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  • Your Four Bodies

    Let’s think of you as having four distinct, yet related bodies or layers. While many schools of thought, philosophies, and teachings get into even more layers and subtle nuances, let’s stick with the main four. These layers are all 100 percent inextricably linked and are interdependent. This means that whatever is happening for one, completely […]


  • Holism

    Why We Need to Adopt Holism For Health & Healing

    Physical dis-ease is a manifestation of dis-ease on the emotional, mental, and spiritual body levels.


  • Whole Being

    What is Whole Being Nourishment?

    Through seeing ourselves as a Physical, Emotional, Mental, and a Spiritual or Energetic Body, we are more easily able to identify and meet our needs.


  • Emotional

    Your Four Bodies: Emotional

    This area of our being can be scary as waves of feelings swell from within. Learning to surf these waves is absolutely vital for our health and vitality!


  • Stress

    Your Personalized Stress Management Resource List

    Stress management and why it matters There’s strong connection between chronic stress, especially when it evolves into “burnout,” and cardiovascular issues (Vente et al., 2015). Impaired concentration, fatigue, lack of drive and passion, feelings of depression, trouble sleeping, and more are just some of the ways this state can manifest itself outwardly, while our cardiovascular […]