How & Why to Create Emotional Flow

Emotions! When it comes to creating health and wholeness in our lives, this cannot be overlooked.

Emotions… such a complex, interesting part of our experience, aren’t theyt?!

Throw in an extra sensitive system that’s always perceiving, sensing and feeling and thinking deeply, and there’s a whole other layer complexity!

Our emotions are so important for EVERYTHING and are a valuable source of guidance and information.

Emotions are not facts and are not permanent states of being; They are physiological responses in the body.

Trying to outsmart them or hide from this is pointless because they are energy and that energy wants to move and flow and come to competition, like an ocean wave. We may be able to build a dam or a wall to redirect the energy, but we can’t stop it, we have to ride it.

The truth is, healthy emotional flow is crucial for ALL of us, and even more so for sensitive folks!

But we resist this for so many reasons – we’ve been shamed for our emotions, we’ve been told to not express certain emotions, we may be afraid of our emotions, and our society really doesn’t encourage emotional flow.

We’re told and taught to be the same all the time, to keep it together, to not be hysterical…

The truth is, having a healthy outlet and supportive tools for emotional processing makes a huge impact on our physical, emotional, mental health, as well as in our relationships and social roles.

With healthy outlets and supportive tools, we can get off the roller coaster of suppressing and exploding, experiencing various health issues, and really just missing out on life because of constant exhaustion, resentment, and overwhelm.

What stories were you told about emotions growing up? Good girls don’t get angry? Why are you crying again, you’re so sensitive?

The greatest thing we can do is to build more stability in ourselves, particularly in our physical bodies, so we can have the resilience necessary to hold space for our emotions without ignoring them, suppressing them, getting swept up in them, taking them as facts, etc.

This is part of what we do in The InnerSpark Method program. Because the truth is, sensitive folks must do things differently to support the needs of their sensitive systems, in order to truly thrive in life without things like burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, and all kinds of physical health challenges. And, in order to do things differently, they must first accept themselves – sensitivity and all – and stop trying to “fix” themselves or be something they’re not. From there, they must learn a system with tools specifically created for their unique needs.

Sounds like a tall order? Not to worry, this is where I come in. 😉 The InnerSpark Method does this. We simultaneously address and process the shame and resentment towards our sensitivity while also re-learning a natural, sustainable foundation of self-care that’s directly targeted and created for the unique needs of the sensitive system.

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Hi! I’m Devon and I am so glad you landed here. I’m an Integrative Health Expert & Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Advisor, Holistic Coach, & Founder of The InnerSpark Method. My greatest passion is guiding fellow sensitive, deep-feelers on a journey of transforming high sensitivity from a source of shame, overwhelm, and something that’s “wrong,” into a powerhouse of of joy, empowerment, and confidence in body, mind, and spirit! Ready to understand, support, and unearth your hidden gifts? I’ve got you! You’re in the right place. Click here to learn more about me and The InnerSpark Method.


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