From “Have” to “Get”

You have a choice to make…

How many times have you mindlessly said, “I have to (insert task)” in conversation or to yourself? Pause for a moment and think of something you “have to” do today.

How does this make you feel in your body? Does it bring on feelings of anxiety, rushing, or general unease? Now, re-frame whatever the task is so you tell yourself, “Today I get to (insert task).” How does this feel instead? Note the differences.

It’s no secret that for the most part we are in a constant state of frenetic doing and going from the time we wake up until we lay our head back down at night. (A chronic symptom of the deep Feminine Shame that plagues our modern world.)

The tasks we fill our day with (whether or not they are all entirely necessary is a different topic for a different time) are choices. Everything is a choice. You are choosing to do these things. Beyond that, you do not “have” to do anything. When you really break it down in life, all we “have” to do is die. Not trying to be morbid, just make a point, because it is the one thing over which we have no control and no choice.

Why group everything else in your day, your life with the one thing over which you have no control?

Choose “Have” Over “Get”

In my opinion, over time, this perpetuates the frenzy we live in and adds unnecessary stress that fuels negative internal dialogues. Challenge yourself to change the story by acknowledging that you have choices and you are choosing to participate in the task and beyond that, the most important part – you GET to perform the task. You are blessed with the mental and physical faculties that allow you to wash those dishes, go to the grocery store, clean the toilet, etc. There are literally trillions of cells regenerating in your body throughout the day so that these functions can continue and you GET to do such things we take for granted every day like blinking your big, beautiful eyes, you sexy thing, you.

Notice the difference this shift brings to your day and life.

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Sweet Soul, it’s time to heal Feminine Shame and tap back into what’s natural, real, wild, and magical.

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