Simple Ways to Thrive in Winter – Without the Blues!

Sensitive, deep-feelers, join me and let’s discuss winter’s meaning and purpose, as well as how to build resilience against things like winter blues and S.A.D.

I’ll share simple, yet profound things you can begin doing today to really get the most out of this season!

Let me know what’s feeling helpful and what questions you have. Wishing you a beautiful winter season of magic!

In my work, I use Nature to support sensitive, deep-feelers in building resilience and thriving in their life.

Winter is a time that I refer to as The Void. It’s a time between time, a place of no-thing that is the source of all things. It’s gestation, darkness, surrendering, stillness.

This is not a time to “keep up,” but to pause, wait, watch, and listen before acting.

Our modern world doesn’t like to pause… The “normal” world doesn’t recognize or align with natural rhythms and demands sameness, high output, productivity 24/7/365

Yet, as sensitive, deep-feeling people, you feel these natural cycles strongly and there’s a conflict between what you feel to be true and right and the expectations and norms around you

When we feel we can’t “keep up,” a sense of shame results. Shame arises anytime we feel our sense of safety, belonging, contentment, and joy feel threatened

This leads to depression, anxiety, and a sense of feeling defeated, less than, and fearful

Here are some simple steps you can take to create a winter self-care rhythm and I definitely encourage you to be continually adjusting your practices on a seasonal basis.

  • Get outside – regardless of the weather
  • Regular sleep/wake schedule – and get more rest
  • Eat your largest meal at midday
  • Get moving – shorter bursts of higher intensity exercise can raise your spirits and support your system in doing what it needs to do to keep you feeling energized and joyful
  • Above all else, give yourself permission to really rest and be in The Void and get curious about what you find there. Is it an easy place to be? Do you feel itchy? What’s here for you? How quiet and still can you get?

The more you take care of yourself from the perspective of The 5 Elements Framework, that is tending body, emotions and energy, mind, your connection to nature and spirit, and your relationship and social connections, the greater stability you’ll build to be able to know yourself and answer those questions.

Additionally it means you’ll build resilience through winter, which translates to more energy and vitality and health throughout the year since this is our time for optimal rejuvenation and building.

The InnerSpark Method

Learn to simplify your life, live Nature’s rhythms, and discover vibrant health, resilience, and joy.

As the digital age surges forward, our intimate connection to these timeless rhythms is diminishing, causing our physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual well being to teeter.

With a blend of modern and ancient wisdom modalities, The InnerSpark Method is a comprehensive, whole-life approach to natural thriving amidst modern living.

The InnerSpark Method draws from Nature’s timeless rhythms and incorporates tools from Integrative Health modalities such as Ayurveda, energy healing, holistic nutrition, life coaching, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, breathwork, meditation, and more.

Come discover a whole-person, trauma-informed system of Nature's self-care to rekindle natural cadences across all dimensions of your being.

Let’s embark on a transformative path from fragmented living to a sacred dynamic balance of vitality, and true connection.

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Greetings! I’m Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, AHA, ACC. As an Integrative Health Expert, Ayurvedic Health Advisor, and Holistic Life Coach, I’ve devoted myself to living and sharing the timeless wisdom of Nature’s rhythms to unlock our natural resilience and joy!

I mentor individuals like you on a heartfelt journey toward the life-changing simplicity and nourishment of living in sync with Nature.

Ready to transform life’s storms, amplify resilience, boost health and vitality, reconnect with your InnerSpark, and discover a life overflowing with peace, confidence, and clarity?

Click here to learn more about me and The InnerSpark Method.


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