Accessing the Inner Maiden

Use the Energies of Spring to Access Your Inner Child

The energies of spring are always alive within us regardless of the time of year. These energies represent all things new, naïve, innocent, and fresh. If you’re into Tarot, it can be thought of as the Fool in the Major Arcana. I particularly love these energies when it comes to accessing and repairing the relationship with my inner maiden, or inner child. The Cosmic Child and The Initiate are two of the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother on InnerSpark’s Wheel. used in InnerSpark’s signature process.

As I’ve discussed before, we ALL have both masculine and feminine attributes; we are all everything and no-thing at the same time. If a gender specific sounding concept like “maiden” isn’t resonating with you, think of this as our inner child, our inner innocence and purity, our inner clean slate – before life got a hold of us.

What is Spring About?

Aside from slightly longer and warmer days, what does spring actually bring and what are the sacred medicines and invitations of this time – AND what does it have to do with our inner littles?

Spring holds the energies of birth, rebirth, resurrection, beginnings, air, insight, the mind, divine inspiration, dawn, hope, promise, youth, beginnings. This is a time of year for emerging from our cocoons and slumbers and being with the light, the warmth, the potency and fertility of life, the place of endless potentiality and possibilities. It’s a time to deeply connect with spontaneity, to release limiting viewpoints and beliefs and work with the mind and the element of air. After the heaviness of winter, in all senses, we must bring movement back into our lives.

What does this need to like for you right now?

Who is the Inner Maiden/Child?

Our inner child holds our soul’s mission and knows our highest passions in life. She knows our deepest desires and needs, our innocence, our joys, our reason for incarnating as a human.

We all came here with a specific mission – specific lessons to learn, things to experience, and some unique way to contribute to the healing of the collective. Spring is a time of resurrection and so it is the best time to resurrect the maiden and to come into right relationship with her and all of her splendor. She doesn’t need to be a severed piece or a traumatized piece that is running our life. We don’t need to view the world through trauma-tinted glasses, and we don’t need to operate without the guidance of this all-too-important piece of ourselves.

Ever notice how we have this need to prove ourselves right and have the world fit into our narrow definition of it? This is the time to broaden that perspective and allow the potent element of air and the winds of spring to expand and bring with them spontaneous insights. I love wind – it’s incredibly magical to me. I have such an affinity for the air element. It’s ancient and has always been here and carries with it the whispers and secrets of those long, long ago. It carries divine inspiration and insight and can expand and permeate into every facet and nook and cranny of your being.

So, the inner child is meant to greatly influence our life because she knows why we are here, however, like we’ve established, she is also the one who remembers and experienced firsthand our earliest traumas and woundings and conditionings and as such, she decided a long time ago that it wasn’t safe to be in the world as a sensitive, intuitive, empathic, spiritual being. 

She pledged to survive and stay safe and so she adopted many coping mechanisms and armors and filters and beliefs and personas and operates from them through adult you today… essentially a traumatized child is running your life. And in this way, we can forget why we’re here, what we love, and what brings us joy because we’re constantly seeking safety through perpetuating our narrow, traumatized view of the world.


There are ways to repair the connection and soften the trauma so we can begin to find stability in ourselves to extract the wisdom and gifts from these early events and then feel our subtle energies, which guide us towards our pleasures and joys.

• Coming into a state of body trust through practices like embodiment, yoga, supportive nourishment, herbalism, and more support the resurrection of the maiden.

• Aligning with Nature and seasonal flow and seasonal living support the resurrection of the maiden.

• Leveraging our subtle energies through shadow work, energy healing, flower essences, and more are probably the most important factors in resurrecting the maiden.

• Additionally, consciously hold space and ceremony to invite her into your life. Ask her what she wants to do, think back to what you enjoyed as a child, invite more play and lightness into your life. Essentially all things spring!

When do you remember “growing up?” When do you remember tender innocence? How can you merge these parts of yourself for a more cohesive, integrated experience? What would life be like if you were able to hold both your maiden self and your adult self?

Our inner child can’t do it all alone and clearly our adult selves without the input of a healthy inner child are only half as powerful… Allow these two to come together and create a third energy. Allow the potency of spring and the expansive nature of the air element support you always – regardless of the time of year! Here’s to your beautiful maiden and your continued emergence, sensitive and magical soul!

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