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Exploring The Lover Frequency

What does it mean to be a Lover? When you hear “Lover,” what comes up for you? Is it romantic love with another? Is it loving yourself? What does it actually mean? Let’s explore The Lover Frequency as outlined on InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequency and how and why to work with this aspect of yourself for passion, creativity, and joy!

Overview of Lover Frequency

InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies represents the eight cosmic archetypes of creation as literally mirrored to us through the eight seasons on Earth. Each of the four main seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) has a little sub-season making for eight total seasons. Each of these eight frequencies has a very specific feel, invitation, energy, offering. You can learn more about them on the website.

Today we’re getting into The Lover Frequency, which corresponds with late spring or Beltane. Through working with The Lover Frequency, we become one with the orgasmic current of life flowing through us. We’re connected to potentiality and alchemy, that is of two becoming a third, of uniting polarities.

Wheel of Seasonal Frequencies

What are the 8 Cosmic Archetypes?

The 8 Cosmic Archetypes represent our inner wisdom council.

We look to seasonal and cosmic flow to guide our journey in very intentional, literal, and metaphorical ways. Journeying intentionally with the seasons and with the cosmos is the way to remember our innate wholeness and sovereignty.

These energies provide us with a framework we can apply to any and all facets of our lives, from physical healing to relationships, to unraveling trauma, shame, and codependency.

These literal manifestations of what we’ve come to know as “seasons” are simply tangible expressions of subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes. These seasons exist on a spiral – as does everything in our experience – and this spiral is ancient and continues to turn within, around, through, above, under, over, into, out of us forever and ever.

These subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes are here to guide us. In our modern world, we try our best to sustain a high level of output and doing; we resist change and we resist periods of rejuvenation. We demand so much from ourselves and from the Earth and simultaneously we’re witnessing the rapid decline in our health and that of the environment.

This is an unnatural way of living that is a willful disregard of the spiral essence of life. This way of living is also a gross misuse and abuse of our sacred triangle essence, which is our ability to contain, create structure, and hold space.

By choosing to become aware of these beautiful frequencies, you are realigning with the blueprint of your sacred soul!

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Wheel of Frequencies

Redefine Masculine and Feminine

The Lover is all about the fire of our passions, of being alive, of recognizing and remembering our power and the potential for alchemy.

It’s all about our devotion and compassion to life, to love, to service, to being embodied in this lifetime. It’s inextricably connected with our sensuality.

“I embrace my innocence, my natural erotic essence, and shamelessly receive the pleasure and joy that are my birthright. I am eros and embrace fully the sweet orgasmic current of life and its full spectrum. My curiosity, innocence, and tenderness guide my explorations and evolution along my spiral journey.”

~ The Lover

At Beltane (May Day) we are The Lover. The fire of our passions, of being alive, of recognizing and remembering our power is fully alive and we become one with the orgasmic current of life flowing through us. Use during this time of year to receive the wisdom and codes available to you and/or use anytime you are working with your Lover frequency

Ways to Nurture Your Own Lovership + Sensuality + Aliveness

  • Let your self-care be fluid and seasonal, follow your natural impulses. What are you noticing and desiring at this time? How can you support your sensuality? How about self-massage, baths, a new robe or new bedding, bringing some flowers indoors, whipping up an oil blend to adorn yourself with. Nurture your senses at this time and be in your body! Read more about seasonal self-care here.
  • How can you honor the spiral and the triangle energies withing? That is the “masculine” and “feminine” energies within? What can be more fully integrated within you? When we’re living in a sort of fragmented way or trying to fit into a category, negating other parts of ourselves, we’re missing out on our totality and our power. Rather than negating, how can you integrate? Read more about these energies within you here.
  • Across the axis from The Lover at Beltane is The Death Doula at Samhain. This is all about sweet release and giving death to something. This axis has much in common… the sweet orgasmic release of life and the ultimate surrender therein and how that exists on a continuum between life and death. What can be given death to right now so that your full power can expand and live? What was up for you last Samhain time or what was the last major release you experienced? How can that support you now?
  • What makes you feel alive? What’s coming alive within you at this time? How can you support your creativity and any creative impulses? I’ve recently had a wonderful revelation around how best to use my creativity and share my vital life force. It’s no coincidence that it came during this time of The Lover and the momentum will serve me as we shift into The Blacksmith Frequency when life force energy will be at its peak and I can feverishly create!

Ultimately, Sensitive Soul, this is a time for Love, to be in your body, to honor your body… what is here for you right now? What’s being asked of you? What do you need? Wishing you so much love.

The Wheel of Frequencies represent the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother. We can see these mirrored to us literally through the seasons, yet these energies are so much more than that! They are within and around us at any given moment. They are guiding us, teaching us, and supporting us.

These are the members of your inner wisdom council.

Who’s calling to you right now? Take the quiz and find out!

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