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Creating Authentic Spirituality

Authentic Spirituality

Last updated on February 28th, 2021.

Spirituality isn’t religion and many people that are religious are not actually spiritual. Spirituality is a way of viewing the world. It’s a way of thinking, feeling, and believing. It’s a way of surrendering to the greater flow, the Great Web of Life, cosmic order, Source, whatever you like to call it. It’s a continued practice of authentically communing with your Self without dogma, egoic blocks, fears, and trauma.

What is Spiritual Trauma?

Trauma comes in many shades. It’s not a matter of if you’re experienced trauma, but when it was, the profundity of it, and how its impacts linger today.

Spiritual trauma exists extensively in our culture and it’s largely due to religion. For several thousand years, we’ve been operating out of a monotheistic paradigm that comes complete with lots of dogmatic, punitive, and disempowering systems. This paradigm is strict, often times merciless, and creates a structure wherein Source and divinity exist outside of you.

After being indoctrinated with this for several generations, the ill-effects are becoming apparent. One of the consequences is a challenging time experiencing authentic spirituality. Spirituality, as I mentioned previously, is a reflective, introspective, on-going journey. Finding Source within directly contradicts the existing religious paradigm which creates a block. Another block comes in the form of confusing religion and spirituality. With this at play, people find themselves wanting nothing to do with any of it and continually feel lost and disempowered.

Why Create Spiritual Relationship With Myself?

A key component in creating a life that feels wholly nourishing, purposeful, and provides the foundation for true holistic living, some kind of relationship with something greater than yourself must be actualized. You are an individual, yet you are not. You are the person you think you are, yet you are not.

By and large the people we think we are simply illusions maintained and fueled by neurotic delusions. Our “small” selves can only get us so far before we must surrender to the greater forces at play. We are simultaneously the dreamers and the dreams; the creators and the creations. When we see ourselves as the avatars and little, fleeting embodiments of Source that we really are, life becomes so much more magical, fluid, and full of ease.

Creating an authentic spiritual relationship must become the cornerstone of your life in order to fully actualize your soul’s purpose and your avatar’s potential in this life. It’s required for healing physical dis-ease, cultivating more meaningful relationships with the people in your life, creating meaningful work that supports you and the planet, helps us make aligned choices and take the right actions for us, and so much more.

How to Be More Spiritual?

This is a very personal journey that will look differently for each person. In my work, I strive to create the space necessary for my clients to feel safe enough to openly explore the ways in which they view spirituality, how they wish for their spiritual relationship to look, and what traumas they may be carrying from religion or pseudo-spiritual backgrounds.

There’s no one answer to how to be more spiritual. A spiritual life involves living in a constant state of self-inquiry, observing oneself, and questioning everything with childlike wonder. Any and all of the resources I provide equip you with the awareness necessary to begin this beautiful quest of living in alignment with the Source of your understanding. Peruse these tools for support:


Nature is not this separate entity that exists outside. You are Nature. Nature is you. There is no distinction.
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Shadow Work

At its core, Shadow Work is a process of integrating parts of ourselves we’ve disowned, shunned, or bypassed with the purpose of reclaiming and empowering ourselves through our trials and traumas.
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Energy Healing

We can’t truly change the tangible, gross manifestations of our lives without tending to the subtle building blocks that make up those very manifestations, and understanding the power of these subtle and unseen energies is vital to the success of any holistic practice.
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Yoga is the ongoing process of personal alchemy in which our human and spirit selves unite, becoming physical embodiments of light and love, soul animating human form…
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he practice of meditation provides an avenue to continue the process of knowing thyself, which for the sensitive soul is especially imperative…
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December 21, 2021 – February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It’s a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

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