Learn to Trust Your Body’s Wisdom

Do you trust your body? Do you view it as an adversary or as a wise friend?

The programs that contribute to Feminine Shame are reaaaaally good at ensuring a solid, trusting, connected relationship with our bodies and intuition are nearly impossible…

🌀Your body is not a shameful, scary thing working against you.

🌀”Symptoms” are sacred messengers inviting you back into yourself.

🌀Your intuition isn’t some hokey, woo-woo part of yourself. It’s real, and it’s never wrong.

🌀If something doesn’t feel right for you, trust your intuition and listen to those valuable clues from within.

YOU are your own best teacher, healer, guide, etc., and there’s no gatekeeping authority outside of you. What’s your experience with Feminine Shame as it relates to your ability to have a solid connection with your body and intuition?

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