Your Four Bodies

Let’s think of you as having four distinct, yet related bodies or layers. While many schools of thought, philosophies, and teachings get into even more layers and subtle nuances, let’s stick with the main four.

These layers are all 100 percent inextricably linked and are interdependent. This means that whatever is happening for one, completely impacts the rest. This is incredibly empowering and as we continue in this class, you’ll begin to notice where parts of yourself are being negatively impacted because of subconscious/habitual behaviors that stem from other layers and vice versa.

This awareness of these separate, yet interwoven parts of yourself is a crucial part of you knowing yourself more fully and embodying your sovereignty.

Physical Body

Your physical body is your home for your stay on Earth. It is incredibly wise beyond comprehension. It is an antenna, a translator, a conduit, and a sensor. We are sensorial creatures – especially as sensitive souls! The senses of the physical body are how we relate with the world, receive information from seen and unseen realms, and respond (or react) to stimuli.

Our physical body speaks to us through sensations and through symptoms and dis- ease (each ailment has its own unique message and invitation for us). At any given moment, your physical body is speaking. Our bodies work constantly to maintain homeostasis and to adapt to the internal and external needs and cues it perceives. It’s highly sensitive.

Do you have any mystery symptoms or physical ailments?

How does your physical body speak to you?

Which sense is most sensitive?

What do you notice now?

Emotional Body

Our emotional bodies are powerful, yet, emotional fluidity is something from which, most people shy away. This area of our being is transient, fickle, and can be scary as waves of feelings swell from within. However, learning to surf these waves is absolutely vital for our health and vitality!

As we discussed in another Library Class, emotions are simply physiological responses in the physical body. Without a physical body, you couldn’t deeply experience emotions. They’re the subtle interplay among physical body, memory (conscious and cellular), mental body, internal desires and dreams, and so much more. This very lunar, spirally (or “feminine”) aspect of ourselves is potent, mysterious, and full of wisdom – if we don’t ignore and fear it or get swept up and carried away.

Emotions are powerful teachers and each, much like physical body sensations and ailments, carries its own frequency and offering for us.

How do you relate to your emotions?

What emotions do you experience frequently?

Do you fear your emotional body, get swept up and carried away, or somewhere in between?

What emotions are present right now?

Mental Body

The mind is so incredibly potent and fertile. It’s the place where we receive divine insight, inspiration, and visions to then birth into the world. It’s an ally. However, for many, it’s a prime enemy.

Our thoughts and words are the most powerful entities in the Universe. Yes, entities, because these thoughts and words create the physical reality you experience. What we think, we become. Where we place our mental focus, the rest of our energy follows.

When we’re bogged down with outdated beliefs and self-definitions, coping mechanisms, worldviews and views of self, we aren’t responding to life from an empowered, conscious place. We are reacting habitually and subconsciously, as though we’re sleepwalking through our lives.

What kinds of thoughts do you typically have in a given day?

How is your internal monologue?

What can you do to come into right relationship with your Mental Body so that it’s uplifting and not destructive?

What old traumas and wounds need your attention?

What are you noticing on the mental body level right now?

Spiritual Body

The spiritual body is our most subtle and nuanced layers. It may speak to us through energy, sensation, intuitive knowing, new awareness and insight, and more. I also refer to this layer as our energetic body to further underscore the subtlety of its essence. For some this may be intuitive hits, for others it could be “hearing” an inner voice. Many find it difficult to relate to this layer at first because it requires such stillness and internal observational skills to witness. Trust yourself and trust what you are receiving and experiencing is all part of it and absolutely “right.”

How connected do you feel to your spiritual or energetic body?

How does this layer communicate with you?

What are ways you can strengthen your connection with this part of you?

What are you experiencing right now on the level of the spiritual body?

Relationships Among The Four Bodies

Relational influences are part of our external life, so why wouldn’t they also be part of our subtle, internal life? Ever notice how a partner’s “bad day” can seem to influence yours? Ever notice how something as simple as running late to an appointment can create a tailspin of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in your system? These relational influences are real! We are always impacting and being impacted by our surroundings.

The question becomes whether or not we allow this to be reactive and subconscious or we decide to engage in conscious, mindful interactions.

You’ll notice with time and practice how your unique blueprint behaves – meaning how your four bodies interact with and impact each other. In the example above about running late, we have something that’s rather benign.

However, when we’re running old programs and stories about needing to “do it right,” or we’re a perfectionist, or we were badly mocked or embarrassed in school for being late, or we had parents that detested tardiness, etc., etc., etc. our systems are primed for habitual reactions.

The mental body, in this case, is playing all the old tapes. The emotional body begins to experience anxiety, anger, frustration, and fear. The physical body begins to pump out stress hormones, elevate its heart rate and breathing, and so on…

The subtle is always creating the gross. What’s within creates our experience on the outside. The layers of our being are constantly taking the internal subtle cues to create the external experiences.

What are you now becoming aware of within your own system?

Exercise: Four-Level Check-In + Reflection Questions

For greatest results, and truly life-changing realizations, do a 40-day practice with a four-level check-in. It doesn’t have to be “long,” even gifting yourself a few minutes to intentionally check-in with these layers and notice what’s happening for you internally is profound.

Ask yourself these questions – best done in a journal, rather than just in your head!

  • What am I noticing on each level right now – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual?
  • What am I noticing in my physical body – sensations?
  • What am I noticing in my emotional body – feelings?
  • What am I noticing in my mental body – thoughts, words, images, memories?
  • What am I noticing in my spiritual body – subtle nuances, awareness, intuitive messages?
  • Which layers feels the most “loud” or noticeable at this time?
  • Which layers feels the “quietest” or most distant at this time?
  • What relational influences am I noticing at this time?
  • What do I need right now? How can I get that need met in authentic, nourishing ways that create wholeness?
  • What are you committed to now?
  • What other ways can you nourish yourself?

Greetings! I’m Devon Ray Battaglia, MS, AHA, ACC. As an Integrative Health Expert, Ayurvedic Health Advisor, and Holistic Life Coach, I’ve devoted myself to living and sharing the timeless wisdom of Nature’s rhythms to unlock our natural resilience and joy!

I mentor individuals like you on a heartfelt journey toward the life-changing simplicity and nourishment of living in sync with Nature.

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