The Overthinking & Overwhelmed Sensitive Mind

Has your mind become the ringleader of things, carrying you along for the ride? Does it act like an unruly toddler on a sugar high?

The mind is so beautiful, so powerful, and often the source of much trouble for us sensitive folks!

Join me to talk about the precious mind and three simple ways to begin to collaborate it so that it’s no longer the source of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and overthinking all the things!

A key part of what I teach in The InnerSpark Method is how sensitivity is not the problem…

The problem is how we are or aren’t managing it and caring for it by ensuring our lives are built upon a solid foundation of quality self-care, specifically for the needs of a sensitive system.

I teach what I call the 5 Elements Framework and these are the five main aspects of your being that must be tended in order to truly THRIVE. The mind is one of these elements.

The mind is so beautiful, so powerful, and often the source of much trouble for us – especially sensitive folks!

You feel everything, you sense everything, and you overthink everything you spend an awful lot of time in your head.

And then your mind becomes the ringleader of the whole thing, carrying you along for the ride.

We wouldn’t give into every whim of an unruly toddler, would we? No, we’d listen, observe, stay grounded.

How do we work with the mind? By following these three things:

We build stability in ourselves. Establishing a daily set of habits that align us with the rhythms of Nature to build trust and a sense of safety within ourselves so our mind may find some ease.

We take time to process and digest all the sensory input from our lives. Everything we take in through the senses must be digested, and in this day and age, not only are we receiving more than ever, we’re also “resting and digesting” at an all time low. The two paired together are a recipe for burnout, overthinking, overwhelm, anxiety, and loads of health problems.

We stay curious and in a constant state of self inquiry to observe what’s happening without getting swept up in it. We’re truly fascinating creatures, and as we stabilize ourselves and digest the excess noise inside ourselves, we may shift into a state of curious fascination and wonder at the many things the mind creates. We may find compassion, acceptance, and the ability to chuckle at ourselves more freely.

This is part of what we do in The InnerSpark Method. Because the truth is, sensitive folks must do things differently to support the needs of their sensitive systems, in order to truly thrive in life without things like burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, and all kinds of physical health challenges.

And, in order to do things differently, they must first accept themselves – sensitivity and all – and stop trying to “fix” themselves or be something they’re not. From there, they must learn a system with tools specifically created for their unique needs.

Sound like a tall order? It’s really not. Not to worry, this is where I come in. 😉 The InnerSpark Method does this. In my whole-person, trauma-informed program, we simultaneously address and process the shame and resentment towards our sensitivity while also re-learning a natural, sustainable foundation of self-care that’s directly targeted and created for the unique needs of the sensitive system.

So, if you’ve had it with the way things currently are and you’re ready to make some serious changes in your life, reach out and let’s talk about ways to get you on a sustainable path of thriving and enjoying your precious life.

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Hi! I’m Devon and I am so glad you landed here. I’m an Integrative Health Expert & Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Advisor, Holistic Coach, & Founder of The InnerSpark Method. My greatest passion is guiding fellow sensitive, deep-feelers on a journey of transforming high sensitivity from a source of shame, overwhelm, and something that’s “wrong,” into a powerhouse of of joy, empowerment, and confidence in body, mind, and spirit! Ready to understand, support, and unearth your hidden gifts? I’ve got you! You’re in the right place. Click here to learn more about me and The InnerSpark Method.


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