A Guide to The Energies of Summer: Archetypes + Practice

Summer brings us into the apex of the year. Life force energy is abundant, the sun reaches its zenith, and the days are longest. We can see how lush and green all the vegetation is and we may feel more energy to try new things, socialize, and be outwardly expressive.

In the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice is the day of the year that marks the end of the “Light Half of the Year” as the sun will shine its longest and then slowly begin its retreat into the “Dark Half of the Year” to be “reborn” again at the Winter Solstice. It’s the longest day of the year before the descent back into the dark.

Summer Solstice, the sun, longer days… the energy in the collective is buzzing, vibrant, alive, gregarious, outgoing, expressive, and expansive right now.

Summer is a significant season full realizations, illuminations, growth, and honoring the element of fire. Summer Solstice symbolism invites us to honor the life-giving qualities of the sun and of the father figures and triangle energy in our lives. The power of Summer Solstice is that it reminds us our ability to influence and create great change.

On InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, summer holds The Blacksmith Archetype and The Sacred Activist Archetype. These frequencies exist within and around us at all times. However, when we’re experiencing the corresponding seasons externally, it can be easier to tune into these energies internally. For more on InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies, click here.

The Two Frequencies of summer: The Blacksmith Archetype + The Sacred Activist Archetype

The Blacksmith Archetype

The Blacksmith invites us to evaluate our relationship with devotion, discipline, sacrifice, and consistency. For many of us, these concepts feel illusive, rigid, or challenging. This time of peak life force offers us an opportunity to look at these aspects of ourselves and to use the abundance of energy to forge our egos and finesse any rough edges.

The Freedom of Discipline + The Blacksmith Frequency

Are you able to consistently hold space for yourself in the name of self-love and self-growth? And even in the face of discomfort, can you stay with it?

The truth is anything we desire in life requires discipline. New habits, consistent self-care, healing past traumas, living in alignment with our truths… all of this and more requires devotion, discipline, consistency, and sacrifice. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our attachments to old ways, which requires devotion towards whatever we’re creating next. To show up consistently, which is how we make anything stick, requires discipline.

Redefining Discipline

Discipline is self-love and it is actually freedom.

Can look like sacrificing our needs for those of others… this has come to be seen as noble, especially for womxn. If we’re not full, or at least partially so, what do we have to give? Is this attachment towards sacrificing yourself coming from a desire to please, stay safe, keep up appearances, etc? The Blacksmith offers us the fortitude and stamina to look at these things under the inescapable brightness of the summer sun’s illumination.

What do you need that you aren’t giving yourself? Do you let others’ priorities take precedent over your own? Do you say “yes” when you want to say “no”?

Journal with The Blacksmith

  • What are you ready to change/heal/create in yourself and in your life?
  • How can a refined relationship with discipline, devotion, consistency, and sacrifice support you in this endeavor?
  • Where are you clinging to an old paradigm and how can The Blacksmith help you see the magical liberating beauty of discipline, devotion, consistency, and sacrifice?

The Sacred Activist

Late summertime corresponds with the essence of identifying our most sacred values and aligning our lives with them more authentically and more wholly. It’s a time of activating our voices and the variety of ways to use them.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the state of the world and the suffering of others. We want to do everything and anything and often end up doing nothing. It’s important to remember a few things:

First, it’s OK to take small steps. Emailing lawmakers, picking up trash as you see it, teaching your children about fairness and equality, climate change, etc. All of these are absolutely beautiful and needed and are making a difference.

Second, it’s OK to have your prioritized values shift and change as you evolve and grow and as the world evolves and grows.

Third, it’s not doing anyone any favors to feel guilty about your privilege as you safely watch the tragic news from your comfortable home. Without a safe, secure foundation, how are you going to support anyone? USE your privilege as often as you see an opportunity.

The underlying theme of the Sacred Activist is dynamism and self-awareness. Be aware of your values and consistently check in with them and allow your actions to be dynamic and adapt.

Identify your values and check in with them often. Use them as a benchmark for how you are living your own life. Living in alignment with our authentic values as a way of living our unique sacred activism.

Identify how you most like to use your voice. Do you enjoy actually speaking or do you prefer writing? Maybe creating art through a specific medium you love? Use the energy of this time to tap into your voice.

Journal with The Sacred Activist:

  • What is Sacred Activism to you?
  • What are your sacred values and how are you living in devotion and service to them?
  • What lights holy rage within you about the world? How can this holy rage bring you closer to your sacred values?
  • Is how you’re spending your dollars and time in alignment with your values? Where and how can you elevate your game?
  • How are you filling yourself to then give to the collective?

Above all, enjoy this magical time of year as the Wheel continues to turn. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone to express and reveal yourself, to ask for your needs to be met, to recommit to whatever it was you set out to accomplish at the start of the year. The energies support you right now, so surrender to Universal flow and smile.

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