to Work With Me:

Single Magic Sessions

These one hour, single sessions are available for those seeking coaching and/or mentoring around a specific topic. Perhaps you're not ready to do the deeper work that comes with consistent, regular sessions together. Perhaps there’s a pressing question or issue you’re facing. Perhaps you just need a safe space to land for an hour. Perhaps you’re curious about my unique and specialized approach to the whole coaching and mentoring thing and want to dip your toe in the water. Whatever the case may be, I am here and ready to support you with all my presence, intuitive magic, love, and knowledge. Learn more about me, my background, and my approach to coaching and mentoring here.

A LOT can shift in these sessions quite quickly... beware.


Seasonal Group Coaching + Mentoring

Group coaching experiences run over the course of six weeks and are each differently themed to align with the current seasonal invitations. For example, while one may focus on Shadow Work at any time of year, late autumn is prime to support your efforts more fruitfully. While one may focus on Inner Child Healing at any time of year, spring tends to lend itself as a beautifully supportive time for this work.

In these group coaching experiences, we’ll meet weekly over a period of about six weeks. Calls consistent of time dedicated to group coaching and time dedicated to exploring an aspect of the theme for the session.

Group support, individual attention, and refreshed wellness resources to add to your self-care toolkit? Hell yes!

How does this whole thing work? What will the calls be like and when will they take place?

  • We'll meet weekly live via Zoom over six weeks. Calls are 90 minutes.
  • Our calls will open with a grounding, we’ll move into our group coaching, then transition into our discussion and Q&A portion regarding our group experience for the week, discuss takeaways and next steps, then close.  
  • Your homeplay experience will be released each week in our private portal for you to enjoy between our live sessions. These will be in the form of audio, video, or written materials each intended to teach a tool you can use throughout the holidays and beyond!

You’ll not only receive individualized support in the group setting, but walk away with a refreshed toolkit of stress management and self-care resources.

What is Group Coaching?

  • Our group is limited to five participants to ensure intimacy, containment, a sense of safety, and ample attention on each member.
  • Each member will receive 12 minutes of individual, laser-focused coaching by Devon while other members observe in silence, with love and respect. These calls and this program aren’t a place for cross-talk, but rather an opportunity to witness each other and connect deeply with yourself.
  • We learn by listening to others and seeing ourselves in them. Twelve minutes may not seem like a big chunk of time, but believe me, some pretty epic shifts can take place!

By allowing yourself to be witnessed, there’s empowerment and healing. By witnessing another and hearing and seeing yourself in them, there’s empowerment and healing.

(Can you tell I love group coaching?)

What if I am shy and don’t like groups?

I totally hear you, beloved. I thought I didn’t like groups for a very long time and actively avoided them, preferring one on one settings (or no people at all, let’s be real!). This group is small, we’re all more alike than we are different, and I promise you the support, love, insights, and connections you’ll make will be worth 10x more than your investment.

How much does this cost? What else do I get?

This group experience is $360 and you’ll receive:

  • Access to all the live gatherings with individual coaching and support and their recordings
  • Six practices (and probably some extra bonus materials) to help bolster your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic wellness, all housed in a private portal that’s yours for as long as the internet remains a thing.
  • Invaluable insights, support, love, connections, and takeaways that can't be priced!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me! Otherwise, if you've read this far, I imagine you're feeling the pull to join us and so I lovingly encourage you to take the next step...

Keep in touch through my newsletter for 2022 group coaching session dates and themes.

December 21, 2021 - February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It's a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

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Just so we’re clear, I am very pro:

 -environmental consciousness, -living in alignment with the natural world, -renewable energy, -holistic and alternative healing, -rest, -sustainability, -slow living, -free thinking, -dismantling internal and external systems of oppression, -black, -brown, -indigenous, -multiculturalism, -LGBTQIA+, -choice, -children’s safety and welfare, -womxn’s rights, -equality and fairness, -prison reform, -rehabilitative initiatives over harsh punishments, -fair trade, and so much more!

I continually and consciously strive to have my life, in every way, be a reflection of me embodying these values and DOING something with them to create sustainable change in the world.

Just as The Sacred Activist Frequency on InnerSpark’s Wheel teaches, there are MANY ways we can show up and use our voices (some of which don’t actually involve our vocal cords). InnerSpark donates a portion of its revenue quarterly to various organizations, I strive to only make purchases (for anything – clothes, food, housewares, etc.) that align with my values, and I’m passionately and continually learning, expanding, and evolving.