Shadow Work and Sensitivity Archive

The Mindset of Rest + Nervous System Care

Arguably every dis-ease the humxn experiences has its roots in, and/or is made worse by, stress. Stress, both long- and short-term, creates a whole range of impacts in the body…

3 Steps to Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a healthy, important part of being in relationship with ourselves and others. However, it’s not always easy for many of us. Some of us find ourselves avoiding…

“Normal” Doesn’t Mean Right + Freedom Through Cause & Effect

Last updated on January 19th, 2022.There are many aspects of our culture today that we’ve normalized, however, just because something is “normal,” doesn’t mean it’s health-supporting or right for you.…

Empowering Womxn’s Innate Wisdom

Let’s empower women with options so they may hear their innate wisdom and trust their bodies in healing, birthing, and beyond.


Regardless of gender identification or physical anatomy, do you feel confused or embarrassed by the notion of femininity?

Creating Authentic Spirituality

Spirituality is a continued practice of authentically communing with your Self without dogma, egoic blocks, fears, and trauma.

The Real Roots of Addiction

Addiction is the resistance in action. What are we resisting? Our true feelings, our true desires, our true needs.

Yoga for the Highly Sensitive Person

The intention of yoga is to “to yoke” or to unify and integrate our human and spirit selves.

Redefining Masculine and Feminine

Think beyond gender identification, or sexual orientation, and get ready to think about “feminine” and “masculine” in deeper senses.

Accessing the Inner Maiden

Our inner child holds our soul’s mission and knows our highest passions, our deepest desires and needs, and our reason for incarnating as a human.

Meditation: Feeling Your Subtle Nature

The practice of meditation provides an avenue to continue the process of knowing thyself, which for the sensitive soul is especially imperative.

Ancestral Healing

Trauma altered your ancestors’ genetic expression, and the emotional and mental coping mechanisms they adopted were also passed down through the lineage.

Energetic Maintenance for the Sensitive Soul

For those of us that identify as empaths, lightworkers, and Highly Sensitive People, self-care and energetic maintenance are non-negotiable.

A Guide On Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathic Souls

These qualities are possessed by such a small percentage of the population and it’s time for us to live the example of true strength.

The Root of Experience: One Gift and Two Meditations

At our core we are good people, but our inherent goodness gets distracted by impulsive and unmindful behavior.

The Core Wound

For so many women, the core wound is rooted in a deep story of feminine shame they’re carrying from this lifetime and from their lineage.

What A Lightworker Actually Is

Lightworkers care deeply about others and have made it their mission to transmute their life’s challenges into sacred wisdom and purpose.

Relationships as Mirrors

Relationships are the most powerful vehicle for awakening and transformation we have available to us.

Is Your Selflessness Actually Selfish?

To truly change the world, we must change the way we live and we must get to the root of our outdated stories

Shadow Work Explained

Shadow Work is a process which allows us to access deep joy, purpose, and healing through our challenges and wounds.

Feminine Shame: Fearing the Transient Parts of Ourselves

Feminine Shame exists because of shame we carry around the things about ourselves that are transient and cyclical – like our physical bodies and emotions.

Shame: The Root of All Dis-Ease and Suffering

Shame is a tricky, insidious, mysterious emotion, yet it’s at the root of all human suffering.

The Mother Wound: Brief Overview

Difficult experiences with our Mother figure(s) can have insidious impacts that remain with us throughout our lives.

“Letting Go” Doesn’t Work

Anyone who has ever experienced pain, which is every human ever, knows that to simply “let it go” or “release it” just isn’t possible.

The Importance of Staying Connected to Self

Keep checking in with yourself several times each day and try to turn these many conversations into one flowing relationship.

Client Experience

Enjoy our banter and hear her bravely share her story and experience of transformation.

7 Easy Rituals For Maintaining Connection to Spirit in a Modern World

Your mind and body are working every day and they absolutely need your conscious TLC to maintain a nice, happy, healthy equilibrium.

Why More Isn’t Always Better & The Importance of Chilling

More isn’t always better, especially when it comes to exercise, and less isn’t the answer when it comes to food.

Self-Care: What It Is, What It Is Not

Self-care is mindfully developing the practice of asking yourself in each moment, “What do I need right now?”

From “Have” to “Get”

You are blessed with the mental and physical faculties that allow you to wash those dishes, go to the grocery store, clean the toilet, etc.

Body Love

In whatever form your physical body is in at the moment, it is loving you non-stop and is fiercely committed to seeing that you stay vibrant, and well.

Lessons Learned From Sobriety & An Invitation

What I learned from long cycles of seeking something outside of myself and thinking that the next drink, food fix, or one night-stand would hold the answer.

5 Ways to Make a New Habit Stick

I propose ditching resolutions and begining to view yourself as an embodiment of the divine that’s in a constant rhythm of evolution and growth.

The Missing Ingredient For Health Goals and How to Incorporate It

Love yourself in the ways you deserve and desire, and allow yourself to show up in the world in authenticity, wholeness, and with a vessel that is well.

Fears, Goals, and Excuses

The real you, the one stripped away of fear and excuses and other byproducts of the mind, knows everything it needs.

More Reflections on Sobriety

Just being mad at “the system” wasn’t going to get me anywhere and would only serve as my new drug of choice to further alienate myself from my body.