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I’ve created some pretty amazing resources over the years and you may find them below.


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Previously only available to clients, these specially curated transformational classes are now available for you to enjoy! Each class offer a deep-dive discussion into a specific topic, followed by an embodied, experiential process to anchor the material and make it your own. Enjoy!

The InnerSpark 5 Elements FrameworkSelf-Assessment

Use this powerful tool to learn more about YOU.

Discover what’s holding you back from your InnerSpark! Use this holistic assessment to evaluate the current state of things in your life from the perspective of InnerSpark’s 5 Elements Framework. Through observing Body, Emotions and Energy, Mind, Nature and Spirit, and Relational & Social elements of yourself, you’re invited to celebrate what’s working and notice areas to create more wholeness.

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New in The InnerSpark Library:

Sleep & The Vicious Cycle for Sensitive Folks

Sleep & The Vicious Cycle for Sensitive Folks

Hello everyone, today we're diving into a topic that I know many of you struggle with: the relentless cycle of poor sleep and over-stimulation that plagues those of us who are highly sensitive. I’ll share why this happens, what to do about it, and some tips you can...

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Guidelines For Exercising For Highly Sensitive Folks

Guidelines For Exercising For Highly Sensitive Folks

Daily movement is so wonderful for so many reasons! Yet, most mainstream exercise advice can actually be harmful for a highly sensitive system... What to do? No worries! I've got you. Join me to learn 3 guidelines for exercising for sensitive folks from an Integrative...

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