Yoni Exploratory

Last updated on February 26th, 2021.

De-Shaming & Reclaiming The Power of the Yoni

Three Day Exploratory


De-shaming the yoni is the next evolution in healing feminine shame and reclaiming your power. As we move through healing feminine shame, we’ll inevitably realize that it lives in the body.

The yoni is more than a physical location. It’s more than just a body part. The yoni is the storage house of an entire legacy of feminine shame.  It is a literal and metaphorical gateway. It helps us to know the unknowable, access the unseen, and draw divine inspiration and ideas into physical existence.

The yoni is the ultimate translator, conduit, channel, and bridge between Earth and Spirit. Through yoni, we have answers, guidance, understanding, direction, grace, compassion, and clarity. When disconnected, we experience physical dis-ease, angst, frustration, uncertainty, anger, stagnation, difficulty feeling safe, challenges in relationships with ourselves, others, food, and more.

Reclamation and healing won’t come until we’ve re-entered ourselves – literally and figuratively – with love and respect, wonder and reverence.

De-shaming the yoni is the next evolution in healing feminine shame and reclaiming our power. Yes, for self-pleasure, yes for soul-shattering sexual encounters, but for even more than that.

This self-paced, 3-day course serves as an introductory exploratory in de-shaming and reclaiming the yoni.

Reconnect to your sacred body, empower yourself as a self-healing wise woman, address feminine shame in yourself and in your lineage, and learn to employ support for all levels of your yoni needs – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Dear one,

• Do you cringe at the thought of touching yourself?

• Do you feel stuck, unmotivated, lacking confidence, angry, or powerless frequently?

• Do you have difficulty relating to other women?

• Do you find yourself repeating the same relationship patterns?• Have other interventions not worked, despite them being the “common ones” and you’re pretty f’ing baffled at this point?

• Do you experience physical health challenges like hormonal imbalances, weight challenges, thyroid and/or adrenal dis-ease, and the like?

• Do you have a mother wound? Was your experience with your Earth mother or mother figure challenging?

• Do you have strong reactions at the sound of certain words like “pussy,” “vagina,” “yoni,” and others?

• Do you feel like most of your life has been led from a place of stress, survival-mode, and “fight or flight?”

The answers you seek are in your yoni.

Over the last several thousand years, once monotheism really became the norm and the Goddess was overlooked, things began taking a pretty nasty turn. Women have assumed subservient roles, rather than being equals. From witch hunts to being denied the right to vote, to being paid less than men, to being objectified, to being subject to odd medical practices, and so much more, women have been persecuted time and again just for being women, which ultimately means just for residing in a physical body with a yoni.

Inside each of us is a long line of feminine shame, repression, fear, confusion, rage, and everything in between. If we think about it basically all women today are the descendants of survivors. The women that didn’t get killed. The women that guarded the “old ways.” The women that did what they had to do in order to continue the lineage.

That’s a lot of survival-mode and “fight or flight” taking place over many generations, wouldn’t you say? In this state, our entire physiology and energy is geared towards planning and surviving. This calculated, linear, and fear-based method of operating is counter to the feminine principle, which is spirally, intuitive, and flowing.

The result? Resentment towards being a woman. Shame around being a woman. Perpetuating the Mother Wound. An all-around disconnection from the Great Mother and the cosmic yoni.

This work will ask that you get a bit uncomfortable.

It’ll ask that you get out of your own way. It’ll ask that you surrender the need to know and understand through your intellect. It’ll ask that you fully inhabit your body and choose to trust its ancient wisdom. It’ll ask that you allow that ancient wisdom to inform your choices, beliefs, and behaviors. It’ll ask that you give up the subtle need to struggle and replace it with ease and grace. It’ll ask that you give up everything you’ve known, been taught, think, and believe about your body and your power. It’ll ask that you reclaim your sovereignty. This work bridges the esoteric, the metaphysical, and the subtle with the tangible, the practical, and the understandable. This work blends an array of modalities, techniques, practices, and real experiences. I understand what it’s like to feel so incredibly disconnected, to not only dislike your body, but to resent it. I know what it’s like to have tried all the things and to still suffer from hormonal imbalances, thyroid struggles, amenorrhea, PCOS, and more. I get it. This course, in its modest three-day offering, would’ve changed my life a decade ago. That’s why I created it.

From this work, with a dedicated practice and open heart, you’ll experience:

• Greater compassion, patience, and presence towards yourself and others.

• Increased sensitivity to the subtle layers of your being.

• Deeper relationship with self and others.

• Increased ability to trust yourself and your body.

• More stability in mind, body, and emotions.

• Greater confidence in yourself and your ability to express yourself and honor your needs and boundaries.

• Clarity of purpose and desires will unfold – no more feeling stuck and uncertain.

• A release of the forcing and hustling that has been burning you out so far.

• More ease, flow, and health in your physical body.

Seriously, babe, you can commit to yourself, your lineage, and de-shaming your body and life for three days.
What do you have to lose?

The time is now.

In this self-paced Exploratory you’ll receive 3 potent practices delivered straight to your inbox over the course of 5 days that draw upon shamanic journeywork, energy healing, guided imagery, expressive arts and movement, and more.

Plus, as a special gift you’ll receive The Sacred Women’s Self-Care Straight From the Earth, which teaches you ways to care for your physical body.


“Your course is supporting me through an amazing but deeply challenging time of realisation about myself. The timing is perfect and the messages coming from your practices are powerful.”


 “Wow! That worked incredibly fast. It was beautiful. Yoni and I are going to be good friends for here on. I’m having feelings in my yoni that I haven’t had in YEARS. Like, almost a decade. I feel like pure magic and 15 years younger! Love you so much Devon! Thank you for being an angel in my life.”


Got Questions?

“Isn’t ‘yoni’ just a made up word?”

No, “yoni” isn’t a made-up cutesy word. It is a very real, ancient, and powerful word that comes from Sanskrit. It is a term loaded with reverence, mysticism, adoration, respect, and awe. Unfortunately, our grandmothers, mothers, and we have lived in times that didn’t necessarily revere the feminine or the yoni. Indoctrinated with being “less than,” being “untrustworthy,” being “shameful,” our culture hasn’t adequately equipped us with words or ideas equivalent to the power and respect our yonis deserve.

As such, I have found myself defaulting more and more to “yoni.” 

“What do you mean by ‘feminine shame’ and ‘the mother wound’?”

I am deeply passionate about this topic and about empowering women. Please visit this post to learn more about the concept of feminine shame and the mother wound. This work truly heals our entire lineage and the collective at large. How remarkably powerful is that?

“I don’t have time.”

Lucky for you the daily practices are less than an hour and you’ll have lifetime access to everything. That means you can work at your own pace and ideally revisit material as often as you’d like to create a continued practice.

“I feel awkward and am afraid I won’t be able to actually do these activities.”

I hear you, sister. Again, I invite you to work at your own pace here and revisit the materials as often as you’d like to create a continued practice. When it comes to awkwardness and discomfort, the only way to truly understand their underlying message and wisdom for you is to just sit with them. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. In this discomfort you grow, you transform, you strengthen your power, you increase your self-awareness. Nothing will ever evolve if you stay in the same safety bubble. Allow this three-day exploratory to be the catalyst you seek for profound transformation.

“I totally want more guidance. Can we work 1:1?”

Absolutely! The exercises and information presented in this exploratory are examples of what my 1:1 clients experience. I invite you to proceed with the exploratory to catalyze your process and then reach out to me to discuss options of working together. I’d love to hold space for you in a more intimate cauldron.

All My Love,