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Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

What does femininity mean to you? Have you ever been shamed for femininity? Feminine Shame is a real thing; regardless of personal gender identification or physical anatomy. Do you feel confused or embarrassed by the notion of femininity? Despite how femininity in today’s society is still shunned, misunderstood, objectified, and not celebrated, femininity is neither bad nor a weakness.

Feminine Shame

Feminine Shame exists because of shame we carry around the things about ourselves that are transient and cyclical – like our physical bodies and emotions. Shame is a painful emotion. Shame is tricky, insidious, and mysterious, yet it’s at the root of all human suffering and dis-ease. It’s responsible for the “there’s something wrong with me story” and is responsible for creating the things we dislike in our lives, our bodies, our relationships, and our health.

Shame is caused by resisting some part of ourselves and in that resistance, we live in a state of inner conflict and turmoil and are constantly ashamed of the part of ourselves we’ve been programmed to
believe is unworthy or invalid.

How Can We Begin to Unravel Feminine Shame?

• Stop Participating in Feminine Shame
• Stop Shaming Anyone For Their Spiral Principles
• Stop Celebrating Triangular Way Over Spiral Ones
Read more

Feminine Shame comes from resisting the parts of ourselves that are in flux.

Accepting and embracing your femininity can be an ongoing practice. As this more subtle, ever-fluctuating part evolves and strengthens, the ability to receive, surrender, and experience deeper joy and ease increase.

Femininity And Nature

Nature is the epitome of the spiral energy. Through aligning with Nature and seasonal flow, we’re more able to come into right relationship with all parts of ourselves – even ones shunned by popular culture.

The moon and all of her fluctuations impact us on Earth. The waxing and waning of this fluid, dynamic celestial body fill and empty us with emotion, insight, and wisdom. The moon is a direct link to our emotional body and through dancing with her cycle, we’re able to understand our own. Emotions, a signature component of the feminine, are crucial messengers and teachers.

I have always had a deep love affair with the moon.

If you’re curious about how you can embrace your own spiral energies more deeply but you’re not sure where to start, why not let the moon herself be your guide? Read more

Flower Essences, a form of energy healing, provide us with tremendous healing opportunities through working directly with our subtle energies. Through this deep shadow work, we’re able to influence change and healing in all aspects of our lives. Every plant carries a unique signature and offering. Unraveling the ways in which we’re disconnected from our feminine essence, befriending our core wound, and creating a bridge for re-connection is a beautiful journey that can be greatly facilitated with flower essences.

Seasonal Living

Living Seasonally helps us to plug back into the natural way of living; a way of living that our bodies and cellular intelligence understand. By having the external mirror of the flowing of the seasons as our guide, we remember what we’ve known all along. Read more

Flower Essences

Nature’s gifts are waiting to support you.

Flower Essences are one of the safest and most effective ways of getting the root (no pun intended) and subtle building blocks of your experience. So if you’re curious about Flower Essences then I hope you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this little introduction to Flower Essences I’ve put together. Learn more

This is only the beginning.

There are many more resources available for supporting your spirally reconnection, and I hope you’ll find something useful in each of them.

The Core Wound

We all have that main epicenter of challenge. That thing that is the actual root of our perceived limitations, struggles, and hardships. It’s deep, it’s subtle, it’s insidious, it’s ancestral, and it’s painful. We spend so much of our energy running from it, pacifying it, and bypassing it. We look for “fixes,” seek external validation, numb ourselves with substances, technology, drama, and more. Ultimately, these core wounds are running the show. The truth is, however, this core wound is your liberation. Through it (not around, over, under, or away from it) is your sovereignty, your purpose, and immense wisdom and grace. All the other surface-fixing things are just band aids. For so many women, the core wound is rooted in a deep story of feminine shame they’re carrying from this lifetime and from their lineage. How this uniquely shows up for you is your treasure map.

Shadow Work

The phrase “shadow work” has been used in a wide variety of both esoteric and scientific disciplines ranging from Carl Jung’s approach to psychotherapy, to tantra, kundalini yoga, and Buddhism. As such, it’s no surprise that any time I mention my use of shadow work with my clients I get lots of questions and wide-eyed stares of skepticism and disbelief. I define Shadow Work as a process which allows us to access deep joy, purpose, and healing through our challenges and wounds. Shadow Work enables us to identify and uncover the roots of our shame to transmute it into medicine.

Energy Healing

If you’re at all interested in holistic wellness or alternative medicine then surely you’ve heard of something called energy healing. From Reiki and Qigong in the Far East to Yoga in India and Quantum Healing in the West, the world is full of various methods of working with subtle energies. Even within these disciplines there can be significant differences among practitioners, leaving us to wonder what is energy healing anyway?

Herbal Medicine

The practice of using physical plant matter in herbal medicine to enhance our well being and human experience can be seen in a variety of modalities. From Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples, herbal medicine is the primary resource for healing and physical body support, and these “alternative medicine” practices have been around a lot longer than the allopathic approach of today.

Your Connection to Nature

How connected to Nature do you feel? Do you make time for Nature? Do you spend intentional moments observing and checking in with Nature? These are trick questions. Contrary to popular belief, Nature is not this separate entity that exists outside. You are Nature. Nature is you. There is no distinction. The trees, animals, and that thing you may occasionally go visit or admire is simply another iteration of your physical existence. You ARE Nature!

Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition must be thought of as a holistic concept that includes all we take in through the senses, which is so much more than the food we put into our mouths. Like food, these inputs can be of a high quality, supportive nature, or they can be toxic and poisonous to the system.

Plant Spirits and Plant Medicine

The first thing people tend to assume when they hear me bring up Flower Essences is that they are essential oils. The second most common thing I hear is that they are made of actual plant materials. Both assumptions are false. I wanted to lay out the main three forms of plant medicines, their differences, and their uses in this very basic outline.

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Breathwork: Directing and Influencing Energy


Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

Breath is the flow of life, it is the guardian of life and the spark of magic required to animate this sacred physical vessel. Of the things required to maintain the physical body – sleep, food, water, breath – the one we can go the shortest amount of time without is breath. Without breath, there’s no life. Without conscious breath, life becomes unchanging, stale, and ripe with dis-ease. The practice of breathwork is nothing new. Ancient people have known about the power of the breath for ages. Through consciously working with the breath, we are able to influence every single system in the body. Daily breathwork is essential to vital health and can bring about profound healing and evolution.

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork involves consciously and intentionally moving the body’s subtle energy with the breath. The breath can become stagnant as our physical bodies hold onto habitual stress postures and unnatural breathing patterns.

Notice how when you’re stressed your breath becomes shallow? Notice how you may feel stressed on some level quite frequently? Notice how those subtle levels of your being (emotional, mental, and spiritual/energetic) may have unprocessed traumas that create a heightened level of stress? See the cycle I’m painting?

Many of us are in a stress loop between our subtle building blocks and our gross, tangible experience. Our bodies take the brunt of this and respond accordingly with various survival mechanisms. Breathwork is a fabulous aid for repatterning these dis-ease causing imprints.

How Does Breathwork Help Me?

Breathwork can restore flow to all systems of the subtle and physical body. It helps us to dislodge trapped emotions, to process stagnant traumas, to liberate the physical body, and more. It can help us to sleep better, feel clearer and with less fog, have better digestion, experience deeper sleep, experience deeper and more profound states of pleasure, feel more present, feel more creative, and so much more. 

What Are Breathwork Practices?

Although the term “breathwork” may evoke images of some complex, esoteric practices (they exist, for sure), anything that gets you consciously moving your life force energy is an excellent start. Never underestimate the power of deep belly breathing.

Try this: Empty out completely by drawing navel in and expelling more air than you think is inside of you. Next, draw a slow, deep inhale through the noise. Imagine you’re drawing air down into your pelvic floor and filling up low belly, belly, chest and ribs. Briefly pause at the top and then slowly exhale from top down through the nose.

Some of my favorite breath practices, especially for the sensitive soul to nourish their nervous system, are breath of fire and alternate nostril breathing.

Breathwork is just one of the many tools available in the alchemist’s bag of wonders! Here’s a partial list of some of my favorites:

Breath of Fire

This is an equal inhale and exhale through the nose in short, pant-like breaths. You’ll pump the navel and focus on the exhale. This creates a little vacuum wherein the inhale happens automatically. Come into a rhythmic pattern that feels full of ease. This can be sustained for several minutes and clears away brain fog, balances the blood chemistry, and is better than a cup of coffee for energizing us. Practice daily (mornings are best for this one) working your way up to 10 minutes or more. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This one is amazing for balancing the hemispheres of the brain and balancing hormones. It replenishes our energy reserves and brings more harmony into our being, regardless of whether we’re leaning too far into the hyper or the hypo.

Take your right hand and curl your index and middle fingers towards your palm and let your thumb, ring, and pinkie fingers remain outward. Take your right thumb and place it over your right nostril, blocking it. Inhale deeply and slowly through the left nostril. Pause.

Take your right ring finger and block your left nostril, freeing your right nostril. Exhale through the right nostril. Pause. Inhale through the right nostril. Pause. Free your left nostril and cover the right nostril with your right thumb. Pause.

Exhale through the left nostril. Repeat in this manner for several minutes. This is a perfect evening or late afternoon practice to recalibrate from the day.

Whatever breath practice you choose, aim to breathe with conscious, mindful awareness every single day. Through this simple practice that’s always available to you, you have the keys to mastering your energy, bringing deep restoration to your whole being, and influencing aspects of your life you never thought possible!

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Ancestral Healing


Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

You are a unique individual. There’s no one like you that has ever existed or will ever exist again. Everything about you is completely one-of-a-kind from your fingerprints to the way your DNA expresses itself to your gifts and personality. However, as unique as you are, you are also the product of a long line of people that have come before you and everything that they experienced also lives in your cellular memory.

What is Ancestral Trauma?

When a person experiences a traumatic event, which is a guarantee for a human being only differing by its perceived impact and type, they are changed forever. Trauma changes us on a cellular level, as well as behaviorally. So, while you may have never met or even seen a photo of great-great-great grandmother Mildred, that traumatic experience or incredibly challenging and harsh life she endured lives in you cellularly, energetically, behaviorally. Her genetic expression was altered and the emotional and mental coping mechanisms she adopted were also passed down through the lineage.

Family Disease Patterns

“It runs in the family,” isn’t a concretely sealed fate. Things run in the family until someone is brave enough to address the really old elephant in the room. Types of physical health challenges, addictions, behavioral characteristics, and more do run in families and they run in families because of ancestral trauma being passed through the lineage both genetically and behaviorally.

I see this a lot in the sensitive women I serve. “Women’s health issues” like breast health, reproductive challenges, hormonal imbalances, thyroid and adrenal issues, “mystery symptoms” and other diagnoses made by exclusion (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.) impact sensitive women at higher rates than non-sensitive women.

Feminine shame is a huge contributing factor in this legacy of ancestral trauma and ancestral disease. We’re programmed to mistrust and dislike that which is in flux, and as women, our very nature is in flux. Our cyclical nature, our propensity to feel deeply, makes us “weaker” and less preferred – even by ourselves.

How to Heal Ancestral Trauma?

Being courageous enough to address the legacy of dis-ease and strife is the biggest and most important first step in healing ancestral trauma. While we may not be able to know the epicenter of dysfunction, we are living with its impacts. That is to say, we may not be able to find out the source of the sounds we carry because we don’t know how far back the major event or experience took place that’s creating the dysfunction. That is fine and not entirely necessary.

Here are five ways to begin to break the legacy of ancestral trauma in your lineage:

Receive your sacred vision

How do you most want your life to feel? What experiences do you crave? What depths of yourself do you wish to experience more? These things that feel “blocked” and “out of reach” are YOURS. You wouldn’t have these desires and visions if they weren’t for you. The great illusion (and result of these legacies of trauma) is that they’re not yours, unacceptable, shameful, etc. Receive these visions and just hold them.

Seek support from seen and unseen realms

Call upon your ancestors, especially ones with whom you had great relationships. Call upon plant spirits and Nature (read more for working with Nature here). Seek support from mentors and divine space holders to help you in this process.

Identify and confront what isn’t working

Is it a particular physical health challenge? Do addictions run in the family? Is there a propensity towards anger, lying, emotional unavailability? Let yourself lovingly observe within yourself the qualities that are getting in the way of your life.

Let yourself dive deep

The subtle creates the gross. Allow yourself to really get to the root contributing factor within yourself that lies in your subtle body. Your emotions, beliefs, mindset, behaviors, and wounds from this lifetime are all compounding factors over which you have complete responsibility and sovereignty! How exciting! For example, that health issue isn’t just because your physical body decided to cease smooth function one day. Dig deeper.

Consistently engage

Have resources like energy healing, shadow work, shamanism, meditation, yoga, embodiment practices, and more part of your life.

Your ancestors want you to excel. You are their dream come true and the answer to their prayers. It can feel like some kind of betrayal sometimes when we choose a “new” way, a more nourishing way. Yet, this is the work they desperately wanted to begin and whether it was shame, a lack of access to resources, the time they lived in, or more, they didn’t get to actualize the wholeness that it is in your heart. Do this work for yourself and to have the greatest experience of life possible and do it for those that have come before you of whom you’re made.

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The Core Wound

Core Wound

Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

We all have that main epicenter of challenge. That thing that is the actual root of our perceived limitations, struggles, and hardships.  It’s deep, it’s subtle, it’s insidious, it’s ancestral, and it’s painful. We spend so much of our energy running from it, pacifying it, and bypassing it. We look for “fixes,” seek external validation, numb ourselves with substances, technology, drama, and more. Ultimately, these core wounds are running the show.

The truth is, however, this core wound is your liberation. Through it (not around, over, under, or away from it) is your sovereignty, your purpose, and immense wisdom and grace. All the other surface-fixing things are just band aids.

For so many women, the core wound is rooted in a deep story of feminine shame they’re carrying from this lifetime and from their lineage. How this uniquely shows up for you is your treasure map.

Unraveling the roots and reclaiming sovereignty and wholeness requires simultaneously addressing these four main blocks:

• Distrust of the body
• Disrespect of your subtle, sensitive, intuitive nature
• Disconnection from Nature and natural living
• Distorted view of your challenges and wounds.

Distrust of the Body

You are a steward of this beautiful suit
fashioned together with bits of stardust,
ocean water, soil, and moon beams.

Do you fully and sincerely trust your body’s wisdom? Do you allow her to take care of you? Do you allow her to serve as the translator, the host, and the guide that she is?

Some symptoms of Distrust of the Body:

• Making choices based primarily on intellect and logic and something you read (vs what you feel and know with your cells)
• Under or over exercising and diet trend hopping
• Various health issues – pesky “mystery symptoms” or diagnosable issues
• Being unaware of physical sensation and sensorial input and its effects on your unique physiology
• Fearing she’ll let you down and that she must be controlled
• Resentment towards your body and its urges and rhythms – shaming yourself for being tired, going to great lengths to hide the fact that she excretes waste materials, etc.
• Bypassing hunger and satiety cues

When we come to a place of embodiment and body trust, we allow the ancient wisdom in our cells to take care of us. The physical matter you are living in has codes of wisdom far beyond what you could even begin to fathom. Let her take care of you.

When we trust, we effortlessly make decisions, have a keen ability to distinguish BS from what’s true for us; we experience increased joy, pleasure, comfort, and confidence; health improves, weight is maintained effortlessly; there’s an ability to flow with the natural changes of life.

Disconnection From Nature

Our core wound severs our connection to Nature. You ARE Nature. It’s not something outside of you. The seasonal flow, the sun and moon, the soil and plants… all you.

Many things that we think of as “normal” and “natural” are the product of industrialized civilizations and are new concepts to our kind. These ways of being have severed our connection to the Earth and ultimately the connection to ourselves and our very innate nature. Things like living off processed and fast foods, sitting in a chair all day, staring at screens from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, living in climate controlled environments, ignoring our circadian rhythms, pushing past our limits, glorifying exhaustion, and going against seasonal needs and flows, etc. have all contributed to the state of our planet, our rapidly declining physical and mental health, and I’d even go so far as to say crime rates, the objectification of women, and more. It’s all connected.

The waxes and wanes of Nature exist for a reason. All living things on Earth require periods of rejuvenation, purging, expansion, and building. We aren’t meant to exist in one of these phases indefinitely. When operating from that core wound, from shame, this natural rhythm is lost. Add that to a lack of trust for the body, and we have bigger challenges!

Disrespecting Subtle, Intuitive, Sensitive Energies

Are you still resenting your sensitivity? Are you still trying to push past your limits in some kind of protest? You are a sensitive, empathic, intuitive creature; own it. It’s not a weakness; it’s what creates the entire Universe. Your subtle energy creates your life.

Master your subtle energy and have it work for you. Trusting your body – where all of these sensations and information is stored and translated for you – is key, as is returning to Nature. Respecting your own energy will change your life. Respecting and knowing that the subtle creates the gross makes you the sovereign creatress of your own experience.

Experiencing sensory overload, fatigue, poor boundaries, not feeling safe, not speaking up, anxiety, difficulty receiving, flowing, changing, and aging, and more are just a few ways disrespecting your subtle energies shows up. Also common? A slew of various physical health issues, especially those involving the endocrine system (hormonal and reproductive challenges, adrenal and thyroid problems), digestive and autoimmune challenges. Today’s autoimmune hepatitis is made in part by lifelong resentment, anger, bitterness, and pushing. Environmental toxins and other contributing factors, sure, AND the road to wholeness will be that much more arduous without addressing the subtle building blocks of your experience. How can you come into a deeper relationship with your sensitivity? How can you let your subtle energies work for you?

Transmuting Pain Into Purpose

Lastly, on the spiral journey of transmuting our core wounds and unraveling shame, we arrive at a profound ability: to view the worst and most painful experiences as the greatest teachers and allies.

This ability is a gift and a choice. Resentment, bitterness, holding a victim mentality, wallowing and lamenting, unworthiness, shaming and hiding don’t need to live in your system. The greater your capacity to feel and experience challenge, the better you can source the same depth, intensity and magnitude of joy.

What are you ready to create?
What would life look like for you if you trusted your body’s wisdom,
lived in alignment with Nature and flow,
and mastered your subtle energies?

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The 7 Pieces of TRUE Healing


Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

Do you feel like you’ve been fighting against the current for way too long? Are you tired of being a perpetual project? I’m not going to ask you if you’re ready for the truth, because I already know that you are. You’re ready for TRUE healing.

You’ve tried all that other stuff and it just doesn’t work, does it? Maybe you found a way to something that you thought you wanted, like a few pounds lost or temporarily improved relationships, but it never lasts. It doesn’t last because it’s not real, and you’re still not happy. In other words, it’s not sustainable.

TRUE healing comes from true power, and true power is not about forcing some change into your life with an iron will and white-hot determination.

True power is subtle.

The physical body that you occupy in this dense, physical world is made up of many subtle parts and forces all working together. TRUE healing happens when these subtle pieces are brought into harmonious alignment with your intentions and desires. This means that if you’re trying to “fix” the physical manifestation of a problem then you’re always going to be applying one quick-fix surface-solution after another.

I’ve used the example of a leaky boat many times before. The gross, physical challenge is that you have water in your boat. The subtle root cause is that pinhole leak down in the bilge. Now, you could keep scooping water out and hope that you don’t sink (and drown), or you could take the time to come ashore and tend to the leak once and for all. It’s in working with the subtle, unseen things that results in real, sustainable change.

I’ve seen that kind of situation far too often, not only with my clients but in my own life, as well. I once lost 75 pounds by dieting with maniacal strictness just to gain it all back when that unsustainable way of life finally and inevitably collapsed. It didn’t last because I hadn’t tapped into my true power to unlock TRUE healing. When I finally did have that breakthrough and started treating myself with love and compassion, taking care of the subtle causes of my dis-ease, I became happier and healthier than I ever was before, and I’ve stayed that way ever since.

I’m saying all of this just to let you know that I’ve danced this dance and I know how it goes. It’s a pattern that gets repeated so often that I’ve decided to put together what I call The 7 Pieces of TRUE Healing. This is not a strict protocol or one-size-fits-all solution. This is just a collection of lessons that I’ve gained from years of practice and trial-and-error. I hope that by understanding The 7 Pieces of TRUE Healing, or even just by understanding the relationship between TRUE healing and true power, you can save yourself some of the time and energy that would have otherwise been wasted. Let’s get started.

The First Piece of TRUE Healing

The first piece of TRUE healing is deep and whole embodiment. Your body is the physical platform on which your nervous system rides and is the vessel through which all of your worldly experiences are processed. Made with the minerals of the Earth and enlivened with the energy of your spirit, this body is the anchor that allows you to explore worlds inside and out while still having a safe place to land.

Pay attention when you’re feeling triggered or like life is starting to get crazy or out of control. How are you perceiving textures? What thoughts, mental stories, or emotional responses are you feeling? Track the sensations that arise while engaging with the physical body and I promise you will discover the most profound insights.

Deep embodiment starts with compassionate presence. Resist judging yourself for feeling a certain way or having a certain perception. If you recoil from your own embodied experience then you’ll never achieve that depth for which you’re longing. Be present and honest and compassionate with yourself right where you are in this moment.

It may feel silly to ask yourself how you’re doing or what you need, especially when there’s no response, but remember that you’re building trust with yourself. There are parts of you that were perhaps forced into silence from childhood, and other parts that had been stifled in adolescence and adulthood, and those parts need to be coaxed back out and allowed to live and breathe. Years of neglect won’t be forgotten on the first try. Building trust with yourself is like building trust with a child, and you know how you build trust with a child? You show up, every single day, rain or shine. Just keep showing up. Keep showing up every single day, until you can learn to trust yourself again.

Something else that you need to be aware of when engaging with the physical body is that our bodies are living records that tell stories going back several generations. I’m not just talking about genetics here. I’m talking about how our ancestors have experienced trauma in their own lives that caused physical and energetic imprints that changed them and have been passed down to us. This doesn’t have to be all mystical and esoteric, it can be as simple as a story about a grandparent who survived the Great Depression and has passed on a sense of scarcity and thus a fear of taking risks. These kinds of traumas affect us physiologically and psychologically and you don’t have to be a spiritually-minded person to see how far the fruit falls from the tree! Learn more about ancestral healing here.

The Second Piece of TRUE Healing

The second piece of TRUE healing is creativity and sacred sexuality. Sadly, we live in a day and age where shame and guilt have become part of the collective burden that we all share. Shame is the biggest obstacle to TRUE healing, especially when it causes us to lose touch with our creativity and sacred sexuality through unmet needs and unspoken boundaries. Shame causes a disconnect that prevents us from knowing or acknowledging what’s truly pleasurable to us. If we don’t know what’s pleasurable to us how will we ever have a truly present, nourishing, abundant, and purposeful life?

There’s a tragic spiral that so many of us get caught in where we feel shame or guilt about something that we’ve been taught is wrong, and so we turn to other things like food, booze, or drugs, and then we become ashamed of that behavior, too. As shame piles upon shame we get wedged further and further away from what we really need and embodying our authentic essence.

What we need is to allow ourselves to receive pleasure, and to access higher states of consciousness that are available to us when we’re in creative flow, or when we’re allowing pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, into our lives. By reconnecting with these aspects of ourselves we are uniting our earthly selves with our higher selves to create a relationship, a third energy, that gets to be our Heaven-on-Earth.

The Third Piece of TRUE Healing

The third piece of TRUE healing is exercising your personal power. One of the biggest jokes in life is that we are somehow powerless or simply victims of circumstance. You are the creator of your own experience. You have created everything! Your subtle inputs have created your gross experience. If you don’t like the physical byproduct of your subtle realms, you have the power to recreate and rebirth it.

I’m not criticizing or blaming anybody for how they live or how they feel. I’m inviting you to consider something very carefully. If you’ve created your current status quo based on pacification and sleepwalking, doing what you’ve been taught and hiding behind armors and masks (I mean look around you, you created this!), imagine what you could create when you decide to wake up and act from a place of clarity and conscious intention. This awakening is radically different than what we’ve been shown and if what we’ve been shown worked, there would be a lot less dis-ease in our physical experiences.

The Fourth Piece of TRUE Healing

The fourth piece of TRUE healing is unconditional love and acceptance. In the first piece of true healing, I invited you to be compassionate with yourself while you re-establish that connection to the physical body. Now I’m challenging you to go a step further. Don’t just tolerate yourself, but love and accept yourself unconditionally.

That’s the only way to actualize (and maintain) the sustainable change that we’ve been talking about this whole time. Remember that 75 pounds of lost-and-found-again weight that I had mentioned? The first time I lost it wasn’t with an attitude of self-love and self-acceptance. That’s why the weight came back. I still had something to learn from it, that fear and punishment from the outside-in are not sustainable ways to make change. It has to be love and acceptance, from the inside-out.

We must forgive and honor every single step of our journey that has brought us to where we are, right here and now.

And if forgiveness is something that you are struggling with, either in forgiving yourself or another person, then you need to know that this is a sign that there’s a part of yourself that you’re not loving.  Sometimes we internalize what other people say or do. We find a way to blame ourselves and create shame and guilt that gets directed inward. So there’s that part of ourselves that we set up as an effigy to be burnt for all the world’s wrongs, and that’s the part that needs our love and forgiveness the most. It has to start within.

The Fifth Piece of TRUE Healing

The fifth piece of TRUE healing is compassionate self expression. Expression is detoxification. Period. Consider that the brain is the single most energy-consuming organ in the body. Your heart, a ball of muscle constantly pushing viscous fluids through miles of tubular veins and arteries. Your lungs, which cycle hundreds of cubic feet of air every day, neither of these organs even come close to the amount of chemical energy required by your brain on a daily basis.

So if you imagine a pie that represents your daily energy intake, the biggest slice would go to your brain. Now, imagine that big slice gets divided into smaller slices that represent the things you do with your brain. How big would the slice be that represents the things you’re not expressing? It takes a lot of energy to stifle your truth. What if it weren’t a pie, but a clock that ticks away not just hours and minutes, but your whole life? Life is a series of days, and every day you’re dedicating some of your pie, some precious ticks of your clock, to holding yourself back. Your time and energy are being drained by your silent self-created vampire named Fear.

We’re highly sensitive creatures, and we’re so unique, it all adds up to a fear of expressing that uniqueness. But when we finally do express it’s a moment of healing, not only for ourselves but for the collective at-large. When we stifle our expression we are doing more than just denying ourselves. We’re missing an opportunity to teach, to learn, to bond, and to impact someone’s life. This mental and emotional traffic jam creates pile-ups that derail our health and vitality, creating toxicity in our whole system. Move that energy, let it flow!

The Sixth Piece of TRUE Healing

The sixth piece of TRUE healing is strengthening the intuition. Only we know what’s best for us. Only we can receive our visions and our dreams. Our intuition is often challenged because we live in our heads and favor what’s “logical” or “scientifically proven” over our innate knowing.

Being lied to about reality despite knowing the contrary can also create a disconnect. We often see this in people that grew up in dysfunctional households, especially if there was drug or alcohol use. Children have the greatest intuition because they haven’t been taught to mistrust themselves. When kids are in a situation where they know that what they’re seeing isn’t normal but the adults around them are normalizing it they can be trained not to listen to their gut feelings.

We can experience this as adults as well, when we know something’s not right but we’re being told the opposite. This happens a lot in our fast-paced disinformation-age of alternative facts that has us checked out of our bodies, our instincts, and our intuition. This why the first piece of TRUE healing is embodiment. Deep embodiment will always be the foundation and the anchor. Intuitive knowings present themselves in your physical body, and your physical body is your translator, it’s your messenger.

Strengthening your intuition is key on your true healing journey. I don’t care what you are wishing to transmute and manifest in your life, be it a new job or your relationship or your physical health, intuitively knowing what is best for you and trusting that intuition is crucial.

The Seventh Piece of TRUE Healing

The seventh piece of TRUE healing is connecting to Source. It is imperative that we connect to a higher power of our own understanding. It takes a lot of pressure off of us to know that the whole universe isn’t just resting on our shoulders. It helps us to soften and surrender to the currents of life.

There is a primal force which animates and enlivens all things, and it’s in you, too.

If you see that as a divine entity or energy or spirit, great! Whatever works for you. I just want to be clear that what I’m telling you here is not in conflict with any religion or spirituality that you practice. I’ve been asked before, many times, if somebody can still be [insert religion here] and also practice this kind of spirituality and I’m telling you that whatever it is that you see as the mover-of-all-things is something that you need to have a felt connection with for multilevel healing and support. Your connection to the universe is a relationship, and all relationships require tending and deepening. If anything this will make you a better practitioner of whatever religion it is that you ascribe to! Read more here on cultivating authentic spirituality.

The 7 Pieces of TRUE Healing offer a fluid, living, breathing framework that is applicable to any situation and challenge you may encounter. Through employing these principles, you’ll deepen your relationship with your body, your needs, and your authentic essence. You’ll come to know, through compassionate self-witnessing and self-inquiry, what you most need and how to receive it. TRUE Healing is never linear. It is a sacred spiral. Join the dance and find your own sacred steps.

December 21, 2021 – February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It’s a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

Connect with me through social media, email, or my podcast, Subtle Medicine!

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Holistic Healing and Integrative Wellness

Holistic Healing

Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

Holistic Healing is the missing component of our current medical paradigm. You are a multidimensional being with many layers and facets. Dis-ease isn’t just about the body – it’s about so much more.

The “reductionistic” view of illness that our culture maintains isn’t fully helping anyone. In this model, a person is “reduced” to their parts. While these parts are important, they are just parts of the whole. Looking at ALL the parts and their beautiful and complex intricacies and relationships is crucial.

Without looking at something holistically, there’s no way to efficiently, effectively, and sustainably influence change and healing.

Holistic Healing Defined

Merriam-Webster (n.d.) defines “holistic” as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.” Modern society’s approach to health (and to all things, really) is quite compartmentalized. There’s a doctor, bureaucratic office, app, pill, etc. for just about everything. We’ve become all about reduction-ism and subcategories; symptoms and parts.

Why have we shunned and diminished the value of holistic modalities and put them into the category of “alternative” and therefore “less than?” Why are so many people more willing to take a pill than meditate, exercise, or take herbs?

The body is our entry point and the focus of much of our obsession because it’s tangible and therefore, we think it should be easily “fixed” or manipulated at our will. However, there’s a crucially missing factor here – your body and its state for the most part is a reflection of your inner, not-so-tangible realms. The subtle creates the gross!

Physical dis-ease is a manifestation of dis-ease on the emotional, mental, and spiritual body levels. Learn more about a holistic viewpoint of chronic disease here. How can any real healthcare system or healing plan provide benefits to its recipients without taking that into consideration? How can recipients of its care learn to take radical self-responsibility and become their own healers without being wholly guided?

Emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks hurt the physical body and prevent us from fully embodying our lives.

In plain, “non-woowoo” terms, if it pleases you, that old baggage you carry around with you, that old story, the hurts you still hold onto, the resentments you’ve failed to let go of, the cyclical replaying of a scenario you wished you would’ve gone differently, the body-hating – ALL these things change your physiology daily and not for the better.

These subconscious tapes are stuck on repeat. They then drive your emotions, which fuel your behaviors and choices, which may not be the ideal ones and are the reason you may find yourself stuck and repeating the same patterns in your life.

Physically, these tapes create a stress response in your system and this seriously hinders the body’s ability to carry out its own healing and cleansing duties that it needs to do daily. For example, these “free radicals” we hear about are very real and can cause cellular mutations, which is why we need “antioxidants” to neutralize them.

Your body creates its own free radicals by simply running natural biochemical pathways to produce energy. This would happen naturally even if you lived in a Utopian bubble-wrapped world free of stress or toxins. So, couple that fact with the environment and reality that is being created as a result of these subconscious tapes, which may show up as you not eating whole, antioxidant-rich foods, plus the stress response taking place, which requires even more antioxidants to counter… and you can see why many of us are headed for trouble.

However, we have something so powerful at our disposable that I am inviting you tap into. The power of choice and freewill. Get curious about Shadow Work and Flower Essences, body metaphors, the Chakra System and how they relate to your endocrine glands and surrounding organs to help you clarify what your body is telling you. Or, work it backwards and get curious about what tapes are constantly being played and begin to notice how they impact you.

We’re just getting started.

Take a peek inside my holistic healer’s medicine bag and find the medicine that’s calling to you.

Take radical self-responsibility for your life, your journey, your healing, and your health and embrace holism. Every single part of you is connected. Every single thing that you have ever experienced in your life is stored in you.

Are you going to let your life live you or are you going to live your life? We cannot numb out any longer and rely on pills and masking symptoms. I challenge you to begin to take some time getting quiet with yourself to notice the beliefs and stories on repeat within you and the subtle (or more obvious and dramatic) impacts they have on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

I know from experience that embarking upon your own journey of holistic healing can feel overwhelming, so I’ve put together these holistic healing resources to help you rediscover what your intuition has always been telling you. I hope you’ll have as much fun exploring these topics as I have, and if you’re ready to really catalyze your transformation then be sure to check out these sacred gifts from me to you.

Connect with me through social media, email, or my podcast, Subtle Medicine!

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Detoxify On All Levels


Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

I have a bit of a problem with buzzwords and trends that don’t offer the entire picture, but instead use fear-based tactics to sell products or services by getting you to believe there’s something “wrong” with you and that they (not you) have the cure.  I see this a lot with “detoxes” and the various “detox programs.”  The act of detoxing is a necessary and vital one and in fact, your physical body is the most comprehensive, brilliant detoxify machine ever – without the need for smoothies and juices or fasting or colonics for days on end. 

However, yes, these modern-day, trendy detoxes do have a time and place and I have seen them serve as catalysts for people’s continued self-care and health-supportive lifestyles.  “I feel better on this detox!”  Why, of course you do!  Your typical diet of processed food-like-stuff has been suspended and you’re eating Earth-made substances that your body recognizes and craves!  However, all of this aside, no matter how well-intentioned a detox facilitator or detox participant may be, more times than not, it seems that a few crucial elements missing.

As I’ve said time and again (I swear, it’ll be put on my tombstone), you CANNOT jog and kale and smoothie your way to true, joyful, nourishing, ecstatic living.  Simply addressing this very superficial layer of ourselves (our physical bodies and physical environment) is only one piece of the human experience.

So, what’s missing?  Peeling the layers away and diagnosing the state of you entire being and your life on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – and honestly assessing where you’re feeling malnourished, stuck, and unhappy.

It’s easier said than done, of course, which is why many get caught at the physical, surface level and can handle the green juice for a day or two before succumbing to their “old ways.”  It’s just enough to “feed” our ego and make ourselves feel as though we’ve “done good” and “changed” and then just enough to scare the same ego back into maintaining the status quo by not continuing with the layer-peeling (or the increased vegetable consumption) on a daily, dedicated basis.

Your allegiance to the status quo, although an outdated and possibly dysfunctional one, is strong.  We fear and resist change, yet we come to realize that eventually the current way is dangerous to us.  This leaves us in an awkward purgatory-like situation wherein we’ve come too far to go back and are still too chicken shit to go all the way through the newly opened door of possibilities that we’ve opened. 

However, now, at this pivotal time in our existence, it’s time to confront what we resist so that we can shift our relationship with it and find the transformation and release that’s desperately needed.  We’re being called to release addictions – addictions surface on all levels as the result of unmet needs.  The needs aren’t being met because we either don’t know we have them (because we’re blinded by the addiction), we’re bypassing them with the addiction, we’ve convinced ourselves the needs are unable to be met and so we numb out continually.  Viscous cycle, anyone?

Your feelings are the answer.  The innate intelligence that exists in your body is your guidance system and the way through that door and out of purgatory, is through this body intelligence and feelings. 

Ways to Detoxify the Poisons From ALL Levels:

Physically: cut the boozing, drugging, consumption of processed food-stuff, the porn, the internet, the television

Emotionally: resist holding grudges; be mindful of times that yield anger, isolating, frustration, sadness, etc. and dig deeper – especially when the reaction may not seem to necessarily fit the triggering situation

Mentally: watch for the addiction to the old stories, which shows itself through hurting all levels; what tracks are on your Mental Body’s “greatest hits” album that you hear daily?

Spiritually: make a daily practice of grounding and shielding exercises, nourishing and supporting the energetic system with modalities like flower essences, and engage in spiritual practices that align with you

Learn more about whole being nourishment and the four bodies.

Learn more about real, whole foods.

Learn more about addiction.

Learn more about creating new habits.

Learn more about the process of shadow work and diving into parts of yourself that feel challenging.

Learn more about embodiment practices to process old emotions and ground into your physical body.

Learn more about cultivating authentic spirituality.

Learn more about aligning with Nature – the ultimate healer.

Find a way to shift your relationship to the thing from which you’re numbing.  Notice how it sabotages your life and your desires. 

Subtle Medicine Podcast

Subtle Medicine

Dear One, of this I know for certain: living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom is essential for us all – especially a highly sensitive soul.

Subtle Medicine is a podcast for the sensitive, intuitive, empathic soul longing to ground into something real, wild, and magical, reclaim their Truest Self, heal their body and life through living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom.

Each episode delivers potent transmissions to inspire and empower you. With a range of topics complete with a dash of Western science, hearty servings of metaphysical wisdom, and heaps of embodied experiences, there’s something here for you to create profound, sustainable, holistic shifts in life, health, body, relationships, and spiritual growth.

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10 Ways to Reconnect to the Earth

Reconnect to the Earth

Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

So, that radical “new” thing that everyone’s talking about these days called, “Earthing” isn’t actually new and isn’t actually radical.

Placing one’s bare feet on the Earth is one of the most natural things we can do.  Keeping our feet bound up in human-made materials all day and night is unnatural.  Many things that we think of as “normal” and “natural” are the product of industrialized civilizations and are new concepts to our kind.  These ways of being have severed our connection to the Earth and ultimately the connection to ourselves and our very innate nature. Things like living off processed and fast foods, sitting in a chair all day, staring at screens from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, living in climate controlled environments, ignoring our circadian rhythms, pushing past our limits, glorifying exhaustion, and going against seasonal needs and flows, etc. have all contributed to the state of our planet, our rapidly declining physical and mental health, and I’d even go so far as to say crime rates, the objectification of women, and more.  It’s all connected.

So, how do we reconnect and reclaim an authentic, nourishing way of living in a modern world?  It must start with us and it must begin with shifting our mindsets and objectively analyzing the beliefs we’ve been programmed with and the habitual ways we live our lives.

Here are 10 things to consider and ways to get started:

  1. Earthing

I already mentioned this above, so I won’t repeat myself.

Mindset Shift: Commit to walking outside barefoot daily or at least several days a week.  Savor this time, breathe deeply, feel the sun and air on your skin and the Earth below your feet and imagine releasing your burdens down through the soles of your feet and into the Earth.  Mmmm…

  1. Reduce Screen Time

This ties in with number 8 below on a macro-level, however, for your individual health, reducing your exposure to the blue light emissions and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from screens can be hugely beneficial!  The blue light has been shown to impact our circadian rhythms by reducing the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone) from our pineal glands.  In simpler terms, it’s screwing with your sleep and smooth hormone function.  EMFs have been shown to be responsible for everything from increased anxiety, trouble sleeping, nausea, and more.  Walk into a Best Buy and you’ll feel exactly what I am talking about; it’s a highly sensitive person’s nightmare!

Mindset Shift: For many, the screen time is unavoidable due to work (I get it!), however, there are ways that our technology consumption has become addictive and a way to avoid our lives.  Challenge yourself to a few days of either a total digital detox OR being very disciplined and using it for work ONLY.  Notice what arises for you.  Is it anxiety, loneliness, or a feeling of missing something?  Get clear on what the actual need is so that you can meet it in more nourishing ways – like perhaps partaking in some Earthing.

  1. Plant Your Own Food

There’s truly nothing like planting a seed in the soil with your own hands and watching as it goes from a sprout to something you’re able to harvest and eat.  This simple act is profound.  It’s life sustaining and life affirming.  We are dependent on this giant spinning rock in the Universe and She always delivers and nourishes us selflessly.  Reconnecting to this most basic act is my favorite way to remind myself of the interconnections of all beings and the dependence I have upon my Earthly home.

Mindset Shift: Plant something!  You don’t need a giant plot of land or even to have access to your own land if you live in an apartment, for example.  A simple pot with your favorite herb will do.  By the way, plants are living, intelligent beings and respond best with lots of love and mindful attention.

  1. Follow the Sun

With light pollution out the wazoo, a 24/7 news cycle, a society that applauds constant action and encourages wearing exhaustion as a badge of honor, it’s no wonder that many clients come to me suffering from major burnout.  What does your sleep/wake schedule look like?  Is it different daily?  Do you consider yourself a “night owl”?  Do you watch screens after sunset and rely on artificial light late into the evening?  Do you wake feeling rested?  As I explained in number 2, screens and artificial light mess with our hormones and with our sleep.  Without healthy melatonin secretion, you’re not going to get that deep, restorative sleep and won’t feel very rested upon waking.  Everything in Nature exists in cycles and we are part of Nature – not separate.  Honor your body’s needs for rhythms and routines and the fact that we’re designed to slow way down and retreat into restful ease around sunset. 

Mindset Shift: No screens after dark.  Yes.  What?!  If you’re like many of my clients, they think this sounds ridiculous.  Try it for a few days this week and see how you feel.  At least 30 minutes before bed, ideally an hour, shut it all down.  Take it further by ensuring a consistent sleep/wake schedule for yourself aiming to gift yourself around eight hours every night.  You’ll be amazed how easy this is and how rested you are when you implement the no screens rule!

  1. Live Seasonally

As I mentioned, Nature exists in cycles and rhythms.  The moon waxes and wanes, day turns to night, and winter into spring into summer into fall.  Each cycle has its own flavor, energy, and invitation for us and our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health can thrive if we follow along.  In a nutshell, the Light Half of the Year can be likened to the waxing moon and runs from the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice.  From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice is the Dark Half of the Year or the waning portion.  The end of summer and into fall and winter see us reflecting, retreating, harvesting, preparing, slumbering, down shifting, and reaping what we’ve sown since the Winter Solstice (or, if the Celtic Wheel of the Year isn’t jiving with you, think back to those New Year’s Resolutions).  From Winter Solstice into Summer Solstice we have the waxing portion of the year where the days grow longer until the longest day at the solstice.  These energies are expansive, expressive, playful, social, rebellious, adventurous, etc.  In addition, each season has its own foods, colors, and activities for honoring.

Mindset Shift: How can you honor the seasonal rhythms more in your life?  Endeavor to eat as seasonally as possible.  Checking websites like Sustainable Table can be helpful and shopping at Farmer’s Markets whenever you’re able is the best.  In addition to food, how can you reconnect to the primal energies of the seasons and recognize the rhythms in your own being?

  1. Follow the Moon

The moon’s cycles impact us even if you are the most anti-astrological, anti-woo person of them all, there’s no denying this fact.  It makes me truly sad to hear people ask what a “waning” or “waxing” moon is and which corresponds to which cycle.  Many people aren’t even aware of the moon’s current phase.   Generally, from the New Moon to the Full Moon (the waxing phase, by the way), there’s more energy available, more clarity, more enthusiasm, more zest.  From the Full Moon to the New Moon (the waning phase), energy is lower and there’s more of an introspective, docile, and planning energy.

Mindset Shift: Pay attention to the moon and its impact on your energies and emotions.  Dedicate yourself to at least one full moon cycle, from New Moon to New Moon, and keep a journal to jot down any observations.

  1. Use Reusable Bags

Seriously, people, just buy those lovely reusable grocery bags and freaking use them.  The amount of paper and plastic bags used daily is truly sickening and many people don’t seem to give it a second thought.  I watch baggers at stores place one measly item in a big ol’ bag and just keep on going, as though the goal were to use more bags, not pack each one efficiently.

Mindset Shift: Buy reusable bags and use them.  That simple.  A simple Amazon search yields options galore for your purchasing pleasure.

  1. Reduce Your Usage

The average household has a shit ton of electronics and many are on 24/7.  Not only does this produce a ridiculously high amount of electromagnetic frequencies whizzing around your space, but it adds major bucks onto your electricity bill and increases your carbon footprint.  Does that television REALLY need to be on 16 hours a day?  Does it really take that much effort or would it cause that much discomfort to shut off the wireless router, turn the thermostat up, or unplug other random gadgets when not in use?

Mindset Shift: Do an electronics audit of your home and experiment with using way less with methods like switching all the way off or unplugging.  Watch your bill decrease! Woohoo!  Even bigger bonus challenge?  Consider solar panels!  I know that’s our next big endeavor over here!

  1. Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals

Chemicals.  They’re bad for Earth, which makes them bad for us.  We are one in the same, after all.  Nature isn’t this abstract concept outside of us.  From cosmetics to cleaners to vehicle fluids to pesticides, we’re constantly inundated.  So, if much of this is outside of our control, why wouldn’t we reduce what’s in our immediate environments?  I find with many clients that this is an area of straight habit.  Whatever they had as a child still reigns in their households today.  I’m all for family loyalty, however, there are some areas where we should really think for ourselves and break a cycle.  Exposing ourselves to endocrine disruptors that are honestly worse than that blue light I talked about earlier sounds like a pretty good cycle to break to me.  Nowadays there are many natural options and there are also easy recipes available online to learn to make your own products.  I began making my own self care products and many cleaning products years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Mindset Shift: Where can you reduce your exposure to chemicals in your immediate environment?  Use air fresheners?  Make your own with essential oils.  Still using conventional deodorants?  Switch to a natural one.  Think you need those harsh chemicals to really get surfaces clean and “kill bacteria?”  Think again.  The plant properties of essential oils are Nature’s ultimate antimicrobials.  Experiment with new cleaning products and research natural product substitutes.  Dr. Bronner’s, Mrs. Meyer’s and Seventh Generation are all excellent brands.  

  1. Exercise Your Purchasing Power

How you spend your money is your choice and your right.  That’s freaking empowering.  So, how do you spend it?  Do you know where your dollars are going when you buy certain foods, clothing brands, etc.?  Do you even stop to think about these things or do you habitually buy the same things all the time on a whim and without a second thought?  You worked for that money and it’s important to have it mean something when you are exchanging it for goods and services. 

Mindset Shift: Spend your money on things you TRULY need, not want, AND on companies that align with your values.  Aren’t clear on your values?  Spend some time on that first.  Sucker for a “bargain” find at a Target and think you need another five dollar tee-shirt?  Buying generic brands of foods, “conventionally grown” food?  Spend some time educating yourself on the true cost of these things, like the health impact on the Earth and Her inhabitants,  and I bet you’ll find some areas for adjustments.  

Visit this list frequently and aim to implement even something small at least once a week.  These suggestions and others can quickly become new habits and the benefits in your life will speak for themselves.  Want some suggestions on making new habits stick?  Read this.  Having difficulty incorporating these into your life or desire additional information?  Just reach out to me!

Connect with me through social media, email, or my podcast, Subtle Medicine!

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Healing Hormones & Fertility With Flower Essences


Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

The subtle creates the gross. 

Healing hormones and fertility challenges are issues many women face. Challenges we experience in our physical existence (our bodies, health, lives, relationships) are simply mirroring an imbalance, dysfunction, or state of dis-ease in our subtler bodies (the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers). 

Struggles with fertility and hormonal balance more often than not have their roots in stress – physiologically impacting the adrenal glands and their delicate dance with the rest of our endocrine glands and energetically impacting our root chakra and all it encompasses. 

How does this happen?  Unprocessed trauma that makes us more susceptible to the ill-effects of daily stress.  Stress and trauma are compounding.  Undigested blockages stack on top of each other and the system’s vital energetic flow goes towards trying to manage the mountain of “foreign invaders” (the energetic and physiological residue of the compounding stress). 

This means that daily maintenance required by the system on all levels is maintained only halfheartedly, or depending upon the stage of the undigested blockage, completely neglected.  Additionally, the traumas in question don’t necessarily have to happen to you in your lifetime; they can also be ancestral and handed down through the lineage.

This is how dis-ease manifests on the physical body. 

The subtle body sends its messages and warnings and we fail to pay attention, identify and honor the need.  The subtle creates the gross, remember?  The subtle, and now dysfunctional, building blocks of our system on all levels create an undesired gross experience.

The most interesting part of the dis-ease process is how it manifests and in which area of our physical experience and how our physical body produces its signs and symptoms of dis-ease.

In cases of fertility and hormonal balance challenges, more often not I’ve seen them linked to unprocessed issues around sexuality, femininity, and/or sexual abuse.  Shame, guilt, unworthiness, feeling dependent upon others, “creative constipation,” having a “mother wound,” and more are also tied up in these links, too.  While dietary, lifestyle (proper exercise and stress management resources, for example), herbal and nutrient interventions can work wonders, they aren’t the panacea. 

True healing must begin within and on the subtle levels so they can then create the desired gross experience. 

You can’t heal anything while continuing to operate from the same paradigm that bred the current dysfunction.    

Flower Essences and other energetic interventions used in conjunction with practices like Personal Alchemy, yield lasting and profound results.  For addressing issues in the sacral chakra (the space in our pelvic bowl that includes all things creative and feminine), hibiscuses and lilies are the best!

A very brief guide to essences and healing feminine reproductive challenges:

  • Healing sexual trauma: Pine
  • Issues with our own inner child: Mulberry, Pine
  • Issues with our own parents or parental figures: Wild Potato, Wine Cup
  • Issues With Our Femininity: Wine Cup, Sensitive Plant
  • Feel safe in your body, root chakra healing: Pine

This is a very, very brief introduction into the many flower essences available to peel the layers of subtle woundings and create a more balanced physical experience.  It is always best to turn to an experienced, compassionate Flower Essence Therapist to guide your healing journey.

Additional Considerations:

  • Herbs & Botanicals. Mother Earth has provided all the medicine we need and while flower essences support the sublte bodies in creating the desired gross experience, herbs and botanicals offer more direct support to the physical while it is “catching up” and the subtle blocks are rebuilding it. 
    • Adaptogens soothe a fried nervous system and support reproduction
    • Liver and digestive supportive herbs can also benefit hormonal balance
  • Sacral Chakra Clearing & Healing practices. Practices such as uttar basti, yoni steaming, expressive arts therapy, somatic movement, journey work, and more can be very beneficial.
  • Recognize your creativity in ALL aspects of your life – quit focusing solely on the act of reproducing a human or getting your hormones “on track”
    • Where do you feel the most creative? 
    • When are you most in “the flow?” 
  • A thriving spiritual life and daily practice strengthens your connection to the divine within.  It is our divinity that sustains us and sparks our ability and desire to successfully create our lives. 
    • How do you connect to the divine within? 
    • Do you have a daily practice for feeding your spiritual body? 
  • Your vessel is a sacred temple 
    • Is your current lifestyle conducive to being in a state of creative and receptive grace? 
    • Are you properly feeding your physical body?  “Properly” is different for everyone and fluctuates in any given season, phase of the cycle, and life stage.  
    • How do you deeply honor and care for yourself?   

The physical body is a mirror.  What is yours telling you?  What needs to be addressed on the subtle level?  The physical body is slower than your subtle bodies as it’s created by these tiny, energetic building blocks over time. 

Compassion, patience, and disciplined self-love are crucial during any healing process.  Working with an experienced plant medicine practitioner and intuitive mentor who can also guide in nutrition and appropriate lifestyle and supplementation will have your subtle and gross experiences regenerating in your desired frequency.

Recognize that you’re a conduit for the divine, a portal for life, a sacred being, and the great mystery itself.

Connect with me through social media, email, or my podcast, Subtle Medicine!

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