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What is Shamanism?

Shamanic Healing

The concept of shamanic healing has seen a resurrection in recent years in mainstream culture – and it’s about time. At its core, shamanism is the earliest known form of natural healing. The word “shaman” comes from Siberia and refers to their indigenous medicine people.

Every culture and indigenous group has their own version of a shaman, regardless of what term is used. Although these people look very differently across cultures, at the heart of shamanism or indigenous, natural healing is a deep reverence for nature, the ancestors, the elements, and an ability to see through a person’s surface challenges and into the root.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism, by any name, aims to retrieve information, guidance, and support from Spirit, the ancestors, the elements, the subtle energetic building blocks around and within us. Through seeing to the heart and core of the matter at hand, Band-Aid solutions are foregone, and root healing can take place. Although in our culture “shamanism” isn’t quite as recognized as energy healing, shadow work, or plant medicine, it’s all part of the greater cosmic web of resources here for our use.

Connection With Nature

Nature heals us. We are Nature. There is no separation. Our dis-ease stems from the illusion of separation and the longing to merge back with what’s natural. This distance is what has caused Feminine Shame, and this mending is how we heal Feminine Shame.

Working With the Wheel of The Mother

InnerSpark’s Wheel, inspired by the seasons, offers an energetic, archetypal invitation to explore the eight facets of The Mother within ourselves for growth, healing, and transformation. These eight members of your inner wisdom council are always available and ready to offer you specific practices, invitations, insights, and more.

Shadow Work

At its core, Shadow Work is a process of integrating parts of ourselves we’ve disowned, shunned, or bypassed with the purpose of reclaiming and empowering ourselves through our trials and traumas.

Energy Healing

We can’t truly change the tangible, gross manifestations of our lives without tending to the subtle building blocks that make up those very manifestations, and understanding the power of these subtle and unseen energies is vital to the success of any holistic practice.

Is Shamanism Dangerous?

No, shamanism, and other various natural healing modalities in and of themselves aren’t dangerous. That being said, always use your own best judgement as not everyone claiming to be a healer has the best intentions or masterful skills. 

What Can Shamanism Help Me With?

Shamanism and other subtle energetic healing modalities that involve addressing the root of the a person’s ailment can help with literally everything. Ancestral healing and dealing with things like the Mother Wound and feminine shame. Chronic diseases have their roots in the subtle, psycho-emotional body often times, as do issues with feminine health struggles and adrenal/root chakra challenges.

Essentially, any challenge the human faces throughout their life is here to teach us and guide us towards recognizing the divine emanations of grace we truly are embodying. These challenges have their roots in our subtle layers and by addressing the root cause, which is going to be something very different than Western Medicine may have us believe, we can find physical healing as well as growth and insight that surpasses our wildest dreams.

Use challenges as the guides and teachers they are, accept them and be with them. Through practices like shamanism where we unravel the layers of energetic scar tissue to see the core, life is not just “gotten through,” but truly becomes a living mystery school.

How Can I Get Started With Shamanism?

The best way to begin any kind of deep, soul journey is to get quiet and turn your attention inward. That inward attention enables you to work with your subtle energy, find meditation practices you love, unpack your subconscious through practices like expressive arts, embodiment and shadow work, as well as finding what supports your own holistic nourishment.

While healers outside of you can certainly hold the space to facilitate this process, you are always your own best healer and can begin the process right now. As you’re ready to deepen your journey, seeking trusted outside support is essential.

The InnerSpark Method

The InnerSpark Method is a revolutionary, whole-person approach for deep-feeling, sensitive women that gets to the real ROOT of burnout, overthinking, people-pleasing, anxiety, and that constant sense of "there's something wrong with me."

The InnerSpark Method is a profound inward journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-mastery that exists to strengthen and empower sensitive, deep-feeling women to transform challenge into resource and create their own lifelong pathways towards wholeness, thriving, growth, and transformation.

This is the foundation for life we all should have received. It’s a living, breathing framework and map back home to yourself.

Sweet Soul, it’s time to live from your InnerSpark.

I’ve got you.

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