Discover how to build resilience and confidence, ditch anxiety, overthinking, and burnout, and shamelessly thrive as a sensitive, deep-feeling person.

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3 Ways to Build Resilience & Thrive as a Sensitive, Deep-Feeling Woman (While Kissing Burnout, Anxiety, & Overthinking Goodbye!)

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Building Resilience With Seasonal Change

How do you feel about the transition into spring right now? It’s OK to not feel joyful and excited about spring coming, it’s ok to be apprehensive in the face of change, especially at transitional times, such as literal and energetic spring and autumn, which aren’t as...

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Simple Ways to Thrive in Winter – Without the Blues!

Sensitive, deep-feelers, join me and let’s discuss winter’s meaning and purpose, as well as how to build resilience against things like winter blues and S.A.D. I’ll share simple, yet profound things you can begin doing today to really get the most out of this season!...

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Aligning With Nature to Heal Shame

My approach to seasonal living is a holistic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual one. Through aligning with the energies that naturally wax and wane, we’re provided cues for how to live naturally – even if it’s not “normal” these days. Let the greatest force –...

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How to Hear Your Next Steps With the Cosmic Child Archetype

The journey of receiving your gifts, your next steps, your visions and then offering them in service for the greatest good of all is a sacred one. Yet, many aren’t honoring their full potential because they’re missing the crucial invitation of the first step with the Cosmic Child Frequency.

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Regardless of gender identification or physical anatomy, do you feel confused or embarrassed by the notion of femininity?

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