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Meditation: Feeling Your Subtle Nature

What is Meditation?

Meditation is nothing new. It has been around for centuries and for good reason. Among all the traditions and styles, one common thread runs throughout: the ability to come to know thyself through repeatedly accessing the silent, still point within.

In this place, you are in union with all that is and has ever been. You are aware of the thinker and the thoughts. You are aware of the breath and the one being breathed behind the breath.

Essentially, the small “ego problems” our day-to-day life as a human become insignificant and you are reminded of the fact that you are love itself. Things become clearer and your perspective shifts. Your ability to discern truth from BS improves. Your higher-level thinking abilities improve. Your habitual reactions diminish. You become who you have always been by gently peeling away layers.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is crucial for all humxns, especially those on planet Earth in these times, and beyond. The special population of humans that requires this daily tune up even more? The sensitive, intuitive, empathic souls, AKA my soul sisters.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there’s a growing body of scientific research that is giving its stamp of approval to practices ancients already trusted. Meditation relieves a variety of physical health ailments through normalizing the stress response and soothing the nervous system. In this place of “rest and digest,” the flip side of the all-too-familiar “fight, flight, or freeze,” the body can undergo much needed maintenance and repair.

Sure, you sleep at night and that’s when repairs can happen, however, with a brain that’s constantly plugged in and going all day, your time spent in deep sleep (where said repairs occur) is diminished. Ever notice how you can sleep for eight hours sometimes and feel like you didn’t sleep at all and others you awaken refreshed and energized? Yup.

Our nervous system is way more delicate than most people. Additionally, our senses are, well, highly sensitive. This means that we’re receiving a much higher input of data and energy and all of this energy must be digested! As I discussed in the Holistic Nutrition article, “food” and “nourishment” are way more than substances that we ingest into the mouth and excrete through the anus. As sensitives, we definitely know, and we also know the harmful consequences of not giving our systems adequate time for digestion.

Think of meditation as that digestion and assimilation process for your entire system.

The practice of meditation provides an avenue to continue the process of knowing thyself, which for the sensitive soul is especially imperative. Meditation doesn’t have to be seated and it doesn’t need to look any kind of way! There are so many choices because each of us is different and will resonate with a variety of methods.

Meditation can be moving, seated, laying down, indoors, or outside. Being in Nature is the greatest medicine for the sensitive and meditating with plants and attuning to their energies can be incredibly powerful.

The whole idea is to make it your own and to receive what you most need in any given session. Our needs are cyclical, just like the seasons and rhythms of Mama Earth. We can draw inspiration from the rhythms of the seasons by living seasonally to inspire us to honor our own cycles. We must cultivate the self-awareness and fluidity within ourselves to adapt and meet our needs in a variety of ways as they arise. Having an arsenal of tools is important and something with which I strive to equip my clients.

Meditation helps us to understand our shadows and those parts of ourselves we may be neglecting. Shadow Work is what helps the sensitive soul become the lightworker she is ultimately here to become. It also provides the sensitive with the opportunity to check in with her energy system and perform any energetic maintenance that may be necessary. Learn more about energy healing here.

Some meditation resources for you

Head over to the free stuff section on the site to download some guided meditations I have created over the years. Click here for a guided meditation that involves exploring the body in a Mountain Pose Exploration. As I shared in this piece on the importance of embodiment, meditation doesn’t just have to seated!

Click here for a guided journey in Hands-On Self-Healing

Happy meditating, my sensitive beauties! I honor your continued process to know thyself and to strengthen and empower yourself as the sensitive wonder you are!

The InnerSpark Method

The InnerSpark Method is a revolutionary, whole-person approach for deep-feeling, sensitive women that gets to the real ROOT of burnout, overthinking, people-pleasing, anxiety, and that constant sense of "there's something wrong with me."

The InnerSpark Method is a profound inward journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-mastery that exists to strengthen and empower sensitive, deep-feeling women to transform challenge into resource and create their own lifelong pathways towards wholeness, thriving, growth, and transformation.

This is the foundation for life we all should have received. It’s a living, breathing framework and map back home to yourself.

Sweet Soul, it’s time to live from your InnerSpark.

I’ve got you.

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