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October 31, 2021-December 21, 2021 (The Death Doula Archetype): The Death Doula is all about completions and transmutations. They’re here to support you in releasing aspects of yourself and your life that have run their course and are no longer necessary. The Death Doula is intimately connected with the cycles of life-death-birth within and around us. What is ready to end and be surrendered? Partner with The Death Doula for guidance! Learn more about working with this frequency and receive support with the selections below.

The Wheel of Frequencies: The 8 Cosmic Archetypes of The Mother

Frequency Activation Quiz

The Wheel of Frequencies represent the eight cosmic archetypes of The Mother. We can see these mirrored to us literally through the seasons, yet these energies are so much more than that! They are within and around us at any given moment. They are guiding us, teaching us, and supporting us.

These are the members of your inner wisdom council.

Who’s calling to you right now? Take the quiz and find out!

Activating Your Inner Wisdom Council

InnerSpark’s Wheel of Frequencies represents the eight faces of The Mother, the members of your inner wisdom council. These activations and essences serve to awaken these specific archetypal energies within you so you may partner with and fully embody them. Each class includes a video lesson and guided meditation, rich reflection prompts and supportive materials, and access to a private discussion forum to ask questions and share insights!

Flower Essences

About Flower Essences

InnerSpark’s growing line of flower essences is co-created with Mama Earth to support you.

There’s something here to support you in every stage and season of your path.

Every plant on Earth carries its own unique offerings and wisdom for us. As flower essences are an energetic healing modality, they do not contain any actual plant material, making them safe for everyone. Our flower essences use organic ingredients and wildflowers and plants. 

Explore the offerings below or check out my blog for more information on flower essences.

Channeled Flower Reading

What do you need support with right now? What life transitions are you experiencing? What are you focused on healing?

Turn to the plants.


Three Day Yoni Exploratory

Reconnect to your sacred body, empower yourself as a self-healing wise womxn, address feminine shame in yourself and in your lineage, and learn to employ support for all levels of your yoni needs – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Work With Me

Holistic Life, Wellness, and Spirituality
Coaching + Consulting + Mentoring
For Highly Sensitive, Introverted Souls

Dear One, of this I know for certain: living in alignment with Nature’s wisdom is pretty much non-negotiable for us all – especially a highly sensitive soul.

Feeling nourished and supported, inspired and fulfilled, and seeing your “weirdness” as your best asset are all absolutely possible – and you deserve it all and more.

Ready to ground into something real, wild, and magical, reclaim your Truest Self, heal your body and life, have clarity around your next steps, and more?

As a Coach + Mentor, I am here to guide you in integrating and healing all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. My highest passion is holding space for and witnessing your remembrances, shifts, and awakenings as you tap into your own innate wisdom.

From there, anything is possible!

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