Activating The Sensitive Soul: Spirally, Sensual, Sacred

Last updated on March 1st, 2021.

As the rose spirals open in ecstatic bliss, despite anything that may be happening around it, so too must we!

Sensitive Soul, you are a sacred gift.

While it may feel overwhelming at times, your ability to feel and sense so much is the gateway towards living your soul’s purpose. Your sensitivity guides you in authentically identifying your values and your Sacred Activism and your deepest dreams and desires.

When Sensitive Souls dive deeply within to befriend their shadows and truly come to know themselves, they are activated powerhouses capable of birthing the life and world they most desire.

In this experiential FREE course, you will explore yourself as spirally, sensual, and sacred. Through a variety of guided practices, teachings, and activations, you will come to understand and embody the spiral principle and the eight primordial, cosmic archetypal frequencies and how they can be used for healing, transformation, and just about anything else in your life!

Through this FREE 3-day experience, you will come into deeper reverence with your body, into greater alignment with nature, seasonal, and cosmic rhythms, and into clearer remembrance of your soul’s sacred blueprint.

Spirally, Sensual, Sacred