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  • De-Shaming + Embracing The Initiate

    It’s early spring and on InnerSpark’s Wheel, it’s a representation of The Initiate archetype. This is the essence of beginnings, newness, studentship, childlike wonder and innocence, birth, air, insight, the mind, inspiration, dawn, hope, youth. These energies we refer to as “seasons,” are simply different expressions of energy. Each season has a specific flavor, specific […]


  • 3 Ways Feminine Shame is Impacting Your Life

    I’m going to ask you some questions and I want you to just let them sink in… Ever felt like there was something just fundamentally, deeply wrong with you for simply existing? Do you perpetually try to “fix” yourself to finally be enough on some level? Are you stuck in the same patterns of sabotage […]


  • Your Four Bodies

    Let’s think of you as having four distinct, yet related bodies or layers. While many schools of thought, philosophies, and teachings get into even more layers and subtle nuances, let’s stick with the main four. These layers are all 100 percent inextricably linked and are interdependent. This means that whatever is happening for one, completely […]


  • Feminine Shame: Stop Fearing the Transient Parts of Yourself

    Previously only available to clients, these truly transformational classes, including this one, are now yours to enjoy! These specially curated classes offer a deep-dive discussion into a specific topic, followed by an embodied, experiential process to anchor the material and make it your own. It could be helpful to familiarize yourself more with Feminine Shame […]


  • Shame in the Body

    Shame in the Physical Body: Symptoms & Dis-Eases Associated with Shame

    Shame shows up in the physical body in many different ways. From posture challenges and chronic aches to dis-eases such as adrenal fatigue.


  • Addiction

    The Real Roots of Addiction

    Addiction is the resistance in action. What are we resisting? Our true feelings, our true desires, our true needs.


  • Core Wound

    The Core Wound

    For so many women, the core wound is rooted in a deep story of feminine shame they’re carrying from this lifetime and from their lineage.


  • Pleasure

    Healing Feminine Shame with Pleasure

    Authentic pleasure requires that you know yourself and trust what brings you TRUE joy and pleasure and not try to deny it or pacify it.


  • Shadow Work Explained

    Shadow Work Explained

    Shadow Work is a process which allows us to access deep joy, purpose, and healing through our challenges and wounds.


  • Feminine Shame

    Feminine Shame: Fearing the Transient Parts of Ourselves

    Feminine Shame exists because of shame we carry around the things about ourselves that are transient and cyclical – like our physical bodies and emotions.