5 Ways to Build Resilience

Are you living a resilience-building lifestyle or a resilience-zapping lifestyle?

Resilience is our capacity to meet life as it arises, it is our adaptability, or responsiveness, our immunity, our nervous system’s ability to regulate itself. It is everything.

It’s what allows us to go through life with or without joy, confidence, and a capacity to hold both the challenges AND joys that life will inevitably bring.

Join me to discuss the importance of creating daily routines that are aligned with nature’s rhythms in order to build resilience and confidence for doing life as a sensitive, deep-feeling person in a modern world.

Routines are especially important for sensitive, deep-feeling people.

Resilience is built through routines, consistency, and through a solid foundation of self-care that goes beyond whatever the current fads and trends of self-care are – beyond bubble baths or coconut oil hair masks, although those are fantastic.

Resilience is created through conscious, daily choices about our diet, lifestyle, rest, and managing what we receive through our senses.

Life is unpredictable enough and our nervous systems love a sense of stability and safety created through routines. All the natural world exists in a routine way – the sun rises and sets, the seasons change, the tides change.

There’s a certain predictability which makes us feel safe.

Can you imagine if these things just randomly changed and the impact it would have on life on Earth?

We resist routines because we often are stuck in a pattern of rushing around, doing too much, and overstimulating ourselves. This can make us feel resistant to routines, even though they’re the only thing that will bring us relief.

We may find ourselves believing they’re boring or limiting, when in reality, they’re quite liberating and exciting. By building more resilience for life through supportive routines, we’re able to actually fully participate in life, rather than living with constant burnout, anxiety, and overthinking…

So how do we build routines for ourselves that support us and are aligned with Nature’s rhythms? It’s important to note that everyone’s lives are different and it’s crucial to meet yourself where you are, rather than trying to copy someone else’s routine.

Routines compound – the things we do on the daily are either creating or destroying what’s important to us… think about that.

5 Elements Framework

A useful framework that I teach in my program, The InnerSpark Method, is what I refer to as The Five Elements. Through tending these five areas of yourself daily, resilience and confidence will be continually nurtured and you may enjoy a life full of shame-free thriving!

Here are the Five Elements, along with a few examples of ways of caring for them:

Body – supportive, appropriate movement, seasonal foods, optimal sleep quality and quantity

Emotions and Energy – staying in touch with your emotions and energy and not overriding them or numbing out of them, letting things flow

Mind – befriending the mind and not letting it get away with constantly being an unruly toddler on a sugar high; getting curious about the thoughts and beliefs that bounce around in there and use your ability to discern what’s helpful and what’s not helpful

Nature + Spirit – establish and maintain a connection with Nature and your sense of Spirit in however this looks and feels for you uniquely to remember what genuinely uplifts and inspires you, instead of what you’ve been taught or shown

Relational + Social – establish and maintain nurturing connections with others, as well as your role within the social fabrics of your life

Share with me: How are you building (or zapping) your resilience on a daily basis? Where are you lacking and what are you ready to work on in order to have the capacity and confidence to hold both life’s challenges AND joys as a sensitive, deep-feeling person?

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