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When it’s Hard to be Still – Do This Instead

It’s virtually impossible to go from a hyper-aroused state, feeling overwhelmed and anxious to being completely still, yet many of us are trying to do just that… Stillness can be a wonderful goal, however, when trying to go from 100 to 0 with the flip of a switch...

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The Goal Isn’t “Calm”

On the journey of healing and preventing burnout, overthinking, people-pleasing, shame, and anxiety, the goal isn't to be "calm." This often is just bypassing and won't do you any good in the long run… The goal is to build our capacity and resilience for being with...

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Is Burnout Robbing You of Intimacy?

Sensitive, deep-feeler: Is being burnt out robbing you of intimacy? Let’s talk about it. When deep-feelers are living in a state of frozen shame, it may look something like some of the following: ✨Overthinking mostly everything, backwards and forwards, up and down, 10...

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Working With Your Awareness to Heal Burnout

Something I wish I would’ve known and embraced more fully back then… The power of awareness cannot be overstated. Your awareness serves as the container for your entire experience, and it has the power to create sustainable, lasting change. Many of us are challenged...

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What’s Motivating You: Pain or Love?

What are you creating in your life right now? And, what’s the motivation behind this intention? Is it because you are running from the past or trying to “prove,” “overcompensate,” or “fix” something? Or, is it because you are genuinely and excitedly running towards...

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Overdoing, Over-Giving, and Burning Out?

Let’s talk about something that inevitably leads to burn out and resentment among the deep feelers and the over thinkers – over giving and over doing. When I hear this, I automatically know that this is someone overcompensating for the ways they believe they are not...

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The Truth About Burnout

The Truth About Burnout

Let’s talk real quick about burnout. Burnout is the bane of a deep-feeler’s existence. You overthink, you feel deeply, you overcompensate for your perceived shortcomings, you people-please, you try to hide out, and all of that constant analyzing burns you the fudge...

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