Chakra Balancing

What Are the Chakras?

Chakras are energetic sites that correspond with different stages of the soul’s maturation process. Each site represents a stage of development, an archetype, and a function. Each one comes “alive” as we grow and come into our own maturation process from infant to adulthood. There are seven main chakras that correspond with the seven main endocrine glands of the physical body.

Chakra 7

The crown chakra corresponds with the pineal gland. This is all about spiritual wisdom and the awareness of the oneness of all.

Chakra 6

The third eye chakra corresponds with the pituitary gland. This is all about intuitive guidance, receiving divine insight, clarity of vision and dreams.

Chakra 5

The throat chakra corresponds with the thyroid. This is all about expression, speaking, writing, allowing ourselves to share in the world.

Chakra 4

The heart chakra corresponds with the thymus gland. This is all about love, forgiveness, acceptance, what’s worth fighting for in life, being a spiritual warrior.

Chakra 3

The solar plexus chakra corresponds with the digestive system, and specifically the pancreas, as it is a gland. This is all about personal power, discernment, will, boundaries.

Chakra 2

The sacral chakra corresponds with the reproductive organs, specifically ovaries and testes. This is all about creativity, receptivity, flow.

Chakra 1

The root chakra corresponds with the adrenal glands and is all about survival, basic human needs like food and shelter. This is the most important one because without a strong root and foundation, all else won’t reach its potential.

How to Know if Chakras Are Imbalanced?

A wonderful clue is to always begin with the root. How safe are you feeling in your life? Are your basic needs being met consistently? Next, assess your physical body and notice if there are parts of the body that are challenged by discomfort, dis-ease, or some other symptom pretty regularly. Have you been diagnosed with something? These are all clues to helps us assess what is off energetically and to begin to bring more wholeness to the system. Beginning to work with energy healing practices and loving on your nervous system is helpful, too.

The InnerSpark Method

Timeless Wisdom to become Naturally Resilient

Transform life's storms and cultivate peace, resilience, and vitality with Nature's wisdom.

Dive deep into nature’s rhythms, unraveling from the complexities and strains of modern life, and align yourself with the ebb and flow that has sustained life for millennia.

Drawing from nature, our eternal mentor, we glean lessons of steadfastness, flow, and unity.

But as the digital age surges forward, our intimate connection to these timeless rhythms is diminishing, causing our physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual well being to teeter.

The InnerSpark Method bridges that gap, guiding you back to your innate resilience and rhythm, reigniting your zest for life and sense of purpose.

Come discover a whole-person, trauma-informed system of Nature's self-care to rekindle natural cadences across all dimensions of your being -  whether it's the physicality of daily routines, the depths of emotional resilience, the realms of mental clarity, the vibrations of energy, the art of relationships, or the ethereal world of spirituality.

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I mentor individuals like you on a heartfelt journey toward the life-changing simplicity and nourishment of living in sync with Nature.

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