The Mindset of Rest + Nervous System Care

The Mindset of Rest + Nervous System Care

Arguably every dis-ease the humxn experiences has its roots in, and/or is made worse by, stress. Stress, both long- and short-term, creates a whole range of impacts in the body – on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

The cascade of stress response hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and the like, surge, which increase heart rate, blood pressure, and our breathing, as well as impact normal and smooth functioning of the digestive system, our other hormonal systems (we have a lot!), our ability to think and feel clearly, and so much more.

While this may not sound like a huge deal, it all compounds over time, and dis-ease results. The worst part is that many of us are in this “switched on” stress response mode for much of our day…

Things like sitting in traffic, arguing with a family member, ingesting substances that your body doesn’t digest well, continually consuming information, skimping on sleep, using stimulants, etc. are all examples of stress in the system that deplete our reserves and assault the nervous system.

Replenishing Our Reserves

If we think of ourselves as having a lovely inner reserve storage, like a savings account, the impacts of daily life (when left unchecked) quickly deplete the account and put us into a negative balance! Those things we think are “energizing” us like caffeine, sugar, brutal workouts, etc. are actually even more depleting.

We must consciously choose thoughts, actions, behaviors, and practices that replenish our inner reserve to build our resiliency, immunity, clarity, and long-term joy.

Stress can also be positive: appropriate and enjoyable exercise, excitement, anticipation, trying something new, sex, working hard on a project you love, etc. While the body responds slightly differently to what we experience as positive or negative, the differences in the system aren’t all that major.

Our bodies don’t know the difference between being chased by a tiger or yelling at our printers for not working.

Don’t misunderstand me. Stress is necessary. It becomes detrimental when it’s all we know and rather than enjoying gentle waves of times of stress followed by times of restoration, we only know a flat line or an upward trajectory of stress.

Switching Into Rest Mode

We need ways to switch off from being in stress-mode and into chill-mode. From sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic nervous system, respectively. We weren’t designed to exist with the amount of stress we receive on a daily basis, and certainly weren’t meant to sustain it.

Telling someone who’s chronically stressed and just trying to make it to “rest” can almost be insulting. The last few years, regardless of how you feel politically, have been trying for many people. Rather than add tasks to our lists or scare us with the negative impacts of chronic stress, I am inviting us to simply open our awareness to some different perspectives and ways of being.

While in “switched on” stress response mode, it can feel as though we’ve lost control and the walls are closing in around us. The following invitations are ways to see what you actually can influence and how subtle changes can make some profound differences!

The Link Between Stress + Shame

It’s so important to acknowledge the programs of shame that underlie stress. Why are we working ourselves so hard? Why are we resisting replenishment? Why are we settling for something in our lives that is so depleting?

Bottom line, the idea is to consciously switch out of “on mode.” And although modern life tries to keep us on all the time, we actually do have a tremendous amount of influence over this ability. It’s a mindset and a conscious choice that will positively impact every single aspect of our life.

Share with me: How are you practicing an attitude of rest and nervous system care?

A spiral of light emerging from a triangle.

Sweet Soul, it’s time to heal Feminine Shame and tap back into what’s natural, real, wild, and magical: your InnerSpark.

What would life be like without the body image issues, the symptoms, the feelings of being stuck, frozen, overwhelmed, resentful, anxious, hiding, fearful, and filled with shame?

It’s time to reclaim your Truest Self, befriend and heal your body, master your subtle energies, align with Nature’s wisdom and rhythms, and turn your challenges into your greatest assets.

I’ve got you.

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