The Power of The Equinoxes – The Initiate/High Priestess Axis

Think of the growth journey. That part of yourself that goes from beginner to master; from student to teacher. There are so many beautiful steps in between. And in reality, this journey is never actually over as we continually spiral into deeper mastery through forever maintaining the “student’s mind.” 

This is the magic and power of the equinoxes. Through the lens of The Initiate Archetype and The High Priestess Archetype on InnerSpark’s Wheel, this is the sacred axis of growth, evolution, and mastery. 

The Equinoxes

The equinoxes occur twice in a calendar year. We have the spring equinox in March around March 21-ish. And then we have the autumnal equinox in September around September 21-ish. And I say “ish,” because it’s right around there; it’s an astronomical event, not so much a calendar event. These seasonal shifts are aligned with cosmic flow. And so they’re always going to be just a little bit different

The early part of the spring season, from equinox to Beltane, corresponds with The Initiate Archetype. The early part of autumn, from equinox to Samhain, corresponds with The High Priestess Archetype. This is the axis of growth, evolution, and mastery. 

Learn more about the seasons and their two parts that in their entirety create eight unique archetypes here.

This axis of the equinoxes represents a literal momentary event of cosmic balance between light and dark before the light waxes (at spring) or wanes (at autumn). 

The Initiate Archetype

From The Initiate Archetype emerges this very beautiful childlike part of us that is curious and open, a student, a beginner, new, naive. In that role of studentship we’re catalyzing a major trajectory towards growth and expansion. This is mirrored to us through the blossoming plants, the inhalation part of the breath cycle, the waxing phase of the moon, etc. This is truly the seed sprouting. 

If we go back just a little bit to the archetype before the spring, we have The Cosmic Child, that time of Imbolc and the second half of winter. We can think of this as the cosmos birthing us. We are legacy and are being implanted with clear visions and dreams and desires for what we’re creating in the times ahead. In that time of deep rest in winter, we are really granted this clear vision of what’s next. It’s truly the beginning of the literal, energetic, and metaphorical growth journey for the next six months on the calendar.

Of course, like I love reminding us, these archetypes exist in very subtle and energetic ways in any given moment, it does not matter the actual season. However, when we’re journeying with the literal seasons, it really grants us a more direct access to experiencing the invitations and the energies because we’re living it in a very visceral and embodied way.

The Journey Between the Points of The Equinoxes

Between The Initiate Archetype and The High Priestess Archetype is The Lover, The Blacksmith, and The Sacred Activist. Each of these unique archetypal energies offers a deeper level of mastery. Through The Lover we’re welcomed into embodiment through our senses, our sensuality, our physicality. Through our bodies, we know truth, discernment, and the guidance of our authentic selves. More on embodiment here.

Through The Blacksmith we enter into a phase of forging, refining the ego and seeing ourselves as part of the whole; really going from “me” to “we.” The “me-focused” essence of a growth journey can often be mistaken for being selfish or bad or narcissistic or egotistical, yet that’s completely false. That spark of initiatory energy requires intense focus and fiery energy to begin the growth cycle. It’s when it’s left unchecked that it can become harmful. Through The Blacksmith Archetype we’re given the opportunity to finesse, sharpen, begin to identify what’s truly important, and above all get laser specific on how we wish to use our vital life force energy. 

This is the ultimate segue into The Sacred Activist Archetype, which takes all we’ve cultivated through The Initiate, The Lover, and The Blacksmith and has us identifying our values, the impetus of our holy rage and what change(s) we want to see and be in the world. 

The High Priestess Archetype 

As we reach the other side of the axis of growth, mastery, and evolution at the autumnal equinox, The High Priestess Archetype arrives. This is the queen, the mother, the evolved servant, teacher, master part of ourselves. This is the exhale, the waning moon, the part of ourselves that is ready just share and serve and teach from the fruits of our labor. This part of yourself understands that laboring is actually for the greater good of all. We don’t hoard our fruits, feel resentful about sharing them, or have some kind of strings attached to that which we share. The invitation of The High Priestess is about how can I share from my fruit in a way that betters all, myself included? After working with The Sacred Activist, we’re pretty clear on what’s important to us and that gets to guide the sharing of our fruit, our harvest.

The poles of this axis are so profound, yet it’s what’s between these that allows them to even exist. There’s a whole world between the poles that create the journey. The polls are just points. The polls are just destinations in between the places that compose the actual journey on this beautiful spiral.

Honor the Equinoxes

Setting aside time for ritual and having some truly introspective reflection time on the journey over the last six months is a beautiful way to celebrate, honor, perhaps course-correct, and more.

At autumn, The High Priestess Archetype, really look at your fruit, reflect on the harvest of your labor. Honor the ways you’ve been initiated, up-leveled, awakened, and all that the seasons/archetypes in between the poles have shared with you. 

At spring, The Initiate Archetype, allow yourself to get crystal clear on what you’re calling in and creating; what will this life force energy, this laboring be for this revolution on the spiral? What soul dreams were planted within you during the deep rest of winter? Is it challenging to be a beginner, to be new at something? Do these dreams feel scary and too big? 

There is a certain level of humility and vulnerability required to undergo studentship, just as there is to step into the role of teacher.

A journey of growth is typically going to require support, right? Something that you are stepping into building, growing, birthing, and mastering can be exponentially improved when we seek the counterpart of another embodying The High Priestess Archetype while we are in The Initiate Archetype. As you share your fruit as The High Priestess, you’ll be doing so with those in The Initiate and the spiral continues, the axis of growth, mastery, and evolution is upheld and it’s so beautiful!

We are always spiraling and growing and moving and shifting and changing. We’re different day to day. Especially as these keenly attuned, highly sensitive beings, we are always spiraling. I’m inviting you to celebrate the equinoxes to align more and more with seasonal and cosmic flow. This is what’s going to save us, elevate us, and facilitate our evolution  into collaborative, loving, harmonious peoples. 

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