Healing The Witch Wound: A Wise Woman Reclamation



Last updated on December 15th, 2021.

Witch. This word has been contorted, misconstrued, and weaponized. It’s true essence is simply a wise womxn, deeply connected to Source in their own unique way.

Let’s face it, throughout the course of history, being in a womxn’s body has been downright unsafe and scary. And while things like the Witch Trials may be over, this thousands-of-years-old wounding impacts us today in a variety of ways.

  • Experiencing self-sabotage and withholding your truth.
  • Feeling resistance towards expressing your creativity or desires for fear of being shamed, judged or simply just being seen.
  • Experiencing a severe disconnection from Nature, your intuition, and your body.

The Witch Wound is real and the nervous system needs tending.

In honor of the witch archetype, of the ancestors, of reflection, of completions, and of the dark goddess, I invite you to join me and Tanya Clark of The Dancing Soul for the 90-minute replay of this virtual circle to Heal the Witch Wound. With support from the essence of Black Eyed Susan (a flower essence from InnerSpark’s line), guided journeying and imagery, energy work, a creative process, sound healing, nervous system regulation, and somatic and vocal exploration you’ll be supported in identifying and shifting the way this patriarchal wounding shows up in your lineage and in your life so you may heal it!

Now more than ever we are needed in our fierce totality. Reconnecting to the rhythms of our bodies, of Nature, and of the cosmos will guide us towards the collective thriving we all so desperately envision. Finding our voices once again can no doubt be scary and emotional, and it’s possible and incredibly empowering when approached with care. It’s time to reclaim Witch as Wise Womxn. And it starts with you.


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