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Feminine Shame


  • The Actual Root of Many Deep-Feeling, Sensitive Women’s Struggles

    The Actual Root of Many Deep-Feeling, Sensitive Women’s Struggles

Visualizing is a powerful tool that involves communications among your mind, body, emotions, and energy. This power of sight exists in our imagination and intuition and is a wonderful resource to help us empower ourselves to build our energetic resilience, love our nervous systems, and ditch anxiety. Enjoy these two simple ways to bring this […]

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The Goal Isn’t “Calm”

On the journey of healing and preventing burnout, overthinking, people-pleasing, shame, and anxiety, the goal isn't to be "calm." This often is just bypassing and won't do you any good in the long run… The goal is to build our capacity and resilience for being with...

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Is Burnout Robbing You of Intimacy?

Sensitive, deep-feeler: Is being burnt out robbing you of intimacy? Let’s talk about it. When deep-feelers are living in a state of frozen shame, it may look something like some of the following: ✨Overthinking mostly everything, backwards and forwards, up and down, 10...

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Simplify Your Self-Care With This

Self-care doesn't have to be hard, mysterious, expensive, or unattainable… it's a basic necessity in order to feel and function well! Rather than having it be something "to do" or something that feels like a chore or is reserved for the few, try this approach to it:...

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How & Why to Mother Ourselves As Deep-Feelers

Let's talk about mothering ourselves, what that means, and why it’s important for us deep-feeling, sensitive women. This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death. I’ve shared a lot about my mother, how she was an addict, and the impact that had on me....

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What’s Motivating You: Pain or Love?

What are you creating in your life right now? And, what’s the motivation behind this intention? Is it because you are running from the past or trying to “prove,” “overcompensate,” or “fix” something? Or, is it because you are genuinely and excitedly running towards...

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Simple 3-Step Process to Stop Overthinking

What has overthinking taken from you?! Often overthinking comes up when we feel like our sense of safety, belonging, contentment, or joy are in jeopardy somehow. And so we go into overthinking as a way to prepare ourselves, overanalyze, hypothesize, and ensure we’re...

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Struggling with Burnout? Try this…

Struggling with Burnout? Try this…

Hi there, beloved deep-feeling womxn! If you're struggling with burnout, overthinking, and people-pleasing and you want to be able to finally use this deep-feeling nature of yours as a gift, stay tuned because I’ll share how to do that in the next two minutes....

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[FREE TRAINING] Connect With Your Values

Feeling lost, stuck, or without a clear sense of purpose? Connect with your values! More than EVER it's critical for us to know and live our core values. Listen as I share a powerful lesson and practice straight from my signature program, The InnerSpark Method. Don't...

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Aligning With Nature to Heal Shame

My approach to seasonal living is a holistic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual one. Through aligning with the energies that naturally wax and wane, we’re provided cues for how to live naturally – even if it’s not “normal” these days. Let the greatest force –...

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Taking Things Personally? Try This.

Ever find yourself taking things personally that weren’t intended to be personal? This is your filter set up to look for things to confirm some icky belief about yourself and it doesn’t need to be the case! Listen in to discuss ways to put the focus back on yourself...

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Overdoing, Over-Giving, and Burning Out?

Let’s talk about something that inevitably leads to burn out and resentment among the deep feelers and the over thinkers – over giving and over doing. When I hear this, I automatically know that this is someone overcompensating for the ways they believe they are not...

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