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Basic Energy Management For Stability + Healing

Our energy is pretty much the main thing we have “control” over in our lives, and it influences everything. Our energy is our presence, our emotions, our behaviors, our choices, our thoughts, our physical health (or lack thereof), and so much more.

Everything is energy, and energy is everything.

The subtle is always creating the gross, meaning that our invisible, unseen parts of ourselves – our mind, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, etc. – are influencing and creating our physical body and physical experience. Through managing these unseen parts of ourselves, AKA our energy, we can begin to greatly influence and create our physical body and physical experiences in ways that feel more desired.

InnerSpark’s Energy Management Tools use a variety of methods including visualizations, emotional tracking and tending, observation and awareness, and more. Through consistently working with our own systems, we can begin to consistently make better choices for ourselves and live from our authentic center, rather than as a replay of old imprints, programming, beliefs, and ways we were conditioned.

Get to Know Your Subtle Energy

Knowing myself on a subtle level has been the main ingredient in healing my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. I work with my energy constantly through observing, sensing, feeling, and moving/transforming it. Awareness and observation are often the most profound part and truly, there’s little we have “to do” in the process.

Tools like breathing exercises, working with physical sensations, imagery and visualizations, chakras, and more can be tailored to YOU. While there are certainly many types of energy healing and management modalities out there, the greatest of all is your own presence, willingness, and open heart.

InnerSpark’s Energy Management Tools combing a variety of techniques aimed at having an experiential learning and play process. It’s important to meet yourself where you are in any given moment to consistently create the changes and shifts you desire.

Your awareness + your body as a container for your energetic experience = gold!

It’s Not An Intellectual Thing – It’s A Feeling Thing

Remember, when working with energy, it’s not an intellectual thing. You do not need to understand what’s happening, analyze it, name it, etc. Most of the time you probably won’t anyway! Your only job is to be open, aware, and allowing. Regardless of what your mind may say, your energy is far quicker and wiser than you!

How do you work with your energy? How has your life been challenged by times when you weren’t working with it? How has your life improved by getting to know your energy?

The InnerSpark Method

The InnerSpark Method is a revolutionary, whole-person approach for deep-feeling, sensitive women that gets to the real ROOT of burnout, overthinking, people-pleasing, anxiety, and that constant sense of "there's something wrong with me."

The InnerSpark Method is a profound inward journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and self-mastery that exists to strengthen and empower sensitive, deep-feeling women to transform challenge into resource and create their own lifelong pathways towards wholeness, thriving, growth, and transformation.

This is the foundation for life we all should have received. It’s a living, breathing framework and map back home to yourself.

Sweet Soul, it’s time to live from your InnerSpark.

I’ve got you.

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