High Sensitivity is more than a trait...

it’s a sacred calling that only feels problematic when we don’t understand its true function and powerful gifts.

Will we answer the call?

Are you a Sensitive, Deep-Feeler (SDF) who views their high sensitivity more like a curse and less like a gift? The intense emotions, overwhelm, over-stimulation, overthinking, being told to “toughen up,” and constantly wondering what’s “wrong” with you can get really exhausting.

We live in a world that values extroversion, striving, and speed, and often doesn’t appreciate qualities like sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and empathy. It’s no surprise that so many of us feel overwhelmed, burnt out, ashamed, and defeated.

Some really great news: “Sensitivity” isn’t actually a problem…High sensitivity is simply greater access to the subtle aspects of life, and when we see it for what it truly is, everything changes.

Let’s explore some myths around High Sensitivity, and discover exactly what to do to unleash your hidden superpower!

Why High Sensitivity Feels Like a Problem…

The Twofold Root of Challenges
for highly sensitive, deep-feeling folks:


Misunderstood Sensitivity
resulting in a strong sense of shame

Misunderstood Sensitivity
resulting in a strong sense of shame



Mismanaged Sensitivity
resulting in a weak self-care foundation

The Power: Decoding High Sensitivity Through Nature’s Lens

Picture a feather. Delicate and responsive, it illustrates high sensitivity. As a highly sensitive person, you are akin to the feather, acutely aware of the slightest whisper of air, which might go unnoticed by others. Each gust of wind, every sound, the play of light, and a myriad of emotions seem to reach into your core.

This feather symbolizes the elements of air and ether or “Vata” in Ayurvedic terms. Ayurveda, a treasure trove of ancient Indian wisdom on holistic health, relates well-being to the natural elements and their rhythms. It encompasses five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether (space) – that blend into three fundamental energies or “doshas”: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vata, the fusion of air and ether, is akin to the feather, and high sensitivity. An abundance of these elements makes the feather (or your sensitive nature) move easily with the subtle forces all around us. This abundance is what makes highly sensitive people so receptive to stimuli, akin to a feather dancing in the breeze.

This heightened sensitivity may be innate and/or it may develop over time due to the compounding stress and traumas of contemporary life. Without understanding this dimension of our nature, it’s challenging to offer it the support it needs, turning high sensitivity into an overwhelming experience.

Understanding high sensitivity through the metaphor of feathers and relating it to Vata helps you appreciate it as a natural aspect of life that needs distinct nurturing.

Through the lens of nature, high sensitivity becomes less of a burden and more of an empowering attribute; a conduit for profound connections and perceptions. It is an embrace of your belonging in this world, a graceful dance to timeless melodies.

You are part of a splendid spectrum in human nature that reverberates with the rhythms of the natural world.

Shame Blocks Us From Supporting Ourselves

Even when we understand this part of ourselves, the roadblock to fully supporting and embracing our high sensitivity is often shame. Shame is an emotion that emerges when we sense our belonging, safety, contentment, and/or joy is under threat. While shame is a natural human experience and can be constructive when it guides us to amend our behavior in healthy ways, it often entangles us in a web of negativity and false beliefs and assumptions, particularly when we are highly sensitive.

Enter: Feminine Shame or Spiral Shame

As highly sensitive individuals, we need to address a specific form of shame I’ve coined as “Feminine Shame” or “Spiral Shame.” It arises when we internalize the belief that our sensitive nature, which is deeply connected to the fluid, changing, and transient aspects of life, is something to be embarrassed about, something that is inherently flawed about us. This shame manifests as a profound aversion towards the pieces in ourselves that are nurturing, intuitive, emotional, and cyclical.

Spiral & Triangle Principles – A Way Forward

Feminine Shame is often rooted in a societal bias that favors firm structures over fluidity. Here’s where the Spiral and Triangle Principles come into play.

Imagine the Spiral Principle representing fluidity and “femininity,” while the Triangle Principle stands for firmness and “masculinity.” As humans, each of us embodies both principles. Recognizing and embracing this spectrum is essential for growth and self-acceptance.

The world around us is an interplay between action and rest, the lunar and solar aspects, the fluid and the firm. When we become aware of this spectrum, we begin to see how society often harbors a resistance toward the fluid Spiral Principle – and with it, high sensitivity. This awareness can empower us to challenge societal norms and embrace the whole range of our experiences, without internalizing shame and the belief that there’s something “wrong” with us.

The Nature of Sensitivity and Feminine Shame

Nothing that is natural should be treated as shameful, and yet we’re often pressured to resist nature by constantly doing and going and being something that we, especially as highly sensitive people, are not.

Our sensitive nature has specific needs when it comes to self-care, and when giving ourselves that self-care is shamed as “weakness” or “selfishness,” we may feel the effects of that deeply. However, when we can overcome that shame, we may discover that listening to our sensitivity is the best way to know exactly what we need in each changing moment.

Like nature’s seasonal cycles, our internal states ebb and flow. By acknowledging these shifts and aligning with nature’s cycles, we cultivate resilience, fortifying our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Sensitivity transforms from a perceived burden to an insightful guide leading us toward self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

Transforming & Re-Framing

In reclaiming the full spectrum of our being and harmonizing the Spiral and Triangle within us, we gain the power to transform shame into self-acceptance. It’s vital to recognize our sensitivity not as a liability but as a strength that connects us deeply with the rhythms of life.

The challenge and opportunity are evident: Will we allow our sensitivity to spiral into chaos or harness it as a catalyst for alignment, resilience, and wholeness? The Spiral continues to revolve, and within our Triangle, we hold the power to choose our path and USE our sensitivity – Understand, Support, and Embrace.

The Way To Lead With Your Sensitivity:
Reconnect With Your InnerSpark

The path to resolution is through reconnecting with your InnerSpark, the very essence of who you are. Imagine it as a sacred flame within you that embodies your true nature and boundless resilience. It’s a versatile companion guiding you through life’s peaks and valleys. It’s woven into your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and relationships.

To harness the full power of your InnerSpark to lead with the gifts of your sensitivity:


Understand Your Unique Sensitive Gifts:
Begin to know yourself and answer things like: How does high sensitivity show up for you? What is it leading you towards? What’s its role in your life?

Confront Feminine Shame:
Recognize and address the shame that’s been holding you back and preventing you from seeing the power of your sensitivity.

Establish Key Habits:
Support the air and ethers of yourself by creating a consistent self-care practice aligned with Nature’s rhythms that address your 5 Aspects:
🌕 Your body: Treat it with care and nourishment.
🌖 Your emotions & energy: Let them flow naturally.
🌗 Your mind: Develop positive thoughts and beliefs.
🌘 Your connection with Nature & Spirit: Find grounding and a sense of purpose.
🌑 Your relationships & social roles: Build a circle of support and respect.

Celebrate your sensitivity and the ways its challenges pave the road towards thriving!

It’s Your Time To Thrive 

In a world that seems to move ever faster, where disconnection and overstimulation are rampant, it’s easy for sensitive souls to feel overwhelmed. 

We must remember that our bodies and spirits were not fashioned for this frenetic pace. They yearn for a more harmonious existence, in sync with the gentle rhythms of Nature.

And, in that yearning is where feminine shame often casts its shadow, insinuating that sensitivity is a hindrance, advocating for a hardened shell. But this is a mirage we must dispel, because our  sensitivity, whether innate and/or shaped by life’s challenges, is a blessing. It enriches our life’s tapestry and enables us to serve the world distinctively.

Let us cultivate practices that honor our unique rhythms and foster healing and growth. In doing so, we are not only reclaiming our power but also sowing the seeds of healing for the world.

Our sensitivity is not a constraint but an invitation – an invitation to live authentically, to rekindle balance in our communities, and to honor the sacred, natural rhythms that nurture our well-being.

Living from our InnerSpark is the way to embrace our true nature, our power, and to answer the sacred call of high sensitivity – to be the guardians of sacred rhythms, the wise sages, the heralds of change, and empaths with compassionate hearts beckoning a shift towards harmony and mindful living. 

The InnerSpark Method

The InnerSpark Method is a proven, holistic, trauma-informed self-care system that empowers you to understand high sensitivity like never before through the lens of nature’s energies, Integrative Health and Ayurvedic principles, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, and more!

The InnerSpark Method guides you to experience sensitivity without shame:

Tend Your 5 Aspects & Create Key Daily Habits

Acknowledge and care for your body, emotions and energy, mind, connection with nature and sense of spirit, and relationships and social roles. Learn how to easily implement a daily system of resilience-building self-care that’s aligned with Nature’s rhythms and specifically addresses specific and vital areas necessary for a highly sensitive person.

Communicate With Your Body & Honor its Needs

Learn to understand the needs of the sensitive system and listen and respond to your body’s cues. You’ll develop supportive, holistic nutrition habits and a daily movement practice.

Access the Wisdom of Your Emotions & Get to Know Your Energy

Come to see your emotions as insightful guides rather than impediments as you learn how to process and move energy and express yourself.

Create Harmony With Your Mind

Learn powerful sensory shielding practices, how to process and digest life, and ensure your mind is an ally, rather than an unhelpful chatterbox.

Live Nature’s Rhythms & Work With the 8 Archetypes

Leverage the wisdom of Nature’s rhythms and archetypal energies inspired by the seasonal shifts within and around us for shame-busting and resilience-building.

Set Boundaries, Use Your Voice, & Live Your Values

Learn a simple process to establish healthy limits and advocate for your needs. Define what’s most important to you and ensure your life aligns with those principles.

Evaluate Roles and Relationships

Consider how the people in your life influence your well-being, as well as how to ensure your social roles are uplifting, rather than draining.

Shadow Work, Mother Wound Healing, & Embodiment Practices

Integrate and heal aspects of your past, nurture your feminine aspect, and connect more deeply with your physical self.

And so much more…

Ready to re-frame the overwhelm and shame blocking you from fully thriving, to understand and support your sensitivity and let it be your superpower?

Here’s what you can do now!

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