The Core Wound

We all have that main epicenter of challenge. That thing that is the actual root of our perceived limitations, struggles, and hardships.  It’s deep, it’s subtle, it’s insidious, it’s ancestral, and it’s painful. We spend so much of our energy running from it, pacifying it, and bypassing it. We look for “fixes,” seek external validation, numb ourselves with substances, technology, drama, and more. Ultimately, these core wounds are running the show.

The truth is, however, this core wound is your liberation. Through it (not around, over, under, or away from it) is your freedom, your purpose, and immense wisdom and grace. All the other surface-fixing things are just band aids.

For so many, especially womxn, the core wound is rooted in a deep story of Feminine Shame they’re carrying from this lifetime and from their lineage. How this uniquely shows up for you is your treasure map.

Unraveling the roots of Feminine Shame as the core wound means addressing these four main blocks:

• Distrust of the body
• Disrespect of your subtle, sensitive, intuitive nature
• Disconnection from Nature and natural living
• Distorted view of your challenges and wounds.

Distrust of the Body

You are a steward of this beautiful suit
fashioned together with bits of stardust,
ocean water, soil, and moon beams.

Do you fully and sincerely trust your body’s wisdom? Do you allow her to take care of you? Do you allow her to serve as the translator, the host, and the guide that she is?

Some symptoms of Distrust of the Body:

• Making choices based primarily on intellect and logic and something you read (vs what you feel and know with your cells)
• Under or over exercising and diet trend hopping
• Various health issues – pesky “mystery symptoms” or diagnosable issues
• Being unaware of physical sensation and sensorial input and its effects on your unique physiology
• Fearing she’ll let you down and that she must be controlled
• Resentment towards your body and its urges and rhythms – shaming yourself for being tired, going to great lengths to hide the fact that she excretes waste materials, etc.
• Bypassing hunger and satiety cues

When we come to a place of embodiment and body trust, we allow the ancient wisdom in our cells to take care of us. The physical matter you are living in has codes of wisdom far beyond what you could even begin to fathom. Let her take care of you.

When we trust, we effortlessly make decisions, have a keen ability to distinguish BS from what’s true for us; we experience increased joy, pleasure, comfort, and confidence; health improves, weight is maintained effortlessly; there’s an ability to flow with the natural changes of life.

Disconnection From Nature

Our core wound of Feminine Shame severs our connection with Nature. You ARE Nature. It’s not something outside of you. The seasonal flow, the sun and moon, the soil and plants… all you.

Many things that we think of as “normal” are unnatural and are the product of industrialized civilizations. They are relatively new concepts to our species, yet their ill-causing consequences are already felt. 

Read, watch, and/or listen to this discussion on “normal” vs “natural” and how to live authentically.

These ways of being have severed our connection to the Earth and ultimately the connection to ourselves and our very innate nature. Things like living off processed and fast foods, sitting in a chair all day, staring at screens from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, living in climate controlled environments, ignoring our circadian rhythms, pushing past our limits, glorifying exhaustion, and going against seasonal needs and flows, etc. have all contributed to the state of our planet, our rapidly declining physical and mental health, the objectification of womxn and minorities, and more. 

It’s all connected. This is the crux of Feminine Shame.

The waxes and wanes of Nature exist for a reason. All living things on Earth require periods of rejuvenation, purging, expansion, and building. We aren’t meant to exist in one of these phases indefinitely. When operating from that core wound, from shame, this natural rhythm is lost. Add that to a lack of trust for the body, and we have bigger challenges!

Disrespecting Subtle, Intuitive, Sensitive Energies

Are you still resenting your sensitivity? Are you still trying to push past your limits in some kind of protest? You are a sensitive, empathic, intuitive creature; own it. It’s not a weakness; it’s what creates the entire Universe. Your subtle energy creates your life.

Check out this class on Nervous System Care and this one on Subtle Energy Healing.

Master your subtle energy and have it work for you. Trusting your body – where all of these sensations and information is stored and translated for you – is key, as is returning to Nature. Respecting your own energy will change your life. Respecting and knowing that the subtle creates the gross makes you the sovereign creatress of your own experience.

Experiencing sensory overload, fatigue, poor boundaries, not feeling safe, not speaking up, anxiety, difficulty receiving, flowing, changing, and aging, and more are just a few ways disrespecting your subtle energies shows up.

Also common? A slew of various physical health issues, especially those involving the endocrine system (hormonal and reproductive challenges, adrenal and thyroid problems), digestive and autoimmune challenges. Today’s autoimmune hepatitis is made in part by lifelong resentment, anger, bitterness, and pushing. Environmental toxins and other contributing factors, sure, AND the road to wholeness will be that much more arduous without addressing the subtle building blocks of your experience. 

How can you come into a deeper relationship with your sensitivity? How can you let your subtle energies work for you?

Transmuting Pain Into Purpose

Lastly, on the spiral journey of transmuting our Feminine Shame core wounds, we arrive at a profound ability: to view the worst and most painful experiences as the greatest teachers and allies.

This ability is a gift and a choice. Resentment, bitterness, holding a victim mentality, wallowing and lamenting, unworthiness, shaming and hiding don’t need to live in your system. The greater your capacity to feel and experience challenge, the better you can source the same depth, intensity and magnitude of joy.

What are you ready to create?
What would life look like for you if you trusted your body’s wisdom,
lived in alignment with Nature and flow,
and mastered your subtle energies?

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