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How to Hear Your Next Steps With the Cosmic Child Frequency

Next Steps with Cosmic Child

How are you choosing your next steps? What’s influencing and guiding you? Are you able to surrender and listen, or are you trying to control and know it all (hint: you can’t)?

The journey of receiving your gifts, your next steps, your visions and then offering them in service for the greatest good of all is a sacred one. Yet, many aren’t honoring their full potential because they’re missing the crucial invitation of the first step with the Cosmic Child Frequency. Stay tuned for how to work with this energy and ways to access your next steps.

In the northern hemisphere, we’re in the second half of winter, Imbolc, or as we’ve come to know it ushered in as, Groundhog Day.

On InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, which represents the eight cosmic archetypal energies, this time of year is known as The Cosmic Child Frequency, which comes after The Void Frequency and before The Initiate. This is an in-between time of deep rest after the death of Samhain, or The Death Doula Frequency, and before the full reanimation and beginnings of The Initiate Frequency in spring.

These archetypal energies exist within and around us at any given moment and working with the literal seasons of Earth’s cycles is a way to deeply connect with them.

Journeying intentionally with the seasons and with the cosmos is the way to remember our innate wholeness and sovereignty. These energies provide us with a framework we can apply to any and all facets of our lives, from physical healing to relationships, to unraveling trauma, shame, and codependency.

Wheel of Seasonal Frequencies

What are the 8 Cosmic Archetypes?

The 8 Cosmic Archetypes represent our inner wisdom council.

We look to seasonal and cosmic flow to guide our journey in very intentional, literal, and metaphorical ways. Journeying intentionally with the seasons and with the cosmos is the way to remember our innate wholeness and sovereignty.

These energies provide us with a framework we can apply to any and all facets of our lives, from physical healing to relationships, to unraveling trauma, shame, and codependency.

These literal manifestations of what we’ve come to know as “seasons” are simply tangible expressions of subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes. These seasons exist on a spiral – as does everything in our experience – and this spiral is ancient and continues to turn within, around, through, above, under, over, into, out of us forever and ever.

These subtle energetic frequencies and cosmic archetypes are here to guide us. In our modern world, we try our best to sustain a high level of output and doing; we resist change and we resist periods of rejuvenation. We demand so much from ourselves and from the Earth and simultaneously we’re witnessing the rapid decline in our health and that of the environment.

This is an unnatural way of living that is a willful disregard of the spiral essence of life. This way of living is also a gross misuse and abuse of our sacred triangle essence, which is our ability to contain, create structure, and hold space.

By choosing to become aware of these beautiful frequencies, you are realigning with the blueprint of your sacred soul!

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Imbolc + Cosmic Child Frequency

At this time of The Cosmic Child Frequency, we are being birthed through the Cosmos once more. We are going from the deep stillness and rest of winter’s formlessness back into form. From almost a grinding halt, we are slowly reanimating with new life being breathed into us from beyond.

The Void is complete stillness, formlessness, silence, and we can think of The Cosmic Child as that first spark of reanimation, conception, stirring, life, the implantation of consciousness and the kiss and breath of life from The Great Mystery.

To have a visceral experience of this, do this with me. Take a few breaths, on your next exhale, hold it out. Gently hold the breath as you’re completely empty. Notice how at first it may feel comfortable, then you start to feel a little itchy, and eventually GASP.

THAT energetic is this Cosmic Child Frequency.

“I am the Cosmic Child. I reactivate and reemerge after my time of stillness and rejuvenation. As I reemerge, powerful codes are remembered and recognized, and I am one with creation as my next iteration and journey around the sacred spiral takes form. I am safe in my body. It is safe for me to take form and create containment.”

The Cosmic Child

The Imbolc/Lammas + Cosmic Child/Sacred Activist Axis

Across the Wheel, we have the Lammas time of year, late summer, which is The Sacred Activist Frequency. This is a much more active energy. At the Cosmic Child, we are being birthed as legacy and at The Sacred Activist Frequency, we are creating legacy.

These two points are closely tied and along this sacred Imbolc/Lammas, Cosmic Child/Sacred Activist Frequency, we’ll undergo massive transformations all around our sacred mission, gifts, and purpose and how we then share that and live in alignment with our values.

It’s about hearing our authentic connection with Source, then along the way as we travel the Wheel from Imbolc/Cosmic Child to Lammas/Sacred Activist, knowing ourselves, our physicality, our abilities, and really polishing and finessing and forging to prepare for profoundly offering ourselves.

This is the art of spirally living and it’s ours to remember and practice. The best place to begin is with the eight sections of the wheel of the year.

How to Hear Your Next Steps

As highly sensitive souls, we have greater ability to access this universal spiral principle than most. We are just innately tuned into it and it’s in our best interest on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – to flow with, rather than fight against.

To work with the Cosmic Child Frequency, we must endeavor to surrender, trust, and listen to what’s being offered from Spirit/Source/The Great Mystery/The Cosmos.

Some of the ways I love to use to tune in with myself are keeping track of my dreams, scrying, using oracle or tarot cards, connecting in with animals and nature, shamanic journeying asking specific questions, and working with plant or energy essences, like The Cosmic Child Frequency Essence from InnerSpark’s line of essences.

For more on intuitive practices, click here.

Support For You

Everything in InnerSpark’s offerings are created to be sacred spaces for you to remember your soul’s unique dance and rhythm through these eight main frequencies and archetypes. These are applicable to literally everything, everyone, at every time whatever you are experiencing, creating, healing, etc.

I am so passionate about resurrecting our awareness of and devotion to the sacred spiral essence of life. These are the primal rhythms that animate us! Imagine if we consciously and intentionally engaged with these energies. As highly sensitive, introverted souls, we are uniquely positioned to hear and feel these shifts more than others. Let us be beacons of inspiration and wholeness to a world desperately in need! How are you honoring your spirally nature? Would love to hear from you!

December 21, 2021 – February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It’s a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

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