All About Crystals

What are crystals?

Crystals are made from minerals formed way deep down in the Earth over very long periods of time. A human life is just a blink of an eye on the geological timescale of crystals, and the depths from which these crystals travel to get to us are greater than we can fathom.

One of the things that I love about crystals so much is that while we can all talk about things unseen, about vibrations and subtle forces, about ancient times and secret depths, crystals are the physical manifestations of those concepts made tangible right in front of us.

Crystals can appear in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, patterns, and hardness, but the one thing all crystals have in common is their tendency to vibrate at very specific and unchanging frequencies. When crystals are formed in the Earth they take on a vibration based on their elemental makeup and the conditions around them at that time.

Once this vibrational pattern is established in the crystal it will keep vibrating that way forever, meaning that when you hold a crystal you’re holding something that is buzzing with those energies! Truly crystals are one of the many wonders of our Mother Earth, and they can be a powerful part of any healing process.

Energetic Healing

Crystals, like Flower Essences, work on a deep vibrational level. Each type of crystal, each color, each slightly different iteration of the same crystal (like, if two or more types morph together) contain different healing codes and influence different affects.

What crystals to choose?

There are literally thousands of kinds of crystals out there and new forms and types being found continually. The best way to choose a crystal is to let one choose you.

Some of my favorite crystals include:

• Amethyst: Excellent for clearing the gunk that blocks the receiving and flow of divine wisdom. Helps us release the addictive hold we have on those patterns so we can easily receive insight and honor it.

 Moonstone: A beautiful stone for connecting to the more spirally (or feminine) aspects of our innate nature. Useful in healing these energies within, as well as ailments in a woman’s body.

Citrine: Awakens us to the abundance of the Universe and all the blessings in our lives. Brings about a cheerier, more grateful disposition wherein we can’t help but focus on what’s available to us now, while opening us up to more flow.

How to use crystals?

Like types of crystals, the way to use them is even more infinite. You can place them around you in meditation, hold them, place them on different parts of your body, have them around you, wear them in your clothes, carry them in your purse or car… the possibilities are endless. Again, trust your own innate connection to Nature and that you know what you need at any given moment. If you feel called to grab your crystal and place it on your belly while you lay on the ground, that’s fantastic. If you feel called to hold it in your hand while giving a presentation at work, wonderful! Let your intuition guide you. These allies are here for us in all ways.

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