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  • Basic Energy Management For Stability and Healing

    Basic Energy Management For Stability + Healing

    Our energy is pretty much the main thing we have “control” over in our lives, and it influences everything. Our energy is our presence, our emotions, our behaviors, our choices, our thoughts, our physical health (or lack thereof), and so much more. Everything is energy, and energy is everything. The subtle is always creating the […]


  • “Normal” Doesn’t Mean Right + Freedom Through Cause & Effect

    There are many aspects of our culture today that we’ve normalized, however, just because something is “normal,” doesn’t mean it’s health-supporting or right for you. How to find out what is best for you? Stay tuned as we discuss the liberating and empowering principle of cause and effect, as well as a simple exercise for […]


  • Energetic Maintenance

    Energetic Maintenance for the Sensitive Soul

    For those of us that identify as empaths, lightworkers, and Highly Sensitive People, self-care and energetic maintenance are non-negotiable.