Subtle Energy Healing: The Subtle Creates the Gross

Energy is everything and everything is energy.

Energy isn’t just this esoteric, intangible, theoretical concept. Energy exists along a spectrum from subtle to gross, that is intangible to tangible. We typically don’t think of tangible objects as energy, yet they are certainly energy. Your desk is energy, just as your thoughts are energy. While existing as a thought, the energy is still in its phase of potentiality, still existing in the unseen, intangible realm.

However, this phase of potentiality is super powerful and plants the seeds for what will be manifested in the tangible world.

Understanding the power of these subtle and unseen energies is vital to the success of any holistic practice as we cannot create sustainable, lasting change without addressing our core wounds and the root causes of our dis-ease. That is to say, we can’t truly change the tangible, gross manifestations of our lives without tending to the subtle building blocks that make up those very manifestations.

How do I think about energy?

Am I aware of my own energetic fluctuations throughout the day?

What influences my energy most directly?

The Subtle Creates the Gross

The subtle, intangible building blocks of the gross, tangible form are more powerful, quick, potent, and influential than the final product. The gross is heavy and takes time to create. The subtle building blocks have to come together over time to form the tangible. We spend so much time fixating on the gross – treating symptoms, trying to manipulate and control the body, fixating on our repeated poor relationship choices, etc. – when our efforts and attention need to be placed in the subtle.

True energy healing, the way I use it personally and professionally, deals with the intangibles that are creating the dysfunction and dis-ease being experienced. It involves deeply exploring the person’s inner workings to get to the root. The cells of your physical body are constantly being replaced in a cycle of birth and death.

Every day you experience the cycle of waking and sleeping. If everything is constantly being regenerated in your body and life, why would it continually be creating a state of dysfunction and dis-ease? Why do the things we suffer one day get carried over and repeated the next day? Because the subtle inputs are the same; the instructions and blueprints are the same. You have the power to change this through energy healing!

What challenge am I currently experiencing in my life, my body, relationships, my work, etc.?

If I broke this challenge down to the most subtle aspect, what can I deduce about the challenge’s roots and its needs?

Energy Healing

Energy healing works when we are able to turn our awareness to the subtle and discover the origin of the dysfunction and dis-ease in the physical.

Emotions, thought patterns, beliefs, habits, etc. are all part of your subtle body and are the foundation upon which your physical body and life are built. When experiencing dysfunction and dis-ease in the physical, turn your awareness to the subtle to find the origin of that input.

Healing chronic disease requires more and different ways than what we’ve been taught. It’s necessary to move beyond the physical challenge and address the subtle building blocks underneath. Energy healing can support you in healing endocrine challenges such as adrenal fatigue and fertility or hormonal issues, as well as addiction.

Strong emotions, especially shame, carry strong energetic frequencies and bring greater risk for gross dysfunction when left to fester. Shame is truly at the center of our core wounds. Feminine shame, to be more specific, impacts all of us regardless of gender identification or physical anatomy. Shame creates a freeze state in the body, which goes against the very nature of emotions and energy! Emotions are meant to be energy in motion and through working with energy healing, you can support natural flow once more.

Energy Healing Practices + Modalities

Most energy healing tools and modalities are so powerful because they evoke a sense of vulnerability, shame, and discomfort in the recipient simply due to their esoteric nature in our culture. When we’re exposed to something, anything, that is outside our normal experience or that rivals long held beliefs (energy healing is “sinful,” for example), just by opening ourselves to a new way of healing, we’re defying the dysfunctional subtle building blocks and allowing them to rearrange in a new way, thus exposing their vulnerabilities.

Reiki and acupuncture come from Far East Asia, while practices like chakra balancing and yoga have their roots in India. At their core, they’re essentially operating from the same premise: the body has elaborate energy circuitry that must remain in harmony if the organism is to experience optimal health and wellbeing.

Energy healing helps to rewire the unconscious and cellular ways that dysfunction and dis-ease continue to breed. While the methods may look differently, the intentions are the same: to create pathways to wholeness in your physical body and life.

Energy Healing Resources For You:

You are your own best healer, always. There’s nothing and no one outside of you that knows what you need to create wholeness better than you. You can definitely begin to work with your own energy and come into some energy healing practices on your own.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite energy healing allies that you can use in your own journey:

Flower Essences represent working with the energy of the plants, as opposed to physically ingesting them. Each plant has its own code that helps us to identify and destroy harmful subtle patterns and create ones that are in alignment with our version of wholeness.

Herbs are a way of working with physical plant matter and although they more greatly influence our physical body, they can be part of the energy healing process, as well. As we’re rearranging the subtle building blocks, the physical needs support, too.

Oils represent a middle ground between essences and herbal medicine. They can be thought of as the raw intelligence of a plant, equivalent to our own cerebral spinal fluid. The smells and potency of their medicine (a single drop is way more than enough!) work on all levels of our being simultaneously.

Crystals are part of Mother Earth’s healing repertoire and are powerful allies in one’s energy healing journey. Much in the way plants operate, crystals provide us with their own energetic frequency to help influence desired outcomes.

Shadow work is a process that allows you to access deep joy, purpose, and healing through your challenges and especially your core wound. These same challenges and wounds, when unattended, are the energy that is stagnant, chaotic, dysfunctional and possibly wreaking havoc in your body and life.

Through energy healing and shadow work we’re able to uncover the roots of our depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma, transmuting them into wholeness. For an entire list of my most favorite resources, check out the Holistic Healer’s Medicine Bag.

Creating Your Practice

Remember, for true, lasting, sustainable, and profound change and healing to take place, your subtle body must be addressed. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as shaking a rattle or laying hands and calling it a day. You may actually have to feel,
process, and look into your own shadows. You may have to cry, stomp, moan, and scream. Energy healing is not “dangerous” or “harmful.” It may be uncomfortable, yet it’s worth it to really and finally move old energy.

Create a daily container each day to tune in with your energy and assess your current state. Do what feels most intuitive to you within that container. Each day will look different than the day before because you are a flowing, multidimensional being! The point of a daily practice is to know that you have that safe, scheduled container to consistently show up for yourself. What you do within that container is totally up to you on the given day. Use the variety of resources and skills at your fingertips and enjoy the process of learning more about yourself. Watch every aspect of your life unfurl and blossom!

Continue working with the practice from class and also check out this hands-on guided practice.

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