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InnerSpark’s Flower Essence Line

Flower Essences

Last updated on October 12th, 2021.

Flower Essences for Remembering + Living The Sacred Spiral

To resurrect our awareness of and reverence for the sacred spiral essence of life at this time, we need support.

It is with the utmost humility, respect, admiration, and awe that I present to you InnerSpark’s Flower Essence Line for Remembering + Living The Sacred Spiral. Among others, the growing line is founded upon eight main allies that correspond with the eight primordial, cosmic, archetypal frequencies of the spiral journey of life, as represented on InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies.

These sacred plants have revealed themselves to me as great allies for the sensitive soul. With the support of these plants, the sensitive soul is gently (and maybe at times fiercely) guided along remembering, reclaiming, and living their soul’s purpose with authenticity and alignment; confidence, clarity, and ease. These plants are in support of radical sovereignty for the sensitive, introverted, magical being.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a type of energy or vibrational healing and represent the most subtle form of plant medicine. Unlike other plant modalities, such as herbs or essential oils, Flower Essences they do not contain any plant materials. Learn more about Flower Essences (my most favorite modality).

Spurred Butterfly Pea Flower Essence

Soul’s Blueprint + Dharmic Activation

Spurred Butterfly Pea helps us to remember, reclaim, and activate our soul’s divine blueprint. You know, that sense of passion, direction, clarity, and purpose. With so much shame, pain, and trauma associated with being a womxn and especially a sensitive, magical womxn, we may find ourselves disconnected from our mission.

This mission, or Dharma, is sacred. It is mutually pleasurable; we feel just as ecstatic offering our gifts as others do receiving them. Spurred Butterfly Pea helps us remember what that sacred offering is for us; where we feel so full that we must share. It helps us to restore our original essence (who we were before life got a hold of us) and clarify our dharma. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

When to Use:
When you feel ready to remember, reclaim, and activate your soul’s sacred purpose for incarnating in this body at this time. When your work feels empty or unsatisfying and you’re ready to merge dharma with career. May be used in conjunction with our The Void Frequency Essence from the Frequency Collection.

Corresponding Frequencies: Yule/Winter Solstice, rejuvenation, replenishment, soul blueprint, origin codes, womb-tomb, the place of no-thing and source of all things, Sophia.

“I am formless and fully surrendered, awaiting vision and direction on the next part of my spiral journey. In the great cosmic void, the womb-tomb, the in-between, I rest and take refuge. I receive repairs, mending, healing, wholeness, resiliency, my honey pot is refilled.” ~ Butterfly Pea

Wild Potato Flower Essence

Unwavering Presence + Containment

Wild Potato awakens us to the original codes of the Divine Masculine and offers immense safety and grounding – truly the likes of which you’ve maybe ever experienced. Envelopes and cocoons us so our spirally, sensitive essence knows it is safe to be in the world. Heals and restores our inner masculine so we have unwavering faith in our ability to hold ourselves.

As a sensitive soul with a delicate and porous nervous system, it can be quite hard to feel safe, held, and supported. Add to that thousands of years of patriarchal wounding and mistreatment of womxn – especially sensitive, magical ones – our systems are always subtly primed for a fight. Wild Potato is the antidote for this. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

“I reactivate and reemerge after my time of stillness and rejuvenation. As I reemerge, powerful codes are remembered and recognized and I am one with creation as my next iteration and journey around the sacred spiral takes form. I am safe in my body. It is safe for me to take form and create containment.” ~ Wild Potato

When to Use:
Turn to this ally for healing “father wounds,” when moving acknowledging and processing patriarchal pain and anger, and/or when addressing religious trauma. When repairing boundaries that have been crossed, when healing deeply held anxiety and fear around being a sensitive woman, when you find yourself seeking “saving” or external validation. May be used in conjunction with our The Cosmic Child Essence from the Frequency Collection.

Corresponding Frequencies: Imbolc, formlessness back into form, being birthed by the cosmos.

Wine Cup Flower Essence

Queen Code Activation

Ah, Wine Cup. Wine Cup Flower Essence carries the codes of royalty, majesty, nobility, and grace. She awakens us to our royal selves through showing us our original, truest essence. Especially helpful for those that feel this regal way is unapproachable, intimidating, out of reach, or not for them.

Assists in shifting the way you relate with your Self and then adjusts your projection so you’re owning AND projecting yourself as Queen without shame. As sensitive souls on a mission to shift paradigms, know ourselves fully, and use our gifts in their fullest and most divine ways, we MUST know ourselves and live as queens. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

When to Use:
Use when desiring to know yourself as Queen, as sovereign, as graceful. When you’re ready to stop downplaying your beauty and gifts. Excellent for those that feel this archetype is “not for them” or they’re “not good enough” or “don’t know how” to wear the crown of their lives and trust their own wisdom. May be used in conjunction with our The Sacred Activist Frequency from the Frequency Collection.

Corresponding Frequencies: Late Summer/Lammas, Queen, Cosmic Mother, devotion, sacrifice, legacy creation, she who forges new paths in love, devotion, inclusion, celebration, and honoring.

“I receive the gifts of my labor so I may uplift all into their sovereignty. My service is in devotion and I sacrifice my ego’s need for all I perceived as comfortable for the greater good. My solar essence reigns supreme as they who forges new paths, births new paradigms and rules as Queen with the fortitude to create a new, rather than upholding existing ‘legacies’ and outdated paradigms.”

Day Lily Flower Essence

Serve Yourself Authentically + Heal the World

Day Lily helps to ignite the spark and motivation within to serve others through deeply serving self. This is a huge paradigm shift for a culture that views “serving self” as “selfish,” “luxurious,” and “frivolous.” As a result, many of us have resistance towards prioritizing our needs. However, as a sensitive soul, you’re here for a mission and without softening armors, owning your strength, and choosing daily to be you and serve you, life will always feel challenging.

Additionally, Day Lily heals wounds to our creativity and helps us to tenderly be the beings we truly are in each day and moment without illusions. For softening armors, coping mechanisms, and defensiveness. For embodying our grace and expressing our totality in each moment. For living our days fully in accordance with our truth. Remember who you are; that each gift you possess is unique and needed and extraordinary. Not showing up doesn’t keep you safe. It perpetuates the collective illusion of unsafe, powerless, unworthy. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

Corresponding Frequencies: Early autumn, priestess, guide, teacher, legacy creation, service, impact, devotion, future-oriented.

“I sacrifice my life force energy for the betterment of all to create legacy and lasting service and impact. My creativity serves as an avenue towards remembering the Way of Love, to seed future spirals of devotion, love, service, ease, grace, and peace. The seeds for the future are in the living and so long as there’s still life force energy available to this iteration, so there shall be the intention of guiding and teaching.” ~ Day Lily

When to Use:
Use when you find yourself floundering about in procrastination and self-sabotage. You are ready to share and serve and find yourself full of excuses and fatigue. When your creativity feels blocked and you feel frozen. May be used in conjunction with our The High Priestess Essence from the Frequency Collection.

Pine Essence

Removes Shame + Guilt

Pine Essence carries many codes for healing shame in complex, deep, and permeating ways and helps us stop seeking external validation, “healing,” or “saving.” Pine allows us see what is already within and reminds of our innate wholeness and beauty. Resolves childhood shame and pain and restores sensuality, erotic innocence, and healthy exploration.

Also resolves sexual shame and conflicts with the masculine through re-linking us with the sacred spiral and birth-life-death cycles in all areas of one’s life – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

Shame truly altars genetic expression and structure by creating stagnation. Stagnation is the root of all disease; it’s a freeze state often brought on by some flavor of shame, which is the product of attachments, unmet expectations of oneself, or internalizing the wrongdoing of another. Especially useful for stabilizing the system and bringing acceptance, lightness, curiosity, and surrender.

When we’re walking around with layers of guilt and shame and feel separated from our own divine nature, it’s almost impossible to expand into our fullest potential. We run from the past, constantly seek external validation, “healing,” or “saving.” Pine helps us to stop looking to the outside and to clear the blocks that prevent us from seeing what is already within. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

When to Use:
Use when you’re identifying and moving through the many subtle layers of shame we all carry. When you’re ready to free yourself from the grips of guilt and trauma associated with feminine shame and/or traumatic experiences of abuse and the like that left you feeling guilty or in the “wrong.” May be used in conjunction with our The Lover Frequency Essence from the Frequency Collection during late spring/Beltane.

Corresponding Frequencies: Late spring/Beltane, Venus, lover, eros, erotic innocence, pleasure, puberty, life-affirming.

“I embrace my innocence, my natural erotic essence, and shamelessly receive the pleasure and joy that are my birthright. I am eros and embrace fully the sweet orgasmic current of life and its full spectrum. My curiosity, innocence, and tenderness guide my explorations and evolution along my spiral journey.” ~ Pine

Bee Balm Flower Essence

Spiritual Discipline, Courage, + Alignment

Bee Balm is what I love to call a “daily energetic vitamin for the sensitive soul.” She brings us spiritual discipline, courage, and alignment. Ever get caught in comparison traps, procrastination, self-sabotage? These, and various other iterations of them, are our attempts to downplay our majesty and keep us separated from our magic.

When armed with focus, courage, and loving self-discipline, we choose new ways – ways that are in accordance with our values. Life on planet Earth in these modern times is hard, yes, and can be even harder as a sensitive soul here to make big changes on it. Bee Balm supports us in this lifelong mission. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

When to Use:
Honestly? Use this daily and especially in times of “up-leveling” when it feels intense and challenging and courage and discipline may be waning. Excellent to be used in conjunction with our The Blacksmith Frequency Essence from the Frequency Collection.

“I am form and matter, creator and shapeshifter. I am a conscious, active participant as I merge personal will and divine will through my sacred being. I engage in high magic and alchemy through my consciousness, focus, and the forging of my path. I am dedicated to the pursuit of Truth.” ~ Bee Balm

Corresponding Frequencies: Summer/Summer Solstice, the blacksmith, alchemy, forging, discipline.

Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence

Connects to Feminine Lineage + Activates Will Force

Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence brings discernment and helps us see where we act out of obligation, fear, duty, or “should,” rather than devotion and authentic desire. She also connects us to our feminine lineage, specifically those that have been the witches, the healers, the mystics, the sensitives. A sweet, yet firm reminder of the profound opportunity we have now in this lifetime to create meaningful change. For those ready to tangibly move forward on their path and with their gifts.

She connects us to our genetic and spiritual feminine lineage. She activates our will force and connects our third chakra with our six chakras so we may receive the insight and have the fortitude to follow through with it. Also helps to repair the “Witch Wound” and feelings of fear and lack of safety. She assures protection and that it is time to be the sensitive, intuitive, magical, nature-aligned, tender-hearted channels and vessels we are meant to be.

She carries feminine ancestral codes and links to our maternal lineage to fuel our mission with their work, pain, stories, and the cost of NOT speaking up and expressing. Helps us to see and accept the non-negotiable importance of expressing and being true to living our values.

Black Eyed Susan offers a sweet, yet firm reminder of the profound opportunity we have now and activates us with cellular wisdom, courage, commitment. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

When to Use:
When you are ready to connect with your inheritance on a spiritual and genetic level. When you’re ready to activate Divine Will to merge with the Divine Love within your heart. When you’re ready to embody your magic and release fear. May also be used in conjunction with our The Death Doula Frequency Essence from the Frequency Collection.

Corresponding Frequencies: Late autumn/Samhain (Halloween), usher, death doula, orgasmic release current.

“I release fully into the sweet orgasmic current of death, giving what’s no longer needed and emptying so I may fill once more in the seasons to come. For now, I release this iteration and all attachments thereto and prepare to deeply rest in the void and to receive. My work, for now, is complete.”

Dandelion Flower Essence

Energetic Sun + Regeneration

When life feels heavy and you’re feeling energetically frayed, turn to dandelion. Pure sunshine energy to support you in accessing, remembering, reclaiming, and embodying your own internal sun. Especially helpful for times when we feel depleted and run down and require some deep replenishment.

Brings a sense of lightness and playfulness. As one of the first flowering plants in spring after winter, dandelion essence brings you that same energetic quality of hope, newness, blossoming, and radiance. Resonant with the solar plexus chakra and your ability to exert your will force and live from a strong, courageous, activated center. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

When to Use:
When you’re going through (or have recently gone through) times of extreme stress and are feeling depleted. When you’re feeling depressed, defeated, or downtrodden. Can energetically support the adrenals and chronic fatigue. When you need a dose of hope, courage, and strength. Pairs nicely with Bee Balm Flower Essence.

Sensitive Plant Flower Essence

Cosmic Support + Starseed Activation

Sensitive Plant assists the shy, withdrawn sensitive soul who doesn’t feel “at home” here on Earth. The soul whose highly perceptive, highly sensing nature can feel overwhelming and daunting.

Sensitive Plant helps us to translate the cosmic, ethereal, spiritual realms into actions, creations, etc. that serve us and the collective on Earth. For those with pent up anger, resentment, and rage at being “left behind” or who aren’t fully open to accepting and embracing the magnitude of their Earthwalk in this lifetime. Sensitive Plant helps us to channel all of this into potent action. She strengthens the central channel and our core to connect us with the core of who we really are and the medicine we carry.

Useful for those whose soul mission feels “too big,” nebulous, or “out of this world.” For starseeds feeling unable to cope with Earth’s current state because they feel foreign, overwhelmed, sad, don’t how to play the whole earth game because they’re in-between worlds. Assists those who feel limited in their ability to express because no one “gets it” or their afraid to be fully seen in the truth and totality of who they are. Helps us relate to others when we feel outcast, different, or more evolved through strengthening our ability to maintain our energy while uplifting others. Learn more about and purchase this essence here.

“I am open to remembering my cosmic allies, specifically the gifts available to me through my connection with Venus and the Pleiades. I am a sensitive soul with a mission. I am a starseed here to heal, translate, channel, and serve.”

When to Use:
Use when you’re ready to truly use your “weirdness” as a gift.

Mulberry Essence

Exuberance + Confidence

Mulberry restores flamboyancy in the system. It brings lightness, playfulness, and ease. It restores parts of ourselves we’ve shunned or shamed because we’ve been told they’re wrong or unacceptable or “too much.” We often think of “flamboyant” as obnoxious or negative.

Flamboyant means “of a person or their behavior tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.” Uhm, hell yes!

By restoring what’s been labeled as flamboyant and subsequently muted and shamed, liberation is available. Learn more about and puchase this essence here.

When to Use:
When you’re confronting shunned and shamed aspects of your personality that have been deemed as flamboyant – obnoxious, “too much,” wrong, unacceptable. When you’re ready to reclaim and integrate these parts and use them to enhance every aspect of your life. May also be used in conjunction with our The Initiate Frequency Essence from the Frequency Collection.

“I am learning, new, and coalescing. I trust I am provided for and that it is safe to be here, receive, be seen, and enjoy. I initiate the process by the power of my presence, curiosity, trust, joy, and my I AM.”

Corresponding Frequencies: Early Spring, maiden, fool, initiate, student, new, coalescing, playful.

Where should you start?

Each of these essences supports the sensitive soul and direct and specific ways. Just as our paths are forever spiraling and aren’t linear, there’s no “right place to start,” however some level of stabilization and previous work with Flower Essences can be beneficial. Let yourself be intuitively guided towards the one you most need at this time.

December 21, 2021 – February 2, 2022 (The Void Archetype): The Void is a place of formlessness that is in-between worlds. It’s a cocoon, a chrysalis for becoming and potentiality. It is the womb of The Mother. It’s a place of total rest for repairing, healing, restoration, and rejuvenation, before our re-animation. Is it time for you to rest deeply, Dear One? Are you feeling burnt out and unclear? Partner with The Void and re-establish your sacred spiral flow.

Work With Me

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Dear One, of this I know for certain: living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom is essential for us all – especially a highly sensitive soul.

Feeling nourished and supported, inspired and fulfilled, and seeing your “weirdness” as your best asset are all absolutely possible – and you deserve it all and more.

Ready to ground into something real, wild, and magical, reclaim your Truest Self, heal your body and life, have clarity around your next steps, and more?

As a Coach + Mentor, I am here to guide you in integrating and healing all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. My highest passion is holding space for and witnessing your remembrances, shifts, and awakenings as you tap into your own innate wisdom.

From there, anything is possible!

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